Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 41 + A New Friend

はじめまして!I’m BlueShepherd, and I’ve been invited to participate in this translation team by radaemon and Tortuga. I just got home from 1.5 years straight in Japan about 2 weeks ago serving as a volunteer.  I had the privilege of studying Japanese on my own and becoming passably good at the language during that time, and I’m continuing my personal study while I prepare for college, so I’m excited to be here! In addition to translation, I may have some more language insights as well as cultural experiences to share, so if you’re into that, stay tuned! If you ever have questions or anything, I’m more than happy to respond! Japan was a wonderful place and I had a lot of good and interesting experiences, so I hope you enjoy what I have to share. よろしくお願いします!

Anyway, here’s what you were really looking for: another chapter! Enjoy!

>> Chapter 41 <<