Age is Just a Number – 12

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Miyuki and Ichirou concluded their exquisite meal on a positive note and made their way over to the restaurant’s entrance where the chauffeur was already standing with their car keys and coats. Ichirou urged Miyuki with his gaze, prompting her to place a ten-thousand yen note in the young chauffeur’s hands.

“So… What do you want to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… If you wanna hang out somewhere or go to the movies…”

“Be honest. I’ve known you my entire life, I can tell when you’re hiding something, you know?”

“Uuu~ You don’t have to point it out~” Miyuki whimpered gloomily. “Can you blame me for wishing to spend time with you…? You’ve been so cold lately… I even said that we could live together and you could commute to school from my place…”

Ichirou lovingly smiled at her sister’s typical behavior. To the world, Hashimoto Miyuki is a superwoman capable of anything and everything. Miyuki had turned down offers from the world’s top companies, her beauty had destroyed the heart and soul of the most prideful of men, her name reverberated through the entire world even now and she was the face of many popular magazines.

To Ichirou however, she was just a typical older sister who doted on her brother way too much. 

“Miyuki, don’t be like that… You live like twenty minutes away from my apartment, and you have a fucking Lamborghini to boot, so you can come over anytime you want… Just make sure to call me beforehand, okay?”

“Let’s go home.”

Miyuki ignited the engine, the car roared in the chilly atmosphere, and after confirming their destination with Ichirou, Miyuki pressed the accelerator, making the car practically glide through the empty winter streets.

“I’ve been here a couple of times, but this sight never fails to impress me.” 

Ichirou smiled while engrossed with the sight of his sister’s residence.

The place Miyuki called home was one of the most lavish residential complexes in all of Tokyo. A building consisting of twenty-one floors, each floor a masterpiece of an apartment on its own. If one were to rent one of these twenty-one apartments, they’d have to pay millions upon millions of yen per year.

“I don’t understand why you have to work? You own this whole building. The total revenue per month reaches three million even after all the taxes, maintenance bills, and other payments. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy all the benifits.”

Ichirou mumbled while entering the futuristic-looking gate of the building. The security guards outside the residence recognized Miyuki at a glance and offered to park her vehicle in it’s designated parking space.

“Fufu~ What are you saying? Dad was the one who bought me this, so it isn’t really ‘mine’. Furthermore, I can’t just sit around doing nothing, right? Besides, my work isn’t that straining. I am the company’s ‘big gun’, so to speak… They only call me when it’s an extremely important project or collaboration with a big company.”   

“You could’ve just joined those ‘big companies’, you know? Didn’t Google offer you a ridiculous position?”

“Yeah, but they wanted me to stay in America, and I just couldn’t do that. Completing my university there was taxing for me. I can’t stay away from my family, and you know that…”

“Yeah. I know.”

Ichirou gently smiled as he took his sister’s hand and followed her to the elevator situated a little distance away from the three elevators which could be utilized by anyone living in this building. However, this elevator was special.

“Let’s go home.”

Miyuki, with her usual calm expression, urged Ichirou to board the elevator which she had accessed using a card of some sort.

Twenty-one floors, it could be said to be a long journey, but neither of them thought as they chatted about topics ranging from Ichirou’s school to Miyuki’s workplace.

The two of them exited from the elevator and found themselves in a single narrow hallway leading to a rather majestic looking wooden door, the stylish nameplate hanging on the door read ‘Hashimoto Miyuki’.

They removed their footwear and placed them on the shoe rack right outside the door. 

Miyuki’s house was a sight to behold, there was nothing else one could say. Her house was completely customized by their mother, who has been interested in furniture and stuff since she was young. As such, her house gave off a rather modern and stylish feel.

Every piece of furniture, from the couches to the paintings, from the television to the refrigerator, everything in Miyuki’s apartment was of the topmost in both quality and price tag.

“You can keep the luggage in the bedroom, I’ll bring something to drink.”

Miyuki said and headed off to the kitchen while humming in a pleasant mood.

Ichirou walked past the kitchen and multiple bedrooms before he reached the master bedroom at the back end of the house. The area covered by the apartment was enormous, and it was evident by the fact that a single apartment had a separate jacuzzi, mini-bar, and a pool table.

Ichirou dumped his bag on the king-size bed which had the most comfortable of mattresses installed on top of it. Ichirou looked around the large room before placing his new wristwatch and phone on the side table and laying on the fluffy mattress. Ichirou had just eaten lunch, and as such, he was feeling rather satisfied while rolling around on the familiar mattress.  


Miyuki walked in on Ichirou laying on her bed with his arms spread wide open, prompting her to chuckle in a sweet voice. She passed the mug in her hands to Ichirou while the latter thanked her and received the mug after sitting up.

