The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 110

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Hiiragi’s Father — Part 3

It soon became noon, and I ended up getting treated to lunch at the Hiiragi mansion.

“Seiji-kun, I must apologize for the weird things my husband said to you.”

Airi-san apologetically lowered her head.

“No, it’s fine.”

Since it was the dining room of such a grand mansion, I was wondering how amazing it would be, but it was really something a normal family would have. The perfect size for the five Hiiragi family members and me.

“When the whole clan comes together, there’s a different dining room, so we have our meal there.”

Probably noticing my question, Hiiragi-chan explained to me.

Everyone quietly ate the expensive looking Japanese cuisine. Takakge-san, who was sitting across from me, all of a sudden had his opposite cheek red and swollen… He was probably slapped again.

“Father is so bad at Mahjong, and yet he kept saying one more time, and so it became so late.”

In her lady mode, Natsumi-chan spoke to Airi-san.

It was currently about one hour past noon. It seems that the plan was to have the meal at twelve.

“It’s because he plays some casual Mahjong and got conceited.”

When Airi-san glared at him, Takakage-san scrunched his shoulders and shrank.

“Seiji-kun, it was truly a merciless victory for you.”

“Thief-kun, you’re quite strong.”

“Hmm, I think I’m just average though?”

Takakage-san probably got overconfident after playing casual Mahjong.

“I want to do it too. Teach me next time.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Then we can play with the four of us, Seiji-kun, Natsumi, Sana-chan, and me.”

Did Sana ever play? Well, she does like these types of tabletop games so if I teach her, she would probably pick up on it pretty easily.

“To even mercilessly win against this person, Seiji-san, you really have guts.”

“Well, I was desperate since he said that he would accept our relationship if I won.”

Well, well, Airi-san laughed to herself elegantly.

“Now you know, right? This is how much Seiji-san thinks of Haruka.”

Without speaking towards anyone in particular, Takakage-san frowned a bit.

“That’s why I accepted their relationship.”

“If it’s Seiji-san, he would probably correct any mistakes that this person makes without holding back.”

As expected, I don’t really know that much, so I gave an ambivalent response.

“Being at the top of a company, is surprisingly lonely. It requires you to take responsibility and make final decisions. There’s no way a subordinate can complain, and currently there isn’t anyone that can be relied on.”

Takakage-san didn’t deny anything and continued to eat his meal silently.

“They might make an unexpectedly good combination.”

“I wonder.”

I gave a wry smile. There’s no way I would have the experience or knowledge to say something about the company’s current management.


“Ah, yes.”

It was the first time Takakage-san called me by name.

“… Next time, it’s golf.”

“… Very well.”

In the present time, I was taken by my seniors and superiors every once in a while. That’s a relief. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I can play.

He smiled at me, and so I returned it.

Hiiragi-chan was making a weird face.

“They might get along quite well…?”

“They might have a few surprisingly similar points.”

Nastumi-chan said while gracefully handling her chopsticks.

“I’ve already recognized Seiji-san, so none of this even mattered. However…”

Airi-san quietly set down her chopsticks, and looked at Hiiragi-chan and me.

“Have you already done it?”


“I’m asking whether you guys have had sex.”

Zupishaan! A shock ran through Hiiragi-chan.

“W-why did you have to say something like that! We’re in the middle of a meal!”

“Of course I would. It’s about the important successor of the Hiiragi family, so it would be great the earlier it is.”

“B-b-but… t-that… not until…”

Unlike Hiiragi-chan who was fidgeting around while blushing, Nastumi-chan was giggling to herself.

“Aaaaah, as expected, she said it.”

“If you have problems with Haruka, then how about Natsumi?”

“W-w-w-whhy me!?”

Nastumi-chan blushed while in a huge panic.

“Haruka is already 24 this year. It isn’t an age where it would be weird to have a child, right?”

“That’s true…”

Hiiragi-chan rubbed her legs together.

