Age is Just a Number – 5

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Doting Sister.

“Hey, should we get a television for our bedroom?”

Hikaru asked while laying on top of Ichirou’s chest. It was Sunday, and the time was just after dusk. The temperature had fallen to single digits, and thus, they chose to remain in their bed with their comfy blanket covering them, rather than to sit in the living room and take unnecessary precautions to keep themselves from freezing.

Ichirou and Hikaru were very big fans of all that could be classified as entertainment. They had subscriptions to many streaming services and enjoyed them while sitting on their favorite couch almost every day. In addition to movies and television shows, they also frequented anime and web series. They were also a fan of gaming, and since Ichirou already had a gaming console at his place, both of them would just go to Ichirou’s apartment to enjoy some peaceful gaming.

However, because of the decreasing temperature and the sheer comfortableness of their bed and blanket, Hikaru would much rather buy a new television for their bedroom rather than sit in the uncomfortable living room. It could be seen as an unreasonable demand that even she expected to be rejected, however, contrary to her expectations, Ichirou agreed.

“That… Isn’t a bad idea.”

Ichirou affirmation instantly brought a bright smile on Hikaru’s face. If Ichirou had declined her suggestion, no matter how much Hikaru had wanted a television for their bedroom, she would’ve obediently stepped down without even a single complaint. She was a wifey at this point.

“So… What do you think? We have the money, we might as well buy a nice one.”

Hikaru said while resting her cheek on Ichirou’s shoulder. One of her hand rested on Ichirou’s chest while the other was firmly enjoying the warmth of the fluffy blanket.

“If I am not wrong, Miyuki should have a spare television at her place. She accidentally bought two of the same model and was too lazy to return it. If she hasn’t returned or sold it off by now, I can ask her to give the spare one to us. It’s a very advanced model, fifty-five inches, perfect for that wall.”

One of Ichirou’s hand was resting on Hikaru’s back, and with the other one, he pointed toward the wall directly in front of their bed. From this position, they could comfortably enjoy their shows without any concern for the cold or their necks.


“Are you sure? I mean…”

“It should be fine. It’d just take a little persuasion for her to just give her spare one instead of buying me a new one.”

“Your sister is way too rich.”

“My parents don’t need the money, so whatever she earns is her to use, and since she earns so much, she doesn’t know what to do with the money.”

“So she spends her hard-earned money on you?”

“Um-hmm. ‘Gaining Ichi’s love through money’, as she calls it.”

Hearing this, Hikaru couldn’t control herself and indulged in hearty laughter.

“Your family sure is interesting.”

Before Ichirou could say anything, Hikaru sealed his lips with a rather passionate kiss.

It was a large room, within which, a long rectangular table stood. Around twenty people were surrounding the said table, each with either a laptop or tablet in their hands. On the edge of the rectangular table, a single young lady explained a certain concept while using the wall behind her to project the diagrams with details.

All within the room were in awe. Her beauty. Her elegance. Her temperament. Her style. Her mere presence aroused genuine reverence within anyone who came in contact with her. Honestly, the company in which she worked didn’t deserve her, the chief executive officer sitting among the twenty or so people was aware of that fact.

A Tokyo University and Harvard University alumna. One of the brightest in both. Though the company she is currently working for is one of the leading ones in Japan, for someone who was offered to join even the top five companies in the world with a tempting position, she was not someone who deserved to be here. The reason she gave when the CEO personally conducted her interview was, “Because this place is the most convenient.”

Under two years she had been working here, she had already swooned all the male employees regardless of their marital status, and how could she not, she was a miss universe level beauty with skills transcending a whole department combined.

In this room, the heads of various other companies were seated for a diplomatic discussion of partnership on a certain project. And because this project was of paramount importance, this woman was begged by her boss to lead the presentation. And right now, all the guests were already dazed as they saw her enticing lips move and icy-cold eyes look around.

