Age is Just a Number – 2

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Enviable Couple.

Triiing~ Triiing~ Triing~

As the alarm went off, Ichirou woke up with a start as he tapped on his phone in a flash, dismissing his alarm. He raised his upper body as a thin and soft arm, which was dazzling as white jade, fell off from his bare chest and landed on the soft mattress atop the bed. Stretching his arms and cracking his joints, Ichirou jumped from the bed as his feet touched the floor.


Ichirou said so calmly but his shoulders could be seen trembling slightly. He picked up his phone from the side table, the time displayed was five-fifteen in the morning. Ichirou smiled in satisfaction as he grabbed a t-shirt, trousers and hoodie. He slowly opened the door to not wake up his sleeping princess unintentionally.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he took off from his home, house number 704, to go and have a jog a distance of five kilometers. During this, he enjoyed his favorite music and inhaled the fresh, cold and refreshing air of the morning. This could be said to be part of his daily routine, however, if he couldn’t go jog in the morning, he’d lift weights and do some indoor exercises at home itself.

After finishing his jog, Ichirou returned to the seventh floor, however, this time, he entered the house adjacent to where his partner was still in a state of deep slumber. Entering the house with the number plate ‘703’, he stored his running shoes as he proceeded to make himself a cup of black coffee. While the water boiled for coffee, he simultaneously began heating milk. Adding honey to the milk and pouring both the milk and coffee in different cups, he cleaned up after himself as he carried both of those cups deep inside the house.

As Ichirou reached the sole balcony of his house, he proceeded to open the door there is a natural manner, what he found when he went through the door was a similar balcony, from which, he entered the house ‘704’.

“Hikaru! Wake up! Here, I got you milk!”

At six in the morning, Ichirou’s voice rang out in Hikaru’s and his bedroom. To which, a certain beauty’s body raised amidst the morning cold. Her pink hair disheveled, her upper body bare, her voluptuous and bare assets exposed to the cold wind, jiggling with her every movement. Completely disregarding her appearance, she stretched her hands in the air as a soft and seductive moan left her mouth.


After sufficiently stretching her arms, she moved her fingers through her long, pink and dazzling hair. She unhurriedly stretched her hand toward the side table on her side of the bed as she retrieved a rubber band, using which, she temporarily brought her hair in control.

As her hair which covered her face were swept away, an incomparable and incomprehensibly stunning face was revealed, her eyes as gentle and clear, her skin pearl white and young, her lips which were seductive and warm, her thin neck and her sexy collarbone. She turned her neck toward Ichirou, a genuine and happy smile plastered on her world-shakingly beautiful face.

Am I allowed to witness this?

This exact thought assaulted Ichirou’s mind each time he saw this heavenly awakening. As for the criminal, she kneeled on the bed and softly trotted towards Ichirou who was standing near the bed. As Hikaru reached the edge of the mattress with both her knees, she opened her arms wide. Ichirou faintly smiled as he just allowed himself to be captured by the destructive woman in front of him. Her arms circled his waist as her cheek stuck to his chest.

“This is cheating, you know?”


“Both my hands are busy… I can’t even hug you back.”


Hikaru coquettishly giggled as Ichirou was left helplessly smiling. There was a certain action that Hikaru was especially infatuated with, and that was, Ichirou hugging her tightly. Hikaru was just in love with hugs, and more so with the person who was usually giving her hugs.

“Come on now, your milk will get cold.”

The face on Ichirou’s chest strongly rubbed against Ichirou’s hoodie as the arms around his waist were withdrawn.



Ichirou and Hikaru proceeded toward the living room as they consumed their respective drinks while watching the morning news. They sat side-by-side on their favorite couch as they faced the television.

“You can go and sleep for another half-an-hour, I’ll prepare breakfast.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’ll prepare for that quiz today.”

“Hm? Quiz? What subject?”


“That’s Kyoko’s subject, huh? It’d be easy for you, though. Didn’t you already revise everything last Sunday?”

Ichirou shook his head.

“The quiz is on the new material taught,” Ichirou’s expression turned grim. “I just hope she doesn’t fuck with me during the test.”

“Kukuku… Yeah, Kyoko does that. Though she only does that to you in the whole school. You’re the only student whom she considered a friend. A quite close one at that.”

“Yeah, well, about that… Her boyfriend is a good friend of mine. And I am her best friend’s boyfriend. You remember that time she found out about us?”

“Hahahahaha Kukukuku,” Hikaru spat out a little amount of milk as she laughed out loud. “That was awkward as hell!! I remember that friend of yours being so freaking dumbstruck!”

Ichirou chuckled a bit as well as he finished his coffee.

“I’ll freshen up and change. Do you need any help with breakfast?”

“No,” Hikaru shook her head softly. “Leave that to me. You should go and change.”


Ichirou leaned a bit as he planted a quick one on Hikaru’s lips before he got up and walked toward the bedroom.

