Age is Just a Number – 1

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A Moist Sensation.

Driiiing~ Driiiing~ Driiiiing~


A certain boy stretched his arms in front of his body as he lazily exclaimed. His spiky golden hair quivered a bit as his body leaned on his chair. He resembled a pitiful bird who was released from its cage after many years of cruel confinement.

“Today was tiring as hell, right?”

“You are right.”

The boy sitting beside the golden-haired boy, said in a similarly comfortable voice as he proceeded to stretch his hands high in the air. And as he did, his blue tie fluttered a bit with the wind entering the classroom through the open window.


“”The day hasn’t ended!””

The two boys who seemed quite refreshed just a second ago sluggishly banged their heads on the table in front of them. They could only look at each other’s faces and helplessly laugh.

“What time do you get off work?”

“Around 7:30,” The black-haired boy seemed suspicious. “What about it?”

“Do you wanna hang out with me today. There’s a mixer tonight, girls are coming from Tokyo… How about it?”

The handsome golden-haired boy asked in a sly tone and proceeded to stand up and come over to his friend’s table. Placing both of his hands on the table, he stared right into the black-haired boy’s eyes.

“Mayasuki Arata. Do you want me to inform Fujiwara-senpai that his cute little boyfriend is cheating on her?”

The black-haired boy said in a serious voice as his stare turned into a glare.

“Hashimoto Ichirou. You do realize that this mixer is for you, right? My girlfriend is the star of the female tennis club and the fourth prettiest girl in the entire school. Why would need a mixer?”

Ichirou and Arata glared at each other, and in the end, Ichirou finally gave up and sighed in annoyance.

Masayuki Arata, or as his friends like to call him, ‘Playboy’, is a second-year student at Shibuya Fuchu High School. His height reaching a decent 175 centimeters, he is a boy with a slim build and quite the handsome face. Even though Arata appears to be slim at first glance, his athleticism is well-recognized as he is one of the star players of their school’s soccer team. Arata is popular, and he knows how to embrace that fact quite well. Conquering the hearts of many females throughout his middle-school and high-school, he has gained the enmity and envy of many of his male peers.

Hashimoto Ichirou, or as he is referred to by his close ones, ‘Spaghetti’, is a handsome young man boasting a height of about 176 centimeters. Ichirou has semi-long black hair and mystifying black eyes to compliment them. Although Ichirou isn’t as popular as Arata, he still is well-known in the school and is an ideal male for many girls because of his calm and mature disposition. However, Ichirou himself isn’t aware of his popularity and remains ignorant of the affectionate gazes he receives when commuting to and from school.

“What’s with you finding a girlfriend for me? What are you? My best friend or something? I have said this before and I am not interested in getting a girlfriend.”

“I am your best friend! And I don’t care about you, I am gonna get you hooked up with someone before Christmas. You know, even Nerdy found a girlfriend?”

Listening to this, Ichirou’s ears perked up as he curiously asked.

“Really? Why didn’t I hear anything about this?”

Hearing about your friend getting a romantic partner can be considered a topic of quite some interest for any person, regardless of the person’s gender. Arata picked up his bag and urged Ichirou to do as well. Ichirou packed up his bag and stood up. After bidding farewell to their classmates, these two boys walked out of the classroom ‘2-B’ with many things to talk about.

As Ichirou and Arata descended to the first floor through the stairs, they ran into their mathematics teacher.

Their mathematics teacher was a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. Her pink hair which seemed perfectly straight even after a hard day’s work reached her waist, even with a height of 160 centimeters. Her body was quite thin, however, her feminine assets were not lacking at all, rather, they were voluptuous to an eye-catching degree. Her brown eyes were big and shiny, her smile natural and accommodating, her moist neck which was sensual and erotic, to say the least. Finally, her friendly and refreshing temperament which could rejuvenate even the most fatigued.

“Ara~ Hashimoto-kun and Masayuki-kun, you guys sure are in a hurry.”

