The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 10

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“Excuse me…”

The person that came into the infirmary ended up being a female student, and not the school nurse.

“Good, it doesn’t seem like it’s Watanabe-sensei.”

Hiiragi-chan climbed out from underneath the bed. Watanabe-sensei was the school nurse, who was an old lady nearing her 60th birthday. The girl will most likely leave soon. However, the voice was pretty familiar.


Ugeh!? Nii-san… which means it’s without a doubt, Sana!

“Seiji-kun, you had a sister?”

“This isn’t the time to say that so casually. Hurry up and get back. Down!”

I was supposed to have fallen down during physical education and now be sleeping in bed. If Hiiragi-chan said that she came to visit me because of that, it might be somewhat acceptable, but it would still raise some suspicions.

I would understand though if the physical education teacher came to check up on me. But if a teacher in charge of world history came to visit, it could only be thought of as having some sort of underlying meaning. To continue our relationship, we need to avoid all suspicion.

After I saw that Hiiragi-chan had gone under the bed, I called out.


I opened the closed curtain and I saw the face of my little sister who I see so often every day that I could have come to hate it.

She was on the taller side for girls, and it could be said that she resembled some model or so we were told by a relative when we had some family business. Being in the first year of high school, she had a little bit of an adult feel to her, and it seems that there were even upperclassmen who had confessed to her.

“What, aren’t you perfectly normal?”

“I guess. That’s right. … Did you need something?”

“Not really, I didn’t have anything I wanted from you… it’s just that my homeroom teacher had said that Nii-san had fallen and was now in a coma in the infirmary.”

This girl. She was really just worried about me. More importantly, Sana’s homeroom teacher made too much of an exaggeration. If I really was in a coma, I would be sent to the hospital.

“I came thinking I would draw on your face.”

“Better luck next time for that one.”

“Also… this. It’s for you.”

She handed me a pet bottle filled with a sports drink.

“If you’ve woken up now, why don’t you go to class properly? Anyways, since we’re talking about you, you were probably planning on taking the day off using this as an excuse.”

“I just woke up. That’s why, I’ll go to the next class.”

“That’s fine then.”

Then, Sana’s eyes ended up resting on my neatly folded uniform.

“Did you fold it, Nii-san?”

“I didn’t…”

Probably, it was Hiiragi-chan. After all, she was lightly hitting the bottom of the bed, as if trying to insist on something.

“Was it not the school nurse?”

“Isn’t she out on a trip of some sort, weren’t you told during homeroom?”


I-is that so? I wasn’t listening to anything at all, so I dug myself into a little bit of a hole.

“Then, wouldn’t it be the person who carried me? A-anyways, I just woke up. And when I did, you were in front of me. I don’t know anything.”

I got scared as Sana continued to stare at the uniform, so I grabbed it from on top of the blanket and began to change.

“… Nii-san, you have a surprisingly well built body don’t you?”

My shirt was blocking my view as I was taking it off, but I could feel Sana poking my stomach.

“Idiot, stop touching.”

Dosu dosu dosu!

The world history teacher who was hidden under the bed like an ero book began to hit the bed. Stop touching Seiji-kun, she seemed to be saying something along the lines of that.

“I’ll end up touching you, okay?”

Dosun! Dosun! Dosun!

Each hit became heavier and heavier.

Sana flared her nose.

“Idiot, pervert. … However, I don’t know, I’ve been training recently, so I’ve become used to seeing bodies like this.”

Ah, I see, I say as I stick my hands through my sleeves. Underneath the blanket, I change into my pants, and throw out the jersey I took off.

“The next class is starting, you know?”

“I know, I know.”

If you already know, shouldn’t you be leaving, Sana?

“Nii-san, what are you doing for lunch?”

“L-lunch break? I don’t really have anything planned.”

“What’s with the polite language? I would say that it’s definitely impossible… but mother was wondering if you had a girlfriend since you said bentous weren’t needed anymore. It’s weird after all.”


Underneath the bed, my girlfriend was hitting the bed rhythmically. It seems to be getting worse and worse.

“As such, I was wondering what you were doing for lunch… Y-you don’t have one, right? A girlfriend. Sei-kun could never get a girlfriend after all.”

