The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 109

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Hiiragi’s Father — Part 2

In about two months, this would be the second time that we came to the Hiiragi mansion. We were welcomed by the maid and allowed to pass into the luxurious mansion.

“Why don’t I accompany you guys as well?”

When Hiiragi-chan and I were guided to the reception room, Natsumi-chan also tagged along.

“Thanks, Natsumi. But, it’s fine. I don’t think it’ll be as troublesome as the last time after all.”


Seemingly agreeing, Natsumi-chan tilted her head.

“Well, if something happens, I’ll follow up for it later.”

Saying by, she waved her hand as she headed towards her own room.

“Would it have been better if Natsumi-chan was here?”

“Well it is about us. Let’s just ask for Natsumi’s support when we are forced into a corner.”

“That’s okay too.”

It might be better served leaving the quick-witted Natsumi-chan as a trump card.

My meeting with Airi-san was also here. As expected, it really was a luxurious reception room. For someone ordinary like me, it really feels uncomfortable. I took a sip of the coffee that the maids had put out.

“Father’s late.”

As Hiiragi-chan muttered, a loud voice could be heard from outside.

“You’re telling me that that man came!?”

“Darling, don’t shout like that. Seiji-san is a wonderful high school student, and is quite calm and collected. I’ve recognized him after all. Why don’t you go properly meet him face to face.”

It was a conversation between Airi-san and Papa-san it seems.

“Why do I have to do this!? It’s at long last one of my holidays! For meet to meet one of those dogs that would think to steal Haru-chan—”


Hiiragi-chan and I subconsciously turned our heads back towards the door. Just now, that was quite a loud sound…

“Pfffft!? It just went Bachiiin!? My cheek, went Bachiiin!”

“It’s because you treated someone I recognized as some dog.”

“So, he even brought you to his side… that darn man…!”

The door opened all of a sudden, and Papa-san jumped into the room as if he was thrown in.


Standing up quickly, Papa-san coughed as if nothing happened. There was a manga-like red hand mark on his cheek.

I started off by standing up and giving him my greeting.

“It has been a while. The other day, I had the pleasure of meeting you when Haruka-san had her marriage interview. Sanada Seiji.”

Matching me, Hiiragi-chan also stood up and bowed with me. No, but is there really a need for Hiiragi-chan to do that?

“Y-yeah. Hiiragi Takakage. Haru-chan…. Haruka’s father.”

If I had a business card, this would be where we would exchange them, but there’s no way a high schooler working part time would have one.

“Father, is your cheek okay?”

“Mama hit me as hard as possible… it’s scary… really…”

From what I know about the Hiiragi family, and the conversation between the couple just now, he was probably scolded quite harshly. Takakage-san placed a cooled towel that a maid had brought over on his cheek.

“I’ve heard various things about you… from my wife. It also seems that you are doing some part time work at our company.”

“Yes. I just happen to be in the same department as Natsumi-san.”

“I see…… I hear, that you’re quite capable.”

He praised me quite easily.

As expected, Airi-san’s slap probably had quite an effect… It’s nice that he praised me, but his expression somehow seems really reluctant.

“I didn’t do anything that big.”

“… How humble. In the near future… you are someone I can entrust Hiiragi… Eh, wait, what is this, I was never told about this.”

Hiiragi-chan and I looked at each other.

Takakage-san touched his ear…Does he have a wireless earphone?

“Sanada-kun, please forget what I just said. It was just a bit of a joke.”


“Father, this month marks the month in which we have already been dating for half a year.”

“Kuuu… surprisingly going steady! I thought you would soon break up after the last time…”

Ah, you let out your true feelings.

“Even Mother has recognized Seiji-kun, and has seemed to take a liking to him.”

“‘All that’s left is you, you know?’ —— If that’s the case, so what!?”

Who is he talking to?

He gripped the small earpiece that was in his ear and threw it down onto the ground.

“I won’t give Haru-chan to anyone! I’ll make sure to write it down in your textbook somewhere!”

It might just be me, but a murderous aura came from outside the door. Takakage-san, who had been speaking aggressively, seemed to be glancing at the door worriedly.

“What are you going to do, saying something like that!? Seiji-san is still a high schooler, but he’s a respectable man.”

Airi-san’s small voice came out of the earphone that had fallen by his feet.


Takakage-san stepped on the earphone with his slippers, causing it to break.

I see. I guess she was trying to tell him what to say. However, it seems that Takakage-san was unable to bear it… Still, wouldn’t he just get hit again later…?