Hikaru, who was left behind on the couch, lovingly stroked her lips, her cheeks a faint shade of red.

“You shouldn’t do such things Ichirou… My urge to tightly hug you and smear you with kisses might be released, you know?”

Hikaru muttered to herself, her eyes and face couldn’t hide her love and infatuation for her one and only. With a newfound determination, she drank the remaining milk in one gulp, after which, she got up and headed in the direction of the kitchen. Her footsteps were light and her mind was refreshed.

Hikaru’s height was ample for a woman at 160 centimeters, her curves were even more explosive, however, one look at her and anyone who saw her would say that she resembled a carefully crafted and frail doll. This was because of her thin limbs and narrow waist.

Even after being comforted many times by Ichirou, she remains conscious of her low weight and believes that she isn’t ‘feminine’ enough, so to speak. However, only a person of the opposite sex knows that her feminity doesn’t lose to those high-class and highly-praised models.

“Let’s cook!”

Hikaru subconsciously let show an adorable smile as she pumped herself to cook for her beloved. They say you can cook better when you cook for the one you love, and that is extremely true in the case of this particular woman.

Normally, Ichirou would use a different mode of transport to reach school, but currently, it was unavailable to him, and as such, he was taking the train to reach school. He could just go together with Hikaru in her car, but it could lead to unnecessary repercussions, so they avoided doing so.

Hikaru was completely infatuated with Ichirou, and it was the same for Ichirou, but their minds were clear and weren’t blinded by their passion for each other. They both treasured their relationship so much that they were very cautious outside the house, they didn’t even come in contact outside their house to avoid the slightest chance of anyone finding out.

Last time they slipped up, it allowed two people to find out about their relationship. However, at this point, it couldn’t be said to be a bad thing, the reason being this…

“Kyoko~ You know… My weight hasn’t increased from forty-five kilograms even though I am eating so much!”

“And what’s the problem with that?”

“My weight should be above fifty kilograms at least!”

“It’s fine, isn’t it? Did Ichirou say anything about it?”

“T-That… He says it’s fine… Rather… He says it’s great. He says that everything I eat goes to my chest or buttocks.”

The person named ‘Kyoko’ was sitting with Hikaru during their interval giggled heartedly as a tear formed at the edge of her right eye.

“Hahaha~ That little pervert… Isn’t it fine then?”

“Well… True.”

Hikaru pouted cutely as she threw a piece of sashimi in her small mouth.

“You know… I had so much fun today with Ichirou during his test.”

“You…” Hikaru looked over and stared at her best friend. “You didn’t go overboard. Right? He was just talking about it this morning… Hey, why are you staring at me like that?”

“You are so lucky Hikaru… Your boyfriend lives with you. You can go to sleep in each other’s arms and wake up while hugging~ Oh how I wish my boyfriend was even half as mature and reliable as Ichirou.”

“Hey, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like you think… Live-in relationships are very hard, you know?”

“Ara~ Really?”

“Hm! Really?”

“Really?” Kyoko looked Hikaru straight in the eye as she asked in a more forceful voice. “Tell me, is it really not fun?”

Hikaru’s determination came crashing down as she remembered all the wonderful memories she has with her beloved in their lovely abode. Her eyes turned affectionate and her voice turned soft.

“No…” Hikaru shook her head. “To be honest, it’s really fun. No, that’s an understatement, it’s bliss. Though there have been fights and arguments, there was even a time we almost broke up, however, when you love the other person so much and have the strength to get through the ‘initial’ stage of living together, what follows is just pure heaven. It fills you up with satisfaction and happiness every single day… Just being in the same room, breathing in each other’s smell, watching television together, playing games together, wrapped in each other’s arms, saying good night and good morning to one another… It’s really special and lovely… I still can’t get over the fact that my life is this perfect and blissful. Whenever he tightly hugs me, I melt. Whenever he brings gifts for me, I melt. Whenever he shampoos my hair gently, I melt. It’s like just one look at him and my heart can’t help but feel at ease and experience a sense of fulfillment.”

Kyoko who was listening to Hikaru say such things with a dazed expression, snapped out of it as her mouth formed a pout.

“So enviable… I mean… Y-You are breaking the law here, you know? He’s your student and you’re in a relationship with him, so immoral!”

Hikaru couldn’t help but giggle at her best friend’s cute reaction.

“That’s like that thousandth time you’ve said that… Your boyfriend is quite a charmer himself, aren’t you satisfied?”

“Well… I am not unsatisfied… But when I look at you two enjoying your life so much while living together, it just fills me with jealousy and envy, you know? Though Shoji isn’t a bad person, he’s just a little unreliable.”

“I know what you mean~ My Ichirou’s the best though! Just today…”

As Hikaru started narrating her stories with a dazzling glow on her face, the time passed by in the blink of an eye.

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