According to a survey, one of the more alluring aspects of her was her coldness. Ever since she had entered, the only time she showed any kind of human emotions was when she was with her close female colleagues, and apart from that, even a smile was an extreme rarity.

Ding~~ Ding~~ Ding~~

As the woman continued to explain, a distracting sound within the deathly silent room rang out. Recognizing the ringtone, the woman turned and looked at her assistant.

“Put it on the speaker.”

She said without taking a glance at the caller, and since it would be a pain to walk over and grab the phone in this heavy atmosphere, she chose to do the unexpected.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Her female assistant complied and connected her phone to the Bluetooth speaker near the edge of the desk. Ignoring all the high-ranking people, she sat down and received the call with a tap on the speaker’s digital display.

“Hello. Who is it?”

Her icy-cold yet alarmingly sweet voice rang in the room. And even after being exposed to it for more than two hours, the others couldn’t help but stiffen.

The voice coming from the other side of the speaker was of a young man. It was a slightly deep yet gentle voice.

[Hey, Miyuki, is that you?]

The instant that voice rang out, the room froze. Even her assistant covered her lips and regretted not announcing the caller’s name.


For the first time during the evening, Miyuki stammered as her perfectly calm and cold face collapsed with a single sentence of the caller.

[Uh, yeah. Are you busy? Can we talk?]

The gentle yet deep voice rang out again, confusing all the people present as to the reason why she was not ending the call since it was a meeting between CEOs and presidents. They acknowledged her but wasn’t she just a mere employee. They expected her to end the call and continue with the presentation, but what she did next sent ripples of bewilderment among everyone present except Miyuki’s assistant and the other employees of her company. The reason being, all the people in her company knew Miyuki’s weakness.

There was only one thing that could make Miyuki completely lose her impregnable cold demeanor: her brother. And on the other side of the call was, of course, her brother, Hashimoto Ichirou.

“N-No, I am not busy at all, wassup?”

She said while ignoring all the glances aimed at her.

[Nothing much, I was thinking of getting a T.V, so I called you.]

Instantly, the coldness of her lips crumbled as she showed a beaming smile. She grabbed the laptop responsible for the presentation and opened an online shopping website within mere seconds. The projection on the wall showcased her browsing through various high-end televisions, each more expensive than the last.

“Okay~ I will get you whichever you want. Just say the specs.”

Her cold demeanor was destroyed as she browsed through the website while sweetly humming.

[Oh, no. I was thinking of getting that extra one you have. Did you return that? If not, I would appreciate if you could pass it to me.]

“Wait, you don’t want a new one? That one in my house is like three-months-old. I can get you a brand-new one with better specs. Tell you what, I’ll buy you that gaming console that just came out as well, isn’t yours last year’s model?”

[No. That would just be you unnecessarily spending money.]

“What are you talking about? Anything for you, my darling. Just say the name and it’ll reach you by tomorrow.”

[Looks like my plan to visit you and stay overnight is canceled then. Okay, si-]

“Wait, what did you say?”

[Well… Since I’d have to come over to grab the television, I thought I’d spend the next weekend with you at your place, but it looks like you don’t want me over…]


[Next Saturday.]


[Whenever it is fine. I just have to grab my bike and come over. It’ll take like an hour.]

“Done. I’ll have it packed and ready to go. No need to get your bike, I’ll come to pick you up.”

[What about that new T.V?]

“Since I already have one, why buy a new one? Wouldn’t that just be spending my money unnecessarily? Haha~ I’ll be waiting for you, Ichi.”

[‘Kay, see you next week.]

“Bye~! I love you~!”


The call ended and an extremely awkward silence descended.


“Y-Yes, Ma’am.”

“Get appointments for a spa, pedicure, manicure, salon, and styler. October nine.”


While Miyuki was in the process of composing herself, all eyes locked onto the CEO.

“She’s just a doting sister.”

He said with a defeated sigh. And after a bit of time, the same, icy-cold presentation resumed. But now, the various eyes that looked at her had a bit of gentleness mixed within them.

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