The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 05

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Friday Night

Just like that, a few school days passed by in a blur until one night.

“This Saturday, I don’t have any plans. Now then, what do you think I want to do?”

“What do you want to do… maybe games?”


After the mail, Hiiragi-chan was on full acceleration from the first day. We didn’t text each other at school, but since we were dating, we ended up calling each other during the nights instead of texting.

At some point, I had even stopped using polite speech.

“Seiji-kun, now that you have a girlfriend wouldn’t you want to go on a date?”


“In other words, that’s what I mean ♡.”

“Then… being outside is bad and your house is…”

“Eh. It’s bad?”

“Yeah, it’s really bad. You never know where you might find students or teachers after all.”

Before I knew it, she had started calling me Seiji-kun and I had started calling her Haruka-san. At school though, since we’re student and teacher, we call each other Sanada-kun and Sensei instead.

“Ah. Then how about we go on a drive? If we go to a city far away from here, nobody will know anything about us, right? Then, it’s okay even if we’re seen.”

I did not hate Hiiragi-chan’s inability to give up.

“A drive is okay. But, no matter where we meet there will be people that could recognize our relationship.”

“Muuu, that sucks…”

Well of course, I also want to go walk around together, but we need to do this in order to continue our relationship into the future.

For that, we need to eliminate the risks that we can think of.

“Yeah, understood. Then, it’ll be fine if I go to your house to pick you up, right?”

“Right after you said that!?”

The reasons for why she couldn’t come to my house to pick me up, I explained to her from one to ten. After that, I was somehow able to convince her.

“I see. It’s hard to find a place to meet. Then, if Seiji-kun comes to my house, there’s no need to find a place to meet.”


This airheaded teacher is always imagining something just outside my imagination.

“No, ummm, but, I feel bad… I’ll be imposing upon you…”

“It’s okay. I live alone so it’s alright.”

Even though I can come, it’ll be around 10 at night… and we’ll be going on a drive the next morning… that means we’ll be staying the night?

I-I’m going to be staying the night at Hiiragi-chan’s place!?

“I-I-I haven’t prepared myself yet…”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, my house is pretty clean. I can’t go pick you up though.”

“Ah, no, I don’t mean your preparations, but my heart—”

“I’ll give you my address so come?”

“… Yes.”


I quickly made my preparations and with her address on my notepad in one hand, I pedaled my bike.

The address was closer than I thought, and after about ten minutes on my bike, I arrived at a 2-story apartment complex. In the parking lot, there was Hiiragi-chan’s favorite round mini car, so there was no way I was mistaken.

After pressing on the doorbell to room 205, footsteps could be heard and the door opened.

“Seiji-kun, welcome!”

“Ah, thank you.”

Doesn’t her tone seem a little more slurred than usual? She wasn’t in the casual clothes she wore at home, but was in the same clothing that I saw at school today. My face was just a little red, as I lowered my eyes.


Hiiragi-chan leaned in closer to me and gave me a very tight hug.

“Wait, wah!? H-Haruka-san, we’re at the entrance. Inside, quickly. Let’s go insid—”


She made a sound of refusal. It seems like she wasn’t going to let go of me. Since there was no choice, I dragged her inside as she was holding on to me. The feeling of her body was soft. There was also a slight smell of alcohol.

Her room was a 1 LDK that was pretty big [1]. Just as she said, it was clean. She and I sat down on the sofa in the back.

“Did you drink?”

“Yeah… the teachers had a drinking party you see… I was also invited pretty passionately to the after party…”

While rubbing her eyes sleepily, she rested her head on my shoulder.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be going out with you, so I refused because of how late it would go.”

“Aah. That’s why you called later than normal.”

Today, Hiiragi-chan’s car wasn’t in the staff parking lot because there was a drinking party.

“I see, that’s the kind of culture that adults have on Friday nights.”

I didn’t really like drinking that much, so I didn’t go out that often.

“Sorry for calling you out so late?”

“It’s fine because it was close. Did you want some water?”

I asked her while rubbing her back.

“Seiji-kun, you seem pretty used to taking care of people…?”

“Eh—Ah, aah, ummm, my father often gets drunk after all…”

“I see…”

That was close… My dad doesn’t drink at all. My skill for taking care of people was developed because of my coworkers and seniors at work. Since she asked for some water, I grabbed some mineral water from the refrigerator, poured it into a glass and brought it back.

“Nn… Take it off…”

Then, the girl I thought of as a goddess began a strip show in front of me.

