The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 06

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A Relaxed Park Date

Of course, I there was no way I would be able to sleep because of Hiiragi-chan behind me.

Or, so I thought, but I had fallen into a somewhat deep sleep before I knew it, until I woke up to a nice smell.

It was still 7 in the morning.

I walked into the kitchen while rubbing my eyes. There, Hiiragi-chan was making something. The sight of a woman cooking from behind somehow gives a pleasing feeling.

“Ah. You woke up. Good morning, Seiji-kun.”

Chuu, she gave me a morning kiss.

“Wait, it’s still morning…”

“Three times, four times, together, together ♪.”

Hiiragi-chan seemed to be in a good mood.


“Nope. Bentou. Since we’re going on a drive to a place where no one will be.”

A place with no one there? I wonder where she’s talking about. She told me that breakfast was already done, and so I looked at the table. There was toast, fried eggs, and a salad prepared.

“Ah, are you the type to brush your teeth first? If you want, you can use this.”

After rummaging around a bag from the supermarket, she brought out a brand-new toothbrush. Why did she already buy a toothbrush for me? Maybe, she already predicted that I would be staying over some time, and had already bought one long before today…?

“Such a bad teacher.”

“Today, I’m not a teacher ♡.”

Hiiragi-chan had already finished preparations for breakfast and by the time I ate and brushed my teeth, she had also finished preparing the bentous. With everything ready, we left her house. I got in her round mini car, and she started driving.

“Ummm, umm…”

Seeing her struggle to enter her destination into the navigation while waiting for the light, I take it from her and quickly enter it. Our destination was a green filled forest park just outside of the prefecture.

“Seiji-kun, you’re so good at navigating!”

I can’t tell her that in truth, I owned a car with navigation on it.

“Ah… I’m good with electronics that’s all.”

“That’s quite reliable… I’m so bad at it after all. Ahaha.”

It was just at the level of being able to operate the navigation. I didn’t think that it was as great as she was making it out to be. The drive lasted about two hours, and it was quite fun to say the least. She spoke about various different teachers and revealed different secrets about them to me. We also found out that we liked the same rock band. All in all, we both got pretty into it.

Finally, we arrived at the forest park. It was quite deep into the mountains, so maybe because of that, there weren’t very many cars in the parking lot.


Hiiragi-chan failed at backing up her car into the parking spot. “Haruka-san, are you perhaps, bad at this?”

“I-I’m not bad at it! Just not great at it.”

“No, that’s basically the same thing… what do you do when you commute to school?”

“I have someone else do it for me.”

Is she for real?

Giving the key to someone so that they can park it for you, it sounds like a celebrity, but in reality, she just can’t park.

“Switch with me.”

“Eh. Can you do it, Seiji-kun?”

“Well, just a little.”

Hiiragi-chan let out a shocked voice, but since there was no one else around, she switched with me and let me drive.

No, I have to say this but, Hiiragi-chan, isn’t this bad? You can’t let a high school student who doesn’t have his license drive, right? Well, having a teacher going out with a student is already forbidden, so I guess it’s like pouring water on a hot stone [1].

“Good luck!”

And, as soon as she said that, I parked the car instantly.

“Why!? How do you do it so cleanly…”

“Ummm… ah. It’s probably because of the driving games at the arcade. Yeah, that.”


Racing games probably don’t have something so boring like parking, but I was able to convince her for now. I didn’t say that I could do it because I actually had a license.

“This is a secret, okay? Having a teacher let her student drive her car.”

“No, I mean, isn’t our relationship already a secret?”

“Ah, that’s true.”

Hiiragi-chan laughed and stuck out her tongue. She’s so cute.

We walked for about 20 minutes while holding our bentous. After climbing a small hill, we sat down on a bench. Looking far out, a small town could be seen, and beyond that the ocean.

“Isn’t this a nice place?”

“Haruka-san, have you been here before?”

“Nope. I looked it up before, and made it one of the choices for us to go to today.”

