The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 04

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The First Lunch Break

The long awaited lunch break has finally arrived. My hunger was to the max as I had not eaten anything beforehand. Now, let’s go and see the slightly airheaded, slightly devilish Hiiragi-chan, who was waiting in the World history preparation room.

“Sanada? Where are you going? You aren’t going to eat?”

My friend, Fujimoto, brought out his bentou that was wrapped in a handkerchief.

Sorry, Fujimoto.

I have already left the stage of discussing how to be popular with girls, about how big someone’s chest should be, and various other things like that. That’s because, a goddess was waiting for me within the World history preparation room. She’s bringing a handmade bentou!

“I’m going to eat lunch. But for a little while, I might not be able to eat with you.”

Fujimoto stared at me with a serious expression.

“What do you mean? Your only friend should just be me!”

“Be quiet. Don’t say that as it’s true.”

“You, eating with someone else during lunch? That’s not possible!”

“It is possible. It is.”

With a sad, or maybe sympathetic face, Fujimoto struck my shoulder.

“Don’t push yourself. You really don’t have any, there’s no need to put up an I have friend’s other than Fujimoto appeal. I already know you don’t have any after all.”

“Stop making me out to be such a sad character.”

“Weren’t you going to go to the bathroom or some other place and eat your lunch alone to hide it?”

“That’s wrong!”

“Alright, alright. You have lots of friends. That’s right, you have so many friends so that you can eat lunch and have happy conversations with different ones every day.”

A strained smile surfaced on his face as Fujimoto nodded along. W-what is this, all of a sudden… No, more importantly, I don’t have that many.

“I already understand. So don’t act so tough and come eat with me. If you don’t have money, I can lend you up to 300 yen. Alright?”

“It’s not that I have no money so I can’t eat.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll treat you today. We’re friends. Isn’t that right?”

“Eh, ah, yeah.”

“Now, let’s go. Cafeteria? Or do you want bread from the store? Pick whatever you like.”

Fujimoto shrugged his shoulders like a comedian.

“No, I’m telling you. I’m going to be eating with someone else. Alright?”

“Now now. Don’t say that.”

Fujimoto started to pull me along by force. Ah, fine then.

“Now… who else would you eat with besides me.”


He gave a fast rejection.

“No, you’re really wrong.”

“There isn’t any, right? There’s no one else that would eat with you.”

“Don’t say that.”

“I’ll give you 100 yen, so let go of my hand. Lonely man.”

“Kuuu. You’re my friend, right!? Friends are ones who eat lunch together, right!? While eating lunch, they have meaningless conversations with you. That’s what they’re for, right!?”

I peek into my wallet for some change.

“Now then. Lonely man, I wonder if there’s 100 yen that I can bless you with.”

“Dammit…! Is this alright? We’re always together in class, so the girls from our class talk about how we might be gay.”

“What’s with that rumor!? It’s completely baseless!”

“When juniors come into our club and say stuff like, “Fujimoto san, you eat lunch alone don’t you? (laugh)”, what are you going to do!? I won’t be able to keep my dignity as their senior! Help me out, I beg of you!”

“What is this, in the end, you’re only thinking about your own image. Then it’s fine if it just doesn’t leave this classroom, right? This is my last piece of advice to you from me, who has reached a completely different stage.”

Patto, I slap Fujimoto’s hand away and leave the classroom.

“Sanadaaaaaa, come baaaaccckkkk!”

Hearing him let out such loud voice, I slam the door shut. Because of the lonely man, I incurred some time loss. With fast legs, I walk to the building designated for all the preparation rooms, with the world history preparation room as my destination. While feeling nervous, I put my hand on the door.

In the staff room, I’ve interacted with Hiiragi-sensei as a male student, but this time, she was Hiiragi Haruka, who had gave an okay to his confession and became his girlfriend. Just in case, I look around to confirm that there was no one watching and then I enter inside.

“Ah, Sanada-kun. Thank you for your hard work in class.”

Hiiragi-san greeted me with a smile. Looking at this smile, I really feel relieved…

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Here. I made this myself.”

On top of the well-organized desk, there were two bentous, just as she said yesterday.

“Thank you very much. Sensei, you really can cook.”

“I won’t give it to people who say such mean things.”

“But girls who can cook have a sort of charm.”

“Mou, you say that so suddenly.”

Hiiragi-chan who hides her embarrassment with anger is cute. “Come come”, Hiiragi-chan said, as she indicated the seat prepared next to her. After sitting down, I immediately open the bentou.

… It was covered with karaage. There wasn’t a single bit of rice or another side dish inside.

“I put karaage in it, right?”

“No, you did put it in, but that’s all you put.”

I did say I wanted karaage, but why did you only put karaage!?

“Ah… S-sorry! N-normally, I would…”

This is bad. I really was happy, but because of my weird reaction, I made Hiiragi-chan feel down.

“No. It’s not that, it’s alright! I really really like karaage.”

“Sorry, for not being thoughtful… normally, I would put a little bit of lemon… squeeze a little bit of the juice, you know?”

“It isn’t thaaaat!”

Where did you leave your common sense!?!?

