Age is Just a Number – 8

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A Simple Group of Friends.

“Are we seriously going to the student council room?”

“Yeah. I just felt like it today. And since we haven’t gotten together for so long, I told Prez to invite the others as well.”

“Is that so…? Can I invite Miharu as well? She prepared a lunch box for me and wants me to eat it together with her…”

“Shouldn’t you ditch me and go spend time with her in this situation?”

“Yes, well, as Miharu always says, the more the merrier. Hahahaha~”

Does he not know that Prez is crushing on him? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Arata and Ichirou made their way from their classroom to the student council room located on the third floor of the same building.

The student council was a student governing body just in name, every school had one, but they never truly did something important. Their school’s student council was the same, it was just a gathering of people who were somewhat excellent in curricular and co-curricular areas. The president of the student council, however, was extremely popular, hence, the student body had to pay a certain amount of respect to the student council.

The only reason why Obara Sumiko was elected to be the student council president was because of her immense popularity. The one who forced Sumiko to fight for the position of the student council president was none other than Ichirou himself. Even though she was reluctant, Sumiko stood in the student council elections just so that she could gain the favor of her crush.

Arata is aware of all of this, and he has been working his ass off for the past year to get Sumiko and Ichirou together. Now looking at Ichirou’s back moving towards the student council room while carrying a lunch box wrapped in a magenta cloth, Arata had only one thought.

It’s October, Prez doesn’t even have a full six months left in this school. I have to get her and Ichirou together at any cost… For both their sakes.

Arata clutched his left hand in front of his chest as he gazed at the ceiling and resolved himself. Arata looked forward to the day when ‘Prez’ would change into ‘Sister-in-law’.

“What the fuck are you doing dumbass? Walk straight. I don’t want to be seen with an idiot who could crash in an empty corridor.”

“Ah!” Arata was startled at Ichirou’s harsh comment. “Whose fault do you think it is?”



Ichirou was suspicious but he dropped it since the student council room was in sight and he was looking forward to today’s lunch box. And why wouldn’t he? Hikaru had worked extra hard on Ichirou’s lunch box, resulting in them being more delayed than usual. Not that Ichirou was bothered by it.

Ichirou and Arata stood in front of the door which separated the student council room from the rest of the world. Arata entered first with Ichirou following behind him. Arata had given Miharu a call but it seemed that she would join them a bit later since she was a bit occupied with her tennis club work.

The student council room was a bit smaller than the average classroom since it was supposed to house no more than five members. The middle of the room was occupied by a large rectangular table customized for the student council’s use. The room was rather extravagantly decorated and was equipped with four air-conditioners, a coffee-making machine, two exquisite cupboards, and chairs and tables which were not of the common kind. Shibuya Fuchu High School, when you take away its identity as one of the best educational facilities in the country, it is a school for the children of the rich, and as such, there was no lack of facilities for the students.

When Ichirou entered the student council room, five-out-of-ten chairs were occupied by the members of the student council. Two chairs were on the opposing shorter edges of the long rectangular table while the eight remaining were equally divided and arranged on either side of the table. The one who was sitting on the far end of the table, near the window, was Obara Sumiko, the prettiest student, and the student council president. She occupied the head position with the remaining four student council members sitting on Sumiko’s left side, leaving the row on her right empty.

Arata urged Ichirou to take the seat nearest to Sumiko which he took without any reservation. As Arata took the seat on his right and Sumiko occupied the one on his ten-o-clock, he made himself comfortable in the familiar chair.

“Ichirou-kun… I heard it was you who made Sumiko summon us all?”

A tomboyish girl with short red hair and shrewd eyes asked Ichirou while slyly holding her chin with her left palm. She was sitting across from Ichirou, closest to Sumiko on the other side.

“Yes, yes I did, Maki-senpai. What? Do you not want to be here? Looks like Senpai doesn’t like me, huh?”

Ichirou looked at her with a hurt expression and said in a wronged voice. His whole demeanor screamed sarcasm which was quite unusual for the others since Ichirou always maintained a calm and composed disposition, remaining unfazed by anything happening around him. And whenever Ichirou behaved like this, it implied that he was in a very pleasant mood.

Ichirou was familiar with this person and knew how to handle her from experience. Morita Maki, the secretary of the student council and a third-year student. She has always been one for all the juicy gossip and spicy entertainment she could find, and what could be more amusing than Sumiko’s crush on Ichirou? One was a near-perfect senior with both beauty and brains while the other was one of the most popular males on the campus with handsome looks and academic brilliance to spare. To Maki, this crush of Sumiko was a constant source of amusement which she never failed to exploit.

“What are you talking about Ichirou-kun~?” Maki placed her elbow on the table and leaned in, shoving her rather commendable chest in front of Ichirou. “How can you say that I don’t like you~? The question is… Do you like me~?

Everybody in the room held their breath at this sensual scene. Though Maki was a tomboy, her body was one which even a mature woman would envy, her face was quite attractive as well, and compiled with her intentionally honeyed and seductive voice, this made for quite the ‘hot’ scene. There were three men in the room excluding Aki, and they all could feel their little partner getting uncomfortable.