“Even if Airi-san has recognized you, I will not.”

“Then, what should I do?”

Hiiragi-chan pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

“It’s only you father. You’re the only one being biased and denying Seiji-kun.”

“It’s not being biased, Haru-chan. There’s no need to get married in the first place!”

“What’s with that? I won’t recognize a person that is unable to think of his daughter’s happiness as a parent!”

Takakage-san seemed to have received quite a shock as he crouched down while holding his chest.

“Fuguu… T-that…”

If it continues like this, it’ll be her father that Hiiragi-chan would be arguing with this time.

“Wait, wait, Haruka-san, calm down.”

“T-that’s right, Haru-chan. Just calm down for a second. Don’t say something so sad.”

We both tried to calm down the fuming Hiiragi-chan.

“He’s just attracted to the cute older lady character that you have, Haru-chan. Once he’s bored of it, it’ll be over. He’s a high schooler after all. His feelings can change anytime. He’ll reach out to colleagues, or even to underclassmen and upperclassmen…!”

“T-that’s not true…! He won’t get bored of me and throw me away… probably…”

Hiiragi-chan’s resistance weakened. With teary eyes, she took a sidelong glance at me.

S-she doesn’t trust me!?

“Umm, I’m not exactly that popular, you know?”

“I would never give Haru-chan to a man without charm! Hahahah!”

“Ah, but now that I remember, I did get a love letter that one time…”

“I won’t give Haru-chan to such a cheap man! Hahahah!”

Whether I’m popular or not, it’s still out it seems. Even if I appeal by saying that I am capable of working, I’m still only doing part time jobs…

“Fine, then in order to test whether Seiji-kun is capable or not, why don’t you pick something that you can compete at, Father?”

Hiiragi-chan clapped her hands, happy that she had come up with a good idea.

“Competing in anything of my choosing…? Fine. If you win against me like that, I’ll recognize your relationship with Haru-chan!”

I guess I’ll be fighting in his specialty… That’s quite a disadvantage, but at the current moment, there is no other way.

“Understood. If that’s the case, what are we competing in?”

“… Mahjong. Is that still too soon for a high school student?”

He’s grinning, but it’s unfortunate for him. During my college years, I played it quite a bit, so I believe I have a bit of skill.

“Mahjong, is it…? I know the rules, but I don’t really know much about it.”

“That’s fine, it’s good enough! If you know the rules, the rest is just luck. It’s easy!”

Takakage-san had a big laugh. Thinking that I only know the rules, he probably intends to beat me down. However, if he really means what he said, then he’s probably pretty weak.

“Seiji-kun, will you be alright…? You haven’t played Mahjong before, right?”

“Yeah. But if I don’t do this, then he won’t recognize us… I’ll do my best.”


With eyes that seemed like they were about to overflow with tears, Hiiragi-chan hugged me.

“Uuuuu~ I wuv you…”

“Me too.”

“Separate right this instant!”

And so, it became a Mahjong competition.

“Since it seems interesting, let me join!”

When Natsumi-chan joined in, the driver, Yoshinaga-san also came by.

“With your permission, let me join as well.”

Yoshinaga-san is most likely an expert at this.

Since we got four players, we headed into a small specialty room underground and crowded around a table.

“Half-game, best of one. I as well, don’t have that much free time after all! You can’t cry and complain afterwards.”

“Understood. Let’s have a good match.”

For Yoshinaga-san, he definitely seems he would be good at Mahjong, but can Natsumi-chan actually play?

Contrary to my worries, her movements seemed quite well practiced. Natsumi-chan, she really can play.

… On the other hand, Takakage-san often made mistakes, and misplaced a bunch of tiles. He probably doesn’t play this often, right?

“Papa, hurry up.”

“W-wait, Na-chan. I’m currently thinking about where I should cut it.”

I’ll omit it because it’ll end up dragging on for a while, but the match between Takakage-san and I ended up in my victory.

“Y-you lied, didn’t you! You said you only knew the rules!”

“No, I didn’t actually lie you know?”

“Why… why… why did I lose…? Isn’t it a game of luck…?”

So, he really did think that.

“Ummm, so you will admit my relationship with Haruka-san, right?”

“Guuu…! O-one more time…!”

“Didn’t you say there was no complaining after that one time?”


When I threw back the words that he said, Natsumi-chan patted me on the shoulder.

“Forgive him. He really likes it, but he really sucks.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s fine. Let’s play one more time.”

“Hmph. This time for sure, I’ll protect Haru-chan!”

In the end, we played two more times, but they still ended in my victory.

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