“Haha, nothing of the sort. Good afternoon, Miyashiro-sensei.”

Arata gleefully greeted his favorite teacher while Ichirou just nodded and returned the smile. Honestly speaking, Arata was quite nervous as one would expect, no matter how experienced a man was, in front of an overwhelmingly beautiful woman, he was just a lamb to the slaughter. Especially in front of a seductress like her.

Miyashiro Hikaru or ‘Aphrodite’, is probably the favorite teacher of everyone who has previously attended or currently attends her classes, for more reason than one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Although she could be considered quite strict, nobody could argue that her teaching methods and attitude aren’t student-friendly. In fact, due to her mesmerizing and overwhelming popularity, even the students who don’t attend her class would sneak into other classes just to attend her lessons.

“Good afternoon, Masayuki-kun,” Hikaru peered into the eyes of the two boys. “Do tell me, were you boys able to understand today’s lesson?”

“Yes, they were great as always, Mayashiro-sensei. However, it seems like our Spaghetti here didn’t understand any of it.”

In response to Arata’s childish teasing, Ichirou just chuckled and nudged Arata’s flank.

“Can I consider that as a challenge, Playboy? Mid-terms are around the corner, you know?”

Arata’s face turned green as he replied apologetically.

“I was just kidding~ Don’t be so serious. Also, don’t call me by that name in front of sensei, you idiot.”

Looking at the famous inseparable duo which was a hot topic among the girls throughout the school gave Hikaru a feeling of warmth as she reluctantly bade farewell to both of them as she had a very important duty to perform afterward.

Ichirou and Arata laughed as they discussed their bespectacled and nerdy friend finally managing to trick a pretty girl into becoming his girlfriend.

“But damn! I mean, Aphrodite is so fucking beautiful.”

“Arata, she is the goddess of beauty. It’s a given that she’s beautiful.”

“Not her!” Arata exclaimed. “I mean our Aphrodite, Hikaru-chan. My girl is pretty, no doubt about it, but in front of her, she just seems like an amateur.”

“You’ve gotta stop,” Ichirou seemed to be quite annoyed. “How many pure girls are you gonna swindle, huh? You even managed to get Fujiwara-senpai. I don’t know how you do it.”

Arata let show a sinister-looking smile as he asked Ichirou.

“Heh~ heh~ Do you want to know?”

Ichirou smirked and raised his hand to point in a certain direction.

“No. Look, the soccer field is here. Go fast or you’re gonna get yelled at.”

“Fine~! See you, I’ll text you later.”

“En. See you later.”

Ichirou waved in Arata’s direction as the distance between the two increased. Ichirou turned around and headed for the school’s exit. He got on the subway after walking for ten minutes, and got off soon after, only to walk for fifteen more minutes and reach his destination at about 4:00 P.M.

At about 7:45, Ichirou left the restaurant where he worked part-time and sluggishly walked towards the station to reach his home in Shibuya. Half-an-hour went by as he finally reached the entrance to a stylish-looking ten-story building, where his residence was located.

Every floor of the building had four apartments which were two BHK each. On every floor, facing the elevator and staircase, from left to right, the apartment numbers would be X01, X02, X03, and X04, with X01 and X02 on one side and X03 and X04 on the other, with a certain distance between the doors of X02 and X03. There was a door connecting the partnering apartments as people would usually buy two apartments together.

Ichirou boarded the elevator, reaching the floor that he wanted to go in mere seconds. After he got off the elevator, he dragged his feet as he searched for the house-keys in his bag. Finally, after a minute of searching, he managed to fish out a key that had the number 704 engraved on it.

He walked in front of the door of his apartment, placing the key in the keyhole and opening the door after a quick twist. He placed his shoes on the shoe rack. As he entered the living room of the house, a delicious aroma entered his nose and gave him a slight dizzy sensation. He then proceeded to announce his return while deducing the menu for dinner.

“I am home!”