“I need to change…”

“Dowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!? Why!? Why with this timing!?”

She took off her blouse. She took off the inner layer.

“W-wai, I can see your underwear—”

“Yeah, this too…”

She took that off as well.



She pulled a T-shirt that was nearby over her head. She quickly changed the bottom half as her jeans were now shorts.

“T-that was surprising.”

“Thanks for the water…”

The hair that was in a ponytail earlier was now unraveled. It felt like her sex appeal went up one level because of that. If I had to say it, it was sexy.

After drinking a mouthful of water, Hiiragi-chan sets the cup on the table. With my heart still pounding I sit down next to her, and she stuck close to me again. Her T-shirt was so loose I could almost see her chest from the gap around her neck…


“When we’re alone, it’s Haruka-san, right?”

Bosu bosu, Hiiragi-chan poked my cheeks with her finger. Her jokingly angry expressions and tone were both very cute, so from now on I’ll probably knowingly make that mistake again I think.

“Haruka-san, I can see your chest—”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

“It’s fine!?”

She hugged me like a soft creature. Since she was drunk and sleepy, her low judgement ability dropped even further.

“Drink some water, and go to sleep for today, okay?”

“Seiji-kun, do you not like an older person who wants to be spoiled…?”

“The Haruka-san who wants to be spoiled, and the Haruka-san who spoils me. I like them both.”

“That’s good. I like you too, Seiji-kun.”

As if she was a cat that wanted to be scratched, Hiiragi-chan stuck to me. She drank water a few more times and fell asleep on top of my lap.

“She is working as a teacher after all. It’s hard work so it’s no wonder she would be sleepy after drinking.”

Yoshi yoshi, I pat her head. I carried her to the bedroom in the back and left her to sleep on the bed. As I was trying to leave the room, my sleeve was pulled.

“Seiji-kun, where are you going?”

“Eh. I thought I would go sleep on the sofa.”

“You can use the bed… it’s a single, but two people can sleep on it.”

Pon pon, she flipped open the blanket and hit the bed.

“Come”, she said with both her arms open.

I did as I was told and got into the bed.

“I won’t do anything to someone that is drunk, okay.”

“Why did you say such an excuse?”

Kusu kusu, Hiiragi-chan laughed inside the bed that we were both in.

“It’ll be that you’re inviting a student, Sensei.”

“I said, when we’re alone it’s Haruka-san, right? Besides, we are student and teacher but right now it’s different.”

“This is almost a crime, did you know that?

“That’s why we’re doing things like being sneaky every single day. Besides, did you know? It’s okay for a girlfriend to tempt her boyfriend.”

We whispered to each other as if we were sighing. She spoke in a voice that only I could hear, while I spoke in a voice that only she could hear. I pulled the blanket over me and Hiiragi-chan also came inside.

“Look. If we do this, no one will see.”

Chuu, Hiiragi-chan gave me a kiss.

“S-so suddenly—!?”

“I returned your surprise attack. I gave my student a kiss.”

Kyaa~, she rolled around. If I was alone, I most likely would have had the same reaction. Then, inside the blanket, we had three more long kisses. It was like a bomb of happiness had exploded and I felt like I could die. Soon afterwards, as if her battery went out, Hiiragi-chan fell asleep.

TL Note:

  1. LDK is an abbreviation frequently used in the world of Japanese real estate to describe apartments. 1LDK = one room apartment with a living, dining and kitchen area

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    • lol bro why do you keep up bringing NTR, still what she said this chapter did sound pretty dangerous ” I was also invited pretty passionately to the after party…” yep the timeline where he didn’t ask her out sound pretty dangerous.
      Hope this stays fluffy this girls seems pretty easy to be taken advantage off.


    • He’s just been making a few too many bad choice on his reading material lately probably, and probably got a lot of NTR ending stories, so he needs some healing from his trauma.


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  2. This chapter is basically the “When your girlfriend told you to come and no one’s home” meme, also to those who says this is NTR, somehow I just can’t agree when I see the cover


  3. Here somo typos:

    “They didn’t text each other at school, but since we were dating”
    Should be:
    “We didn’t text each other at school, but since we were dating”
    (Keep mixing first and third person in the narrative)

    “If we go to a city far away from hear”
    Should be:
    “If we go to a city far away from HERE”


  4. Ohhhhh yes baby lol am i glad that they actually kissed, all right i can go into this series with a clean heart now i was afraid they’d be blushing while hand holding or some stupid shit like that so i’m glad it’s taking this seriously.


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