Miyuki sprawled on the bed before placing her head on Ichirou’s lap. Ichirou continued to calmly drink the coffee Miyuki had brought him while completely ignoring the world-class beauty on his lap.

Poke poke poke-

“Stop it.”

Poke poke poke-

“Do you want me to pour this coffee on your face?” Ichirou frowned. “Also, aren’t you uncomfortable in those clothes? You should change.”

Miyuki, who was dazedly looking at Ichirou’s face from below, replied.

“Aren’t we going out tonight? I’ve called all my friends from work, the stalker included.”

“It’s not even three yet, we’ve got more than four hours. Go and change.” 

Ichirou took the last sip of the delicious coffee brewed by one of the most well-known women in the world and placed the mug on the side table.


Ichirou couldn’t avoid the attack as it was too sudden. Miyuki pounced on him and circled her arms around his neck, placing her chin on his shoulder. Her ample breasts squished against Ichirou’s chest while her soft lips were right beside his ear. Her warm breath grazed his ear and made him flinch.

“What is it?”

It took a bit of time for him to calm down, but when he did, his voice softened as he hugged his beloved sister back. Miyuki squirmed a bit in Ichirou’s arms before she comfortably settled down on his lap. Her legs circled Ichirou’s waist, and with her arms around his neck, she resembled an octopus latching onto a stick.

“Just let me be like this for a bit.”

Miyuki mumbled softly, her voice barely reaching Ichirou’s ear even when they were practically no distance between Miyuki’s lips and Ichirou’s ear.


Time passed… One minute… Two minutes… Five minutes… 

“Won’t you consider it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I agree that our home is too far away for you to commute to school and for me to commute to work from. However, isn’t this place perfect? Your school is about twenty minutes away from this place if we travel by car… If you want, I can drop you and pick you up every single day… Won’t yo-”


Miyuki’s shoulder trembled at Ichirou’s stern voice. Ever since she could remember, Ichirou had always doted on her and called her name with love and warmth. The times he had called her name with a cold voice could be counted on one hand.

“We had this conversation like twenty minutes ago, didn’t we? Please don’t speak any more about this… Our houses aren’t that far away, you can come over whenever you wish, but I am not leaving that apartment. Am I understood?”

“Yes. I have to say though, I severely underestimated my attachment to you, and I am sure Mayumi feels the same way, not to mention Mom. Home just doesn’t feel like home without you. Last year you spent the entire summer with us, so it was bearable, Mom and Dad were happy too, but this year you just dropped by to say hello. It’s like you’re distancing yourself from the family…”

Ichirou moved one of his hands from Miyuki’s waist and placed it on her head, caressing her as he spoke.

“It’s nothing like that. It’s just that I am too immersed in my life right now, Mom calls me almost daily, I have been in contact with Mayumi over social media, and we live nearby. I love you all, and you know that, so don’t talk like that, okay?”

“Mhm…” Unbeknownst to Ichirou, there was an extremely doting smile on Miyuki’s face. “I love you too.” 

No more than fifteen minutes later.

“Suu~ Suu~ Suu~”

“She ended up falling asleep, huh?”

Ichirou gently tucked away his childishly mature sister before laying down right next to her and subsequently falling asleep after setting an alarm for 7 PM. 

As for Hikaru at the same time.

“Where is he!? Forget calling! He hasn’t sent a single text yet!”

Hikaru, who was sitting on her favorite couch in the living room of her apartment, fumed while clutching a rabbit doll Ichirou had bought for her on her birthday.

It wasn’t as though she was lonely because she had nobody to talk to, heck, with Hikaru’s level of sociability, she could gather dozens of people right now and host a party if she so desired.


“Hmph! He just ran away with his dear sister and left me alone!”

Hikaru had already completed all the work she had to get done and calls she had to make. She was prepared to spend a romantic and fulfilling weekend with just her and Ichirou, but fate had something completely different planned for her.

“I didn’t even come close to finishing the lunch… I guess I’ll eat it for dinner as well… It’s possible that it would last until tomorrow’s breakfast.”

Her motivation for doing anything and everything vanished as soon as Ichirou left the house. It was about 3:30 PM right now, and on the usual weekends, she would be gleefully thinking about what to prepare for dinner and running around the house to get their house in perfect condition. Ichirou would probably hold her so that she doesn’t move around and she’d spend her time in Ichirou’s arms, wrapped in his warmth until it was time to make dinner.

But it wasn’t the case today…

“I severely underestimated my attachment to him… The only time he leaves the house is during the holidays, and that’s only when I go to my parent’s house… Sigh~ I know I should let him spend time with his family… But still…”

She gazed outside the large sliding window, her eyes were cloudy and her mind heavy…   

“I really do love that man, don’t I?”

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