A sudden wind blew past him. In that wind, his backpack, the cloth bag with the groceries, and his tie vanished. What he was left with was a moist sensation on his left cheek. Ichirou scratched his left cheek as he smiled and said in a loud voice.

“Hey~! How many times have I said to not run in the house~!”

Ichirou passed the living room as he entered the kitchen, from where the delicious aroma of food was originating from. When he entered the kitchen, what he saw was a very beautiful woman wearing an apron that said ‘Best Wifey’. Her pink hair tied in a bun threatened to burst out as her thin body moved all around the kitchen, retrieving vegetables and spices to add into her masterpiece. Every time she moved, her ample assets would jiggle and arouse a feeling of sensuality within Ichirou, but he desperately held back as he was busy being mesmerized.

After about two minutes, the figure stopped moving around. She used a towel to wipe the sweat on her forehead as she showed a smile filled with satisfaction. After wiping her sweaty face and hands, she ran and jumped into the dazed Ichirou’s bosom and began rubbing her face on his chest.

“Fufu, were you so impressed that you couldn’t even speak?”

The woman raised her head from Ichirou’s chest as she asked coquettishly, she then proceeded to raise her body a little and give an affection-filled kiss to Ichirou on the lips.

Ichirou smiled at this wonderful and alluring figure of his beloved and circled his hands around her back and pulled her into a tight hug. The woman, however, couldn’t stop giggling as she also held Ichirou’s neck and lovingly stared into his eyes.

“Darling, you should go get a bath or the food will go cold. I worked hard on it, you know?”

Ichirou was reluctant, but when his little princess told him that she worked hard for him, he just couldn’t handle it as he reluctantly let go of her warm and soft body.

“Fine. I’ll go take a bath. Hikaru, did you already complete your work?”

“Yup! I didn’t have much to do today since the term has just begun. Just made some tests and prepared for tomorrow’s lessons.”

“That’s good,” Ichirou lowered his face before planting a kiss on his teacher’s lips. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Okay~ I’ll set the table.”

Ichirou nodded and went into his, no, their bedroom, he threw his uniform into the laundry and proceeded to take a bath which was already prepared for him. After the rejuvenating bath, he changed into a t-shirt and trousers. Coming out of the room, he sat down on one of four chairs placed around the dining table. There, he found that cold chocolate milk was already prepared for him, he just smiled as he took a sip of it and felt the energy coming back to him.


Hikaru came out of the kitchen with the casserole in her hands, and after placing it in the middle of the table, she unequipped her apron, let her hair out, only to tie them into a ponytail. She then settled on the chair opposite to Ichirou’s and said in a sweet voice.

“So, shall we eat?”

Ichirou smiled as he nodded and ate until he couldn’t anymore. After clearing up, Ichirou sat on the comfortable couch in his living room as he switched on the huge OLED television and began watching a certain drama. Not long after, he felt his arm being raised by someone, and that certain someone snuggled into his chest and settled in Ichirou’s lap, placing his arm around her waist. Ichirou crawled back and made sure that she was comfortable in his embrace.

As they were watching a comedy show, Hikaru initiated the conversation.

“So… How was your day?”

“It was tiring, too much heat.”

Ichirou sighed as his hand began caressing Hikaru’s pearl white and thicc thighs.

“Truly,” Hikaru grabbed Ichirou’s hand and placed it on her voluptuous breast. “It’s getting hotter by the day. Sigh~ When will winter come about.”

“Today is September 22. The temperature should come down in about a week or so.”

Ichirou was busy groping and playing with Hikaru’s 34-E’s, while the mathematics teacher was busy enjoying her love’s warmth and affection. Suddenly, Hikaru turned her body around and with moist and seductive eyes, looked at Ichirou and said.

“Ichirou, this teacher is aroused. Won’t you punish this immoral woman?”

“Hey, this isn’t that kind of a book, but yeah, why not?”

Ichirou smiled as he carried his beloved princess in the princess carry she deserved and entered their love nest. Only passionate and immense noises combined with creaking of bed followed afterward.

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