Takakage-san seemed like he was about to say something to stop the conversation, but he didn’t say anything. I was wondering what he was doing, when he suddenly closed his eyes and started chanting sutras. I guess he’s completely given up… His way of escaping reality is quite amazing.

“How was it like with you guys, Mother?”

Smoothly, Natsumi-chan gave the killing blow.

“After I left college, we were dating each other while at the HRG company together. It was done about a month in?”

“Geho geho, gohon.”

Takakage-san choked.

However, I guess for two adults, having the experience done after about a month seems normal?

“It was quite early.”

“What, hey, what was early!?”

Natsumi-chan’s eyes sparkled.

“Airi, I don’t think this is the type of conversation you should be having over a meal.”

“If you don’t want to listen, then why don’t you just take your leave?”

It really is Airi-san that holds the power… Looking at Takakage-san, he feels a little pitiful. With Hiiragi-chan and I, I wonder how it’ll turn out. Will I also be the one that is whipped?

…However, even in the Sanada family, the father is treated this way. I guess a father is just this sort of existence.

The sisters curiously listened in on their parents’ story about the start of their romance.

Since the talks were just about over, Hiiragi-chan and I decided to leave there.

“Haru-chan, good luck!”

“W-with what?”

“Well, who knows?”

Hiiragi-chan was being completely played around with by Natsumi-chan

After giving a slight bow to Natsumi-chan and Airi-san who were seeing us off, a car came swinging by.

“Sanada-sama, thank you for today.”

Yoshinaga-san expressed his gratitude towards me.

…? What is he talking about?

“Mahjong… the master seemed to be enjoying himself more than usual while playing today.”

“Enjoying himself?”

Only the expression of him expressing his frustration and ruffling his eyebrows comes to mind.

“That’s true, he did seem like he was having fun.”

Yoshinaga-san agreed.

“Yeah. Being beaten so badly, it’s not something that happens often.”

Even if it’s just playing around, his surroundings were probably being considerate. There probably isn’t anyone that would want to butt heads with him. In the present, I would also be considerate when having private outings with my seniors or superiors. I understand very well the feeling of being a subordinate.

“Next time is golf, right?”

“Yeah. That seems to be it.”

“I look forward to it.”

Yoshinaga-san seemed happy while saying that.

By the time we were dropped off at Hiiragi-chan’s place, it was already evening.

“That was tiring.”

I completely agree. Once the two of us entered the room, we entrusted our bodies to the sofa. As silence continued while we held hands, Hiiragi-chan opened her mouth.

“About that… Seiji-kun, what do you think…?”

“That? You mean golf?”

“N-no… not that… the other, part…”

She was looking straight at me, so it seems the question was a serious one. It’s the pattern where if I don’t answer seriously, I’ll probably be beaten to a pulp.

“For Airi-san, she probably has her own thinking, however, we shouldn’t force ourselves and go at our own pace, right?”

“… Which means?”

“Let’s just continue as before, and continue in the direction of keeping things in order.”

“……T-that’s right. Yeah. That’s right…”

Is groping her chest safe? Since that’s not passing the final line, it’s safe…?

“… What, Seiji-kun. Your eyes are looking perverted…?”

“No, it’s nothing. However, it really surprised me when she put Natsumi-chan as a backup candidate.”

“Natsumi is a no! She does have high specs… but I don’t intend to lose.”

As I tried to cheer up the depressed Hiiragi-chan, she headed towards the kitchen while saying that she was going to make something delicious.

“You guys are close. You and Natsumi.”

“Oh? Are you jealous?”

She probably thought I was going to deny it, but I didn’t

Glancing at me, she nodded.

Since she was cute, I hugged her from behind.

“Ah, hey. It’s dangerous while I’m cooking…”

While saying that, she turned to face me, and we kissed 2 or 3 times.

“I love you, Sensei.”

“You call me Sensei when it’s just about to get good!?”

In the end, I was still beaten to a pulp.

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