The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 02

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We are Now Dating

[Thank you very much!! Thank you for the message!!]

After replying to the message, it was about seven o’clock in the evening before a reply came back.

[Take care of me as well ♪ I also said this after school today, but texting during school is forbidden alright? Promise?]

If it came from another teacher, it might have felt like a nosy warning, but for some reason when it’s from Hiiragi-chan it makes me happy…

[Then, does that mean calling is okay?] I sent her a bit of a joking message.

When I did, I immediately got a reply.

[Playing around with my words is also banned.]

Ah~. Ah~. This is bad. Her reactions are also cute.

Fuheh, fuheheh

A strange laughter leaked out.

“What are you laughing at?”

My mother, who was at the dining hall, looked at me suspiciously.

“I-it’s nothing.”

After I finished eating dinner, I returned to my room and thought about what to write as a reply. Suddenly, the question that I first came up with came to mind.

[Why did you say okay? I did confess to you though.]

[My heart went doki when you held my hand. I was really happy. Also, seeing you work so hard was cute ♡]

[I’m so happy my nose bled.]

[That’s not good! You need to give the back of your neck a light tap!]

[Because it was an okay, you recorded your address into my contacts?]

[Yeah ♡]

I can’t. Just one heart emoji causes my happiness gauge to fly away.

[If this is found out, wouldn’t it be quite dangerous?]

[Eh? Why is that?]

Why… well, a teacher going out with a student, a teacher doing this and that with their student wouldn’t be good, right? I mean, isn’t it not allowed? Even I know that a teacher shouldn’t be personally messaging their students, that’s not right, right? Isn’t it also wrong for you to record your mail address onto a phone that’s been confiscated?

Considering the risk of a teacher like Hiiragi-chan actually going out with a student, ignoring the fact that I confessed, Hiiragi-chan should have refused.

[If it’s found out, you might have to quit school and you won’t be able to be a teacher, right…?]

[Ah, I see.]

I see… that’s so casual.

[But still, it can’t be helped. Having my heart go doki and the feeling of electricity running through me, I ended up liking you ♡]

Ended up—?

Liking me—?

♡ —!?!?

It can’t be helped. If she puts a ♡ then it can’t be helped. If she ended up liking me then it can’t be helped. In order to accept all of Hiiragi-chan, I’ll give her my 100%. Risk and the other stuff. Common sense can go to hell. No, but, wait a moment. Calm down me.

There is a need to reduce the risk of getting caught to zero. It seems that Hiiragi-chan’s common sense is a little bit fluffy. I have to hold firm here.

[Let’s decide on rules. At school, we won’t meet alone.]

[Eh~!? Since texting is banned, if we can’t do that we can’t talk, right?]

This teacher, she planned on being along together and flirting at school…!?

[Withdrawn. It’s alright to meet alone at school.]

I have a reputation of taking things back after all.


[However, since it seems that putting brakes on the whole thing is not possible, we will meet somewhere during the 10 minute break period, and only once.]

[Eh. What about lunch break!? That’s the main event!?]

[That’s a little… If we meet for long periods, we might be suspected.]

[Muuu. Sanada is quite a serious person. I always make a bentou for lunch, so don’t I have to make an extra one now?]

Ah. I understand. Hiiragi-chan, aren’t you a bit of an useless adult. If I want to keep our romantic relationship, I need to protect Hiiragi-chan. What’s inside of me is older than Hiiragi-chan at least. I must have everything together at least.

[I’m happy for the bentou. But, there isn’t any place to eat it, is there? A teacher eating bentou with her student every day, that’s really suspicious.]

[Inside the World History Preparation Room. I’m the teacher managing it after all ♡]

!? … C-calm down me. I

…I-I have to keep firm.


[Yeah ♪ Before fifth period starts, sometimes other history teachers will come. But, I have a strong grasp on what days those will be ☆]

[Then during lunch, on days other than those?]

[No one will come, you know?]

[For side dishes, I like karaage.]

At this time, my common sense has completely died.

[Understood. I’ll put it in tomorrow ♡]

It sunk. It’s already impossible. I couldn’t resist the temptation. Anything is fine now. Secretly being alone with Hiiragi-chan, eating bentous that Hiiragi-chan made, there’s no way I would miss such a dreamlike situation.

I immediately told my mother that I didn’t need a bentou tomorrow. I made up a suitable reason to go along with it.

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21 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 02

  1. you for starters you wrote bentwood for bentou… there were some other misses but… i can’t be bothered to mention them!
    anyways, i like the story but, honestly, this story only gives me one thought which is the big NTR imprint of either a teacher or a student blackmailing her eventually with something like: if you don’t do “this” then your boyfriend will get kicked out of school (she probably only thought of herself when they started dating afterall) anyways do i look forward for more though!


  2. Well, fight through highschool. After you graduate your relationship can stop being secret, but for now a certain 30 year old in highschool again may need sensei to give some refresher lessons.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Hey… Started reading today and saw the comments on NU… I got warned but still ended up looking for an insulin shot and this is still just chapter two… Diabetes on the rise


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