Age is Just a Number – 10

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A Sudden Embrace.

“So… You are saying that I will not be able to see you until… Monday?”

“Yes, probably.”

“Is that so…? I am depressed…”

“Yes, I can see that.”

Hikaru’s face resembled a wilted flower as her cute cheeks puffed, making her look more adorable than angry.

However, Hikaru was truly in a very sour mood, she had a secret date planned for the next day, October 11, Sunday. However, Ichirou had decided to spend the entire weekend at his sister’s house and commute to school from her place on Monday morning.

I put so much thought into tomorrow’s date too…  

Ichirou was incipiently supposed to return back on Sunday morning with their new television, however, it somehow altered into a situation where the television would be transported to them by a courier company, and Ichirou would spend the weekend with his sister. 

When Hikaru learned about this arrangement, her first question was.

“Then why do you even need to go over to your sister’s place if the television is going to be sent to us by a courier service? Wasn’t your original intention to retrieve the television?”

However, to Hikaru’s astonishment, Ichirou simply smiled and refused to respond. She was apprehensive, very much so, however, she couldn’t bring herself to question Ichirou, dreading that it would annoy him.

Hikaru was evidently a rather conservative person, well, most of it could be attributed to her old-fashioned yet open-minded parents. 

In present-day society, housework wasn’t a skill imperative for all women, unlike the past. In the modern age, due to feminism and such, women have been influenced to act in a manner previously deemed to be quite repulsive for women. However, Hikaru would have nothing of it.

Hikaru is a woman who believes that being proficient in housework is a woman’s virtue and a compulsion. To Hikaru, the idea of exposing more of her skin than required is a taboo, particularly outside of the house. Hikaru wouldn’t bat an eye even if Ichirou were to do nothing but laze around the house all the time since her role model is her mother who is a loving housewife. To Hikaru, her boyfriend is everything to her, she wouldn’t even interact with other men if she could help it, but her job doesn’t really allow for that. And most of all, she subconsciously fears Ichirou’s discontent at her actions.

With all that said, Hikaru is also a very possessive person who gets jealous quite easily, though she is very good at concealing it from Ichirou.

Normally, it would be unwise to get jealous of a sibling, however, she had heard many things from Ichirou himself, and she isn’t very comfortable with leaving her Ichirou in Miyuki’s hands for an entire weekend. 

“Can nothing be done?”

“Hikaru… I am very sorry about this… I do not wish to leave you alone for such a long time as well… However…”

To regular people, two days isn’t a very long measure of time, however, couples in love are stupid, and one can do nothing about it. 

“It’s the weekend too…”

Hikaru cutely looked at Ichirou with her eyes a little moist. Though she was conservative, she was well-versed in the art of melting her man’s heart. Also, seduction.

Ichirou beamed as he gently chopped Hikaru on the head. His sudden action caused Hikaru to flinch and look at him in bewilderment.

“I am honestly tired, you know? Last night took a lot out of me…”

Hearing what Ichirou said, Hikaru’s face spontaneously crimsoned. Her cheeks, ears, and even her neck turned a light shade of red.

“D-don’t s-say it l-like that! Idiot!” 

“Ara~ Are you embarrassed? I wonder where your shame disappears wh-”

“Stop it!!”

Hikaru pushed both of her hands to Ichirou’s mouth and covered his lips with her palm.


As for Ichirou, he dotingly kissed Hikaru’s palms. Hikaru’s embarrassment vanished, replaced by passion and love.

Well… It’s fine… He’s mine after all… 

“Since I have to go out in a bit, I’ll pack my things in advance.”

Ichirou’s voice was stifled since his mouth was covered by Hikaru’s palm.

“Oh, yeah, you have to go do that assignment, right? I’ll get breakfast ready. I washed one of your uniforms yesterday, so do take that one with you.” 


“Spaghetti, I know I’ve said it a million times, but you certainly are smart.”  

A gathering of four was convening around a table outside a certain cafe. The cafe was a popular attraction, so they had stationed many tables outside of the cafe as well, giving the customers a nice contrasting experience of hot coffee and cold weather.

“I am not excessively smart, you are just plain stupid.”

“Bah! You rank in the top three every single time without even tryhard, you don’t have the right to say that.”

“And you got yourself a girlfriend. Impossible things are happening all around us.”

“Y-Yeah… Haha- W-wait a second! What do you mean by ‘impossible’!?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Also, stop touching me. I can sense the nerd germs climbing onto my body.”

“H-how mean!”


The two people except Ichirou and Yoshi laughed aloud with their hands on their stomachs.

Matsunaga Yoshi, also known as glasses, nerd, otaku, etcetera, is one of the members of the quartet popular throughout the school because of Arata and Ichirou.

He is a scrawny boy with a height of about one-seventy-centimeters, his black hair is quite long for a boy since they fall to his shoulders, he wears the typical nerd glasses and has an average face and above-average intelligence. Also, he is an otaku.

“Ichirou-kun, don’t be like that~”

“Stop with the music. Oreo. I’ll seriously dip you into milk, drop you in the middle of a forest, and let nature take its course.”