Sana’s tone became more childish. Is she pouting…?

“Don’t call me Sei-kun. It’s just that I have a friend who cooks, and is letting me eat it to try out the taste.”

It was about 80% a lie, but the other 20% was true.

Dosu dosu, dosu dosu!

The ero books below are noisy… She was probably trying to say something along the lines of, “We aren’t frieeeeeeennnndsss!”

That’s good, Sana said, as she changed her cool look into a smile.

“Having the friend do that every day is probably hard, right? In the end, Sei-kun probably doesn’t have anyone else to get food from, so how about I give you some as well?”


There was a bit of objection mixed into the hitting. Of course, I also tilted my head in confusion.

“Hah? Why? That’s what’s called an unwanted favor, you know?”

“B-be quiet! If it was your girlfriend I wouldn’t do that. I know to give the two of you some space. I’m not a girl who doesn’t know how to read the mood.”

Dodododo, dosun.

It was a chain of repeated hits. It’s probably because from Hiiragi-chan’s perspective, the current situation would be Sana not being able to read the mood properly. More importantly, can you stop it with the reactions already, Sensei?

“Sa-chan, that’s a bit sudden isn’t it?”

“Don’t call me Sa-chan.”

What’s with her? Why did she suddenly say something like this?


Is this the pattern where Sana couldn’t make friends…? That’s possible.


“W-what is it?”

Sana is quite a shy person after all, and doesn’t really have a bright character. She seemed to be trying to play it cool, as it’s quite difficult to bring up.

“You weren’t able to make friends and became a loner, didn’t you?”

“T-t-that’s wrong! I-I have a hundred of them.”


My sister, sits in the classroom, eating the bentou that our mother made all alone…

Just imagining it makes my chest hurt. It’s been about a month since she entered school, the friend groups are probably already formed by now. People in different classes but from the same middle school, there were probably new friends as well… people from the same club as well… Sana was in the go-home club like me.

“Anyways, Nii-san should just eat his lunch with me.”

“About that matter, let’s have a nice talk at home about it with our parents.”

“Stop it! It’ll be known that I’m a loner! It’ll make them worry!”

It’s like that as expected. My little sister thinks a lot about our parents.

“Times up. We’ll continue this over text.”

“Don’t say it like, “This will continue on the web”, please.”

“The bell is ringing. If you don’t go soon you’ll be late. Besides, today’s preparations have been made already, if you want to eat together we would have to start from tomorrow.”

“… Got it.”

I was able to satisfy Sana as she walked away while grabbing her skirt.

“Sensei, it should be fine now.”

Lending her a hand, I pull out Hiiragi-chan out of the ero book position.

“Sana-chan, she’s a good child.”

“She’s still a child though.”

“Seiji-kun, you’re also a child. You’re birthday hasn’t come yet, so you’re still 16, right?”

Hiiragi-chan teasingly played with my cheeks by giving it a poke.

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17 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 10

    1. Well, you know, every MC has a sidekick.

      …. Though i worry that he will NTR our MC (I’ve accidentally read one of doujin with very similar settings, so i can’t get it out of my head)


  1. Well, I wouldn’t expect her to be enough of a bro con to make an obvious move at him, since he doesn’t seem to know about this from his future knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I think there’s anything wrong with having his sister be an accomplice in his dating. Somehow that seems wrong to say, but it makes sense in my heart.

    Thanks for the chapter!


      1. She looks so TIMID! No wonder she can’t make friends! Kind of feel sorry for her. Even I was an introvert in my secondary school years, but I still managed to make friends wherever I went because of my innate friendliness and helpfulness and liveliness. But as for brother and sister complexes and incest, there’s nothing wrong with it. Scientifically speaking, as long as the parents do not share the same defective genes, it’s fine. Also, most married stranger couples have a DNA match of almost 50% to over 50+%. It’s almost as good as if they were blood related siblings. Like I said, As long as they practice proper contraception and if they decide to have a child, they need to get their DNA matching tested first. We need to be scientific. Not superstitious.


  2. Lending her a hand, I pull out Hiiragi-chan out of the ero book position.

    rip Hiiragi, she gets treated as an ero book


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