For the one who was facing the full brunt of this seductive display, however, his eyes never slid down Maki’s face as he placed his elbow on the table as well, leaning in and bringing his face closer to Maki’s. He didn’t even feel aroused at this display, and his reason was quite justified as well. For someone who has been with a beauty like Hikaru for a year now, this attack could only be called weak in comparison to Hikaru’s constant assaults. Furthermore, it wasn’t like he was a virgin, he was more like a veteran.



Ichirou was interrupted by a grim scream originating from his west, startling not just Maki and Ichirou but everyone else as well. All of their attention was now focused on Sumiko whose face was pale and clutched fists were on the table. Since the time Ichirou and Arata had entered the room, her expression had undergone multiple changes… It went from lovestruck to dazed to hesitant to pale and frightened.

Her breathing was haggard. She took about two minutes to calm down, and when she did, all the eyes in the room were focused on her. Everybody except Ichirou was aware of the feelings that Sumiko held for her junior, and as such, nobody interrupted her, rather, they held an interest in their eyes. A single thought appeared in all their heads.

How is she gonna get out of this one?

Their eyes gleamed, this was an interesting situation. Especially for Natsumi and Maki, who were suckers for these kinds of things.

“W-W-We-Well… It’s r-rude to keep y-your elbows on the t-table, right? Hahaha”

What the hell am I saying!?

“Hm~ Is that so…?”

Maki said while glancing at Sumiko’s fidgety self. Before Sumiko could reply, however…

“Just stop. Let’s eat already. We’ve wasted half of the time, I am starving.”

Ichirou abruptly spoke up while unwrapping his lunch box. What he received in reply were disappointed sighs, but everybody considered Ichirou’s words to be the final call since the actual leader would never disobey Ichirou’s will. Ichirou was unaware of the influence he held over the student body. One word from him and Sumiko would willingly exploit her power to make things convenient for Ichirou. In one way or another, Ichirou was very dangerous for the student body…

“Your lunch looks good, Ichirou-kun~!”

“Yes, yes it does. Would you like a bite, Natsumi-senpai?”

“Ara~ How sweet of you~” Natsumi’s eyes gleamed as her gaze alternated between the still flurried Sumiko and the calm and composed Ichirou. “Why don’t you feed me then? Here, aahn~”

Startled gasps originated from every person in the room at the sight of the small mascot leaning on the table and opening her mouth wide. Sumiko, who had still not recovered was shocked again as she looked at Ichirou with quivering eyes.

H-He’ll not do it, would he? Hahaha, no way!

Ichirou didn’t even consider this as an act of intimacy between a male and a female at this point. He was used to feeding women since Hikaru would act spoiled almost every day and ask Ichirou to feed her. In addition to his lover, both of his sisters would act spoiled and ask him to feed them as well. In fact. he was so used to being in close proximity with women which could only be categorized as heavenly beauties by the common populace that his sense of normal male-female interaction was a bit twisted.

As such, he just pinched his chopsticks and carried a piece of chicken to Natsumi’s mouth before feeding her. This shocked all of them, but the most shocked one in the room was Natsumi herself since she didn’t expect Ichirou to feed her.

Ichirou continued to eat in a pleased mood while the others took a little more time to recover their composure. They were kind of aware of Ichirou’s frankness and straight-forward attitude in these situations, but Sumiko was still in shock. Mixed within her shock was a frightening amount of envy.

Once they realized that Ichirou didn’t mean it romantically, the atmosphere returned to normal as they ate and chatted. Sumiko finally calmed down and began conversing with Ichirou.

“So, Takahiro-senpai, how’s your stomach doing?”

“Huh? Takahiro-kun’s stomach?”

“I-I-It’s nothing Prez! Ichirou~ Please shut up.”

Koike Takahiro, the vice-president of the student council. A fine man with a clean face and sharp eyes. He wore slim spectacles and was rather popular with the ladies of the third year. He was also one of the brightest students in the school and would rank top on almost every exam. Slim build and height nearing six-feet, he wasn’t the most disciplined student although he appeared like one.

“Prez it’s nothing~ Our Takahiro just had a bit of issue with his bowel release.”

“Bowel… Release…?”

“Shut up Katsuo! I swear I’ll kill you!”

“With what? That storage of yours?”

“Pfft hahaha”

Everybody began laughing as Takahiro blushed and hid his face behind his hands.

Yano Katsuo, a rather average looking third-year with intellect in complete contrast with his mediocre looks. Treasurer of the student council, he is renowned for his mental arithmetic skills in which he has international achievements. Though he isn’t academically brilliant, he is still unbeaten when it comes to pure numbers. Katsuo is also a national-level chess player and a good puzzle solver.

As they talked and laughed, Miharu entered with the lunch she made for Arata, resulting in the room erupting into laughter while the golden couple couldn’t do anything but blush.

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