“T-that’s harsh~”

Orio Yuudai, also known as Oreo. Well, because his name sounds like ‘oreo’, and he loves milk and oreo, hence, Orio ‘Oreo’ Yuudai. Yuudai is the final member of the quartet, and is rather popular among the school populace because of his friendly attitude. Leaving his good looks aside, his timid and sweet personality is much-appreciated among the ladies who prefer someone who’d be willing to be attacked.

Yuudai’s temperament is so sweet that it’s basically diabetes-inducing, making him a difficult person to get into a fight with.

As for Ichirou, he was right in his element with his friends, his true personality shining with all its vigor. His true personality was exactly the opposite of Yuudai’s personality. Harsh, rude, and of course, blunt. Though he was a loving boyfriend at home, he was quite the troll and roaster at school. 

“As I said, stop singing. Sweetie, you really don’t want to piss me off.”


““Pfft… Hahahahaha””

Now it was Yoshi’s turn to burst out in laughter. Even though Ichirou was like this, his popularity knew no restraint, on the contrary, he became even more popular among the women after his true personality was exposed to the student body, the teachers were unaware of this though. Women are truly mysterious.

“Im’ma get a refill.”

“Nobody asked. Go disappear.”

Arata, who was with Ichirou for the longest time among all of Ichirou’s friends, was quite used to Ichirou’s unrelenting comments, but even so…


As Arata grabbed his cup and made his way inside the cafe, the three of them continued to work on their assignment. 

“Damn! That’s a sexy car.”


Since Ichirou was sitting on the chair which was closest to the cafe’s exit, he was facing the cafe, with his back towards the road. While the other two seemed to be admiring a car, Ichirou’s full attention was on the screen of the laptop he was using to make the PowerPoint presentation for the assignment. Hence, he wasn’t able to hear anything the other two guys were whispering about.

“I wonder who that beauty belongs to.”

“Yeah~ She’s a beauty no doubt~”

Men are quite simple-minded when it comes to automobiles.

“What is that? A Lamborghini S?”

“Yeah~ The newest one~”

“That should cost more than a two-story house.”

“Maybe more~”

“It’s black and it seems like it’s modified. The tires, spoiler, headlights, and everything else seems custom made. The owner of that baby sure knows what he’s doing.”

As Yuudai and Yoshi were immersed in their discussion, the car’s door raised as a figure stepped out of the driver seat while stylishly lowering the scissor door of Lamborghini.



“I take that back. ‘She’ knows what she’s doing.”

“I wonder which of the two is sexier~? The owner or the car~?”

“That’s Aphrodite-level beauty right there.”

“Maybe even surpassing hers~”

These two were in a state of daze, they weren’t aware that they were talking about their teacher quite rudely.

“Wait, are they planning to hit on her? She came riding a fucking Lamborghini, I gotta admire them for their balls.”

“I think all three of them are drunk~”

“Now that you men- Ah!”

“A-are y-you still going to admire his balls~?”

“If he has any left after that kick, then sure.”

“Ouch. Another one takes the L~”

“I am wondering how the third one will go down.”

“Hey, isn’t that woman way too strong~?”

“Yeah, three kicks, six goals. Quite the frightening sight.”

Yoshi said while placing both of his hands on his crotch. Yuudai giggled as Yoshi kept sweating in the excruciating cold. 

However, both of them froze when they turned their heads towards the woman who had garnered the attention of literally everyone present in a two-hundred-meter radius. She was looking directly at them, and not just looking, she was slowly but surely advancing towards them.

Time stopped as the two witnessed as people’s eyes followed the woman while she moved towards a certain table with slow footsteps. As for the two people sitting on the table, their crotches were feeling itchy.

The woman finally reached their table and stood behind Ichirou’s chair. As for Ichirou, he was still engrossed in a video explaining a certain physics concept. Headphones covering his ears, he was completely oblivious to the situation around him.

At this point, nobody moved even an inch and waited for the woman to take action.

She simply inspected the two boys and asked in a low voice.

“Are you his friends?”

Her voice wasn’t cold, but it still sent chills down Yudaai’s and Yoshi’s backs. Their faces were hot because of the sheer beauty wielded by the woman in front of them, but their bodies were cold because of all the sweat they were oozing because of the tension.


Yoshi answered, barely managing to not bite his own tongue.

The woman glanced at the laptop’s screen that Ichirou was looking at, and entered a state of comprehension.

“Assignment? So this is why…”

Her mutterings weren’t carried over to the two boys. Yuudai finally managed to calm himself enough to ask.

“Uh… Ma’am, did Ichirou-kun offend you somehow? If he did, then we apologize on his behalf. Please let his two little friends be…”

The scene that occurred about five minutes ago was still fresh in everyone’s minds. The blood-curdling screams and merciless kicks still sent a chill down every man’s spine.

“Offend? Me? Fufu~ No, not at all. On the contrary, I am worried if he’ll be angry if he sees me here.”

The lady looked a bit hesitant as she lifted both her hands into the air.

The two boys had a very bad premonition, they were ready to contact police at a moment’s notice.

However, something completely unexpected happened.

The woman gently wrapped both of her arms around Ichirou’s neck and tightly hugged him, her whole upper-body leaning against Ichirou’s back.

Ichirou, who was startled by the sudden hug, removed his headphones in a panic and turned his neck to affirm the identity of the person who hugged him.

“…Miyuki? Why the hell are you here?” 

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