The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 108

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Hiiragi’s Father — Part 1

It was during my part-time work at the HRG company. In an office crowded with various people, I asked Natsumi-chan, who was sitting right next to me.

“I ended up greeting Mother last time, right?”

“Yeah? And?”

Giving an uninterested response, Natsumi-chan was looking at me with a complacent smile.

“More importantly, isn’t it a little bit too early to call her Mother?”

“Then, Airi-san.”

Natsumi-chan laughed.

“That might also be a little bit terrible. Brother-in-law.”

“That’s still too early.”

While doing our work, we made light jabs at each other.

“This time I would like to once again greet Father.”

“No no, that’s impossible. Mama is pretty rational, but Papa is impossible. He really loves Haru-chan. Rather, didn’t you greet him once already? Then it should be fine.”

During Hiiragi-chan’s marriage interview, I met him and straight up told him that we were dating. I do have a feeling that he recognized us there, but I was never given a clear response like with Airi-san.

Also, what I am caught on the most is the information that Rei-chan had told me. If my last name was still Sanada, then that meant that the future me still hadn’t married Hiiragi-chan. However, there seem to be rumors, so I do believe we were still dating.

“Well, it isn’t really something for me to say, so I’ll ask Mama about it for you.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

Natsumi-chan secretly manipulated her cell phone

“Don’t do that while you’re working.”

“It’s fine. So picky, Brother-in-law.”

“Didn’t I tell you it’s still early?”

Bububu, Natsumi-chan’s cell phone vibrated.

“…Ah. It’s okay. When I asked Mama, she said to come tomorrow.”

“We’re going to greet your father, right?”

“Yeah. I told you I asked Mama, didn’t I?”

She said it like it was obvious.

They’re a matriarchal clan, Natsumi-chan did say that at the Hiiragi mansion last time. So, in terms of power balance, rather than the father it’s the mother that’s more powerful. It’s true as well, comparing their characters, the father seems to be more submissive.

She showed me the cellphone text displayed on the screen.

[I’ve already recognized it, so there shouldn’t be a problem, but if that’s how Seiji-san wants to do things, then it’s quite admirable. Why don’t you bring him along tomorrow?]

Even if she says tomorrow, I still have to prepare my heart…

“Papa’s associates still seem to be working, it seems, so it’s not like Saturday is a day of rest. However, I guess he’s going to be free tomorrow.”

“Will Sensei be okay?”

“Haru-chan is fine, right? Mama is the only one she’s bad with. If Thief-kun asks her to come along, she’ll wag her tail and follow you anywhere.”

For a second, the image of Hiiragi-chan going wan ♡ wan ♡ came up in my mind.

“…You probably thought of something weird there, right?”

“No… well…”

I diverted my eyes from Natsumi-chan who was staring at me.

And so, the next day. As I was waiting at Hiiragi-chan’s place, a black luxury car came to a stop outside.

“Haruka-san, it seems they’ve arrived to pick us up.”

“Ah, yeah.”

Yesterday, at the same time my shift ended, Hiiragi-chan came to pick me up from the workplace, and when I told her about today, she gave the okay. Whether it was because she did her makeup perfectly, or whether it was because she usually did more plain makeup at school, today, her atmosphere seemed to sparkle more than usual.

As I was trying to leave the room empty-handed, my arm was grabbed.

“Wait, Seiji-kun.”

“Hmmm? What’s wrong?”

“Please resupply me with more Seiji-kun energy.”

Aaah. She was waiting impatiently for something yesterday. Since I had ended up going home immediately, we had no time for contact.

Hiiragi-chan spread her arms and waited for me to jump in.

“Go ahead.”

“Yes yes.”

As I was held tight, I smelled something sweet.

“Your perfume? You changed it?”

“Ah, you noticed? It’s a nice smell, right?”

“Yeah. It suits you, Haruka-san.”

A school teacher can’t afford to wear perfume after all.

Since that matter was all settled, I tried to separate myself.

“… We, won’t kiss…?”

Hiiragi-chan looked at me with upturned eyes, puckering her lips just a bit. Her wet lips are quite erotic.

“Then, just a little.”

Ban Ban, as our lips overlapped with each other, the wall was pounded upon.

“Hellooooooooooo? We’ve been able to hear you guys this whoooooooollleee entiiiire time and have been waiting for you guys, you know?”

Natsumi-chan was looking at us with half-closed eyes from the entrance.

Fugyah!? With a cat-like cry, Hiiragi-chan quickly separated from me.

“Whaaat’s with this, ‘We, won’t kiss (with teary eyes)’ ‘Then, just a little (serious)’?”

“I-if you’re there then say something, Natsumi.”

“Showing me something heavy this early in the morning on Sunday even I can’t bear it. Geez.”

She let out a fed up breath.

“If you were going to start groping each other like that, then I would’ve just taken a video.”

“Don’t take a video. Rather, we weren’t going to do that.”

“L-let’s go. Yoshinaga-san is waiting, right?”

Hiiragi-chan, whose face was still red, left the house as if running away, and so I ended up following along with Natsumi-chan. After greeting Yoshinaga-san, who was waiting on below the apartment, Hiiragi-chan and Natsumi-chan, the pair of sisters climbed in.

“Sanada-sama, it’s been a while.”


“… And so… after that, how far did you go with Haruka-oujousama…?”

Yoshinaga-san made some obscene motions with his hand.

Please stop it with your hands. Are you a middle schooler?

“No, we haven’t done anything like that at all. We aren’t supposed to until we’re married.”

“Sanada-sama, pardon me, but… you don’t like it, don’t like it, but…”

“It’s not that I don’t want to?”

That’s right.” [1]

Yoshinaga-san raised his thumb and opened the door to the back seat.

“Ah, thank you. Excuse me.”

I’m really not used to being treated in this way.

Yoshinaga moved into the driver’s seat, and started the car that we were sitting in.

I guess once Airi-san recognizes our relationship publicly, I’ll probably be asked openly about things like that pretty often.

“I don’t like it, don’t like it, but it’s not that I don’t want to…”

“Thief-kun, what’s wrong? Are you thinking about Sana-chan?”

“Why did you mention Sana?”

Inside the car, Yoshinaga-san played the role of an MC, facilitating conversation, creating a casual atmosphere. Last time, it was super heavy and completely different from this.

“Will the master really approve of this case with you, Haruka-ojousama. I’m a little worried about it.”

“I know right. Mama said it’s fine, so Papa will probably have to give the okay though? It’s like beating the last boss before you beat the lower level bosses.”

Don’t treat him like a lower level boss. He’s not even a mid-level boss?

“I think it’s okay to tell Father that we got Mother’s approval.”

Hiiragi-chan gave some small advice.

The two of us secretly held hands, in a way which neither Natsumi-chan or Yoshinaga-san could see.

I don’t like it, don’t like it, but it’s not that I don’t want to… It’s not that Hiiragi-chan has no interest in things like that. Rather, she’s completely interested…

Ten years later, we hadn’t married, but we still had our first experience. I guess it’s more about timing and when the act will be done. If I try to make more fierce advances towards her, I wonder what would happen.


  1. Just wanted to note that this was said in English.

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  1. Ehh, you tease her too much and she can’t bear it and somehow seduce you back with all her might and then, boom! They’ll both do it anyway. I guess it will be really intense after he finish highschool.



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