… She had refused to go to the after party the other day. Hiiragi-chan, she was so ready to hang out with me today.

“Then, what’s this?”

Hiiragi-chan made me lie down on my side as she gave me a lap pillow.

“Do you not like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it but…”

“Then, it’s okay.”

This teacher, it feels like she doesn’t want me to do anything. Or so I thought, as she continued to feed me like a mother bird, continuing to put food into my mouth with her chopsticks.

“When I’m with you, I feel like I’m becoming worse and worse…”

“Keep eating, keep eating~♪”

“Is this alright?”

“Yup. Once you graduate, I’ll continue to take care of you ♡.”

Hiiragi-chan was the type of woman to make any man terrible.

“Then… I’ll leave it to you.”

“Got it. Until then, I’ll do our best to keep our dating a secret ♡.”

TL Note:

  1. An expression saying that you can’t expect much results with little effort. He’s basically saying that his complaint is too little too late.

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25 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 06

    • I used to flirt with the mathematics students that I taught too. It helps give them more motivation, and lightens up the mood and atmosphere. Learning is something to be enjoyed and done with fun and cheer. Not rigid like those old bags of bones would tell you. A flexible and cheerful teacher who knows their stuff AND their students well is the best type of teacher. They get from Ds and Cs to Bs and As. And they truly understand the material. Isn’t that what really matters most?


    • No she won’t. She’s the type to spoil her man. She’ll just look the other way and overlook his flaws, all of them. Unfaithfulness or getting close to other women included. The type that will wait for her man with everything ready. Totally bad news if you’re the guy and you’re planning to be a useful person to society, because she makes men become good-for-nothings, she spoils them so much. So Seiji needs to be very careful to keep it together.


  1. Good to see his adult habits are still kicking around in full throttle. I’m just waiting to see them get caught and have him pull off a convincing “I’m older than I look” act. He should also get his license so he can legally drive her around.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Frankly getting annoyed of all the NTR comments. If any of you have actually read NTR, there is absolutely no “vibe” to it in this. At worst, the previous male teacher that Haruka-san (Sensei) talked to when she was giving the mc his phone back, seemed kind of dubious.

    I mean damn, people were saying it was an NTR vibe in the previous chapter when literally all they did was talk, make date plans and cuddle in bed together.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, especially since she seems to have accepted being in a relationship so easily. But, I’d rather take it for what it is, like Death March and not 1) think too deeply about it and ruin the experience 2) take it for what it is and be happy that it’s a cute slice of life romance with good characters and a fun story and 3) not jump to conclusions before there is even an iota of cheating, betrayal and “NTR.”


    • I agree, even coming into this series I’m really surprised at how lax this has been. It’s looking like a true slice of life novel so far.


    • It might be because of the setting that they are secretly dating and she was bad with one character, its a usual premise for ntr stories.
      Though when i see the cover illustration and the vibe it gives me,
      I don’t think this would become ntr novel, its not even a nocturn(r18) novel.
      I think those guys just read too much ntr.
      Sometimes when i also read ntr doujins , i also can’t help but imagine ntr on a normal series i’m watching or reading and i really hate it.


  3. Damn our MC gives up too easily and Hiragi-chan likes to spoil her beloved, that’s a pretty dangerous combo lol, do your best MC she’s so cute she deserves the best.


    • Sometimes letting your girl do what she wants, even if it’s spoiling you, etc. is giving her the love that she deserves. It can be a kind of service. Girls sometimes like to mother people.


  4. I really do not see how NTR could happen here, she seems a bit airheaded, sure, but that doesn’t mean she’s an idiot, she’s not going to get tricked. All of these NTR jokes and comments are annoying.

    If this was a real relationship, as long as they do not get found out, I can see this quite easily turning into marriage eventually. they seem pretty much a perfect match, and are both very mature individuals who talk about any issues that might plague their relationships. Obviously, concerning marriage, that would be the case here in this novel as well, unless the author likes unhappy endings…


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