“There are times when you want it to be a little sour, right?”

“No, it isn’t that. Maybe… it was a bit different than I thought it would be?”

“When you said it wasn’t that, it’s different than what I thought… Ah, that’s what you meant.”

Putting her hands together, it seems that Hiiragi-chan had finally understood. Each and every gesture of her’s is so cute. Fuuu, I made a sigh.

“Yeah, that’s right, that’s what I mean.”

“Then, you mean that…”

While laughing a little bit, she used her finger to poke my cheek.

“Did you think that it wasn’t karaage but tattaage instead?”

They’re basically the same! I wasn’t nit picking at such a small point all!

“Kufufu. That’s wrong. Karaage and tattaage. Well, people who don’t really cook normally wouldn’t know I guess.”

Hiiragi-chan seemed to be appealing with the fact that she normally cooked as she made a slightly smug face.

“Perhaps, Sensei, you’re the type to look at the tree but not the forest?”

“? I look at both though? Quite often too. There are quite a few on the mountain by where I commute after all.”


Alright. My beloved goddess Hiiragi-chan is an airhead. It’s decided. I thought she was only a little bit airheaded, but it wasn’t a little but rather it’s completely.

Itadakimasu, Hiiragi-chan politely put her hands together. It was a small double-layered bentou that could fit in the palm of your hand.

“Sensei, is that enough?”

It’s enough, it’s enough. I can’t eat so much like a boy.“”

Pakatto, she opened the lid. The inside… was normal… Why!!

Also, I don’t have any chopsticks.

“Sensei, did you forget to put in chopsticks?”

“Nope. I just didn’t put it in.”

“Eh. Why?”

She used her chopsticks to grab a karaage and stuck it into my mouth.

“I’ll feed it to you ♡.”

This person, she spoils me so much… Ah. The chicken karaage is good.

“Is it good?”

“Yeah. It’s good even when it’s cold.”

“Then, this time, over here.”

This time, over here… aren’t they all the same? I was fed another piece of karaage, but this time, it was octopus instead of chicken. T-the insides of the karaage are different!!

“It’s octopus. Octopus. It’s pretty good, right?”

You even think of variation in the karaage! Then why don’t you think of the total balance of the meal itself…? Despite my complaints, her appeal of being able to cook, the karaage that Hiiragi-chan made was so good, I could eat it without ever getting tired of it. In the end, I ate it all with an aahhnn.

Why she wanted to feed me so much, I was at a complete lost. However, Hiiragi-chan looked like she was having fun, so let’s leave it be. As we were busy chatting, someone approached the other side of frosted glass of the door.

Hiiragi-chan and I unconsciously stopped talking and just kept watching, waiting to see if the person would stay or leave. Katan, someone turned the key. Gatangatan, the door shook as someone on the other side tried to open the now locked door.

“Hmm? It’s locked? Which means… it was open?”

It was probably a teacher who came early to prepare.

“Ah, this might be bad. Sanada-kun, hide.”

“E-even if you tell me to hide…”

There were dark areas, but if someone were to come in, they would immediately notice. Katan, the lock made a sound again as it opened. I was pulled and thrown under the desk that Hiiragi-chan was using.

“Ah. It was Hiiragi-sensei. I was wondering who it was.”

There was a voice of a slightly older female teacher. I didn’t know her name, but I recognized her. Obachan-sensei.

Gosogoso, Hiiragi-chan fidgeted as she replied.

“Yeah… I was eating lunch in here…”

“So that’s why you weren’t in the staff room.”

It seems like the teacher didn’t notice me, who was stuck under the desk. The window was behind Hiiragi-chan, and as long as I was below the desk, it would be hard to notice without looking underneath.


Hiiragi-chan… you’re skirt, I can see… She doesn’t normally wear a skirt, so she is unconscious of it… Because her legs slightly opened and closed, I was filled with desires from the enchanting triangle in front of me. If I’m not careful, more than just a nose bleed, I felt like I could faint from blood loss. Garagara, the old teacher left the preparation room.

“It’s alright now. Sorry, was it crowded?”

“Narrow is narrow, but there were also some… benefits…”

“Your face is red? Are you okay?”

She touched my cheeks, and then my forehead.

“Ummm. Sensei. You’re wearing a skirt… so it’s better if you close…”

With provocative eyes, Hiiragi-chan laughed with her mouth.

“I thought you were looking, but were you always looking?”


“When I noticed, you were looking so seriously, I thought it would be bad if I closed.”

“Please, close it when that happens! I was troubled where to look.”

“You were bothered? But did you keep your eyes on it the whole time?”

She replied to my amazement by twisting my words. It seemed like she didn’t care if I saw her panties.

“Well, what color were they?”

“You know, so don’t ask!”

“It’s pink ♡.”

“Don’t say it! I know since I saw it!”

“The Sanada-kun who tries so hard to make a retort is so cute.”

Whether it was calculative or just air headedness, I completely couldn’t understand Hiiragi-chan.

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  1. Wow Hiragi-chan really likes to spoil people she’s way too cute as well lol, i’m already sad this doesn’t have at the very least 10 volumes out


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