The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 111

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The Pitfall of the Future

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a noisy office space. Among the office desks that were lined up, I was at the head.

My time leap was released.

Confirming the date from the PC in front of me, it was ten years since the day we returned from the Hiiragi mansion. While dressed in a suit, I noticed that a mug with coffee was placed on the right side of my desk.

The current seat that I’m at is the leader’s seat, right…?

When I checked the business card in my pocket, my title was written on it.

[HRG Co., Ltd., Communications Division, Second. Section, Supervisor]

The supervisor could be called a leader at our company. It indicates the person in charge of managing the people that answer calls. It was a position there would be about 5-6 co-supervisors on the floor.

I, was promoted… 

Below my affiliation and title, my name was written.

[Hiiragi Seiji]


I became a Hiiragi!? I’m not a Sanada anymore! Which means I made progress with Hiiragi-chan. That has to be the case.

Until now, we had only reached the stage of living together. Still, there wasn’t a ring…

“I see… so not yet…”

Looking around, among the other leaders on the same floor, many were people I knew. Muramatsu-san, my once direct superior, seems to be a leader of a different group.

“Senpai, can you help me with this over here?”

A young girl holding some documents came jogging towards me.

“Eh? Aah, okay.”

However, this would be the first time that my time leap was released with me at the workplace. Can I think of this as things are going well with Hiiragi-chan?

Last time, listening to what Rei-chan, who had also time leaped, had said, my last name was still Sanada.

“Senpai, are you listening?”

I once again looked at the girl’s face.

“Huh… Are you perhaps, Rei-chan? Shibahara Rei-chan.”

“What’s with you all of a sudden? Please don’t call me by my full name. It doesn’t really sit right with me.”

The young, twin tailed girl, has grown to become a respectable lady. I say that, but she is probably about 20 years old.

“Sorry, can I talk to you for a bit?”


I brought the wide-eyed Rei-chan into a meeting room.

“Senpai… we’re still working. You can’t be dragging a girl into a meeting room like this… you know…? If the young lady was to find out about this, it would be bad…”

I wonder why she was blushing while saying that.

“I definitely did say that I was fine with being the second or even the third… but not at the workplace… I don’t think I would be able to stop after that…”

This little girl, does she have the predisposition of a mistress? Please don’t try to strip your clothes while saying now. Is our relationship a physical one?

“You’re that Rei-chan, right? The one that time leapt to 4th grade and became an adult in the body of a child. That Rei-chan? Ten years after that would be now, right?”

“That’s right. What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

“Calm down and listen to me please… The current me, I came back.”

“I don’t get what you mean.”

I was instantly cut down.

“The me that the Rei-chan met while time leaped. That me is currently here… This is all confusing. Anyways, I want you to tell me.”

I listed out the information that I wanted to know one by one.

“How’s the company? It’s performance? Do you know anything?”

“Know anything? Rather, Senpai, didn’t you say it? It might be a little bad right now?”

“The present me said that it might be a little bad?”

That’s a shock.

Might be a little bad? Does that mean the business’s performance is starting to lean?

Last time, the small Rei-chan didn’t say that I was promoted. That’s why I tried hard to try and do something about the company. I thought that by becoming a member of the Hiiragi family I could have a better standing. Even then, there was something lacking it seems.

“What should I do?”

“It’s okay. Even if Senpai turns into some gross NEET, I’ll manage to do something for you somehow.”

When I held my head, Rei-chan hugged my head. Is Rei-chan the same type as Hiiragi-chan? A machine that produces useless spoiled men?

“What is our relationship?”

“A capable senior employee, and a college student working part time.”

“Hey, wasn’t there some ill intent mixed in with that capable part… however, there’s nothing more that, right?”

“… Unfortunately.”

Rei-chan pouted a bit with her cheeks.

“It’s not like I want to become a NEET…”

“You would be able to play as many games as you want, read manga, and just laze about, you know? Recent smartphone games are amazing after all.”

“Yes yes. Even I know that. I have some people that are close with that are noisy when it comes to those.”

Hmm? Smartphone game…? Sana didn’t just like console games, but also smartphone games, right? No, to come to like it, is probably the more proper statement.

“I know. Sana-san. The super ultra brocon Sana-san. The game that she’s playing right now is a simulation RPG… I want to know everything about Senpai ♪”

Eheheh, Rei-chan giggled.

“I see… Once it goes back to ten years earlier, I can make what exists now, earlier than anyone else.”

Couldn’t it work like this?

“Natsumi-ojousama is still a strong opponent though, so, I’m fine with being second.”

“Like this, I should hurry up and time leap—Hmmm? What did you just say?”

“Natsumi-ojousama is a strong opponent?”

“Where did Haruka-ojousama go?”

“Who knows? Isn’t she a school teacher?”

“No, not that! She’s not dating me?”

“Isn’t that Natsumi-ojousama? If you’re aiming for both sisters, I’m kind, so I won’t say anything about it for you.”

W-what happened? I’m Hiiragi Seiji and currently dating Natsumi-chan? Or rather it’s the other way around, I’m dating Natsumi-chan and so that’s how I became Hiiragi Seiji?

When I called Natsumi-chan, she quickly picked up the phone.

“Yes yes? What is it?”

“When did I break up with Haruka-san?”

“And I thought it was an emergency… I don’t know for certain, but I believe you guys broke up around your senior year of high school?”

Senior year? That’s quite a while ago. Natsumi-chan was basically saying that right into my ear, but it didn’t enter my head at all. 

Then that means that something happens during my second time going through my second year of high school? No. it could be that it became like this because nothing happened between us in our relationship.

I thought that things were going smoothly with Hiiragi-chan and our relationship had progressed on the way to the present. But it might not be about Hiiragi-chan and me in the present. There might need to be some progress in our relationship in the past.

The voices of Rei-chan and Natsumi-chan became distant, and I had the feeling of my consciousness being cut off.

“Wake up. Sanada. Heeey.”

When I woke up, I was in my own seat at school with Fujimoto shaking me by the shoulders.

“What, so it’s you.”

“Who would have been better!?”

Confirming with my cellphone, it was the day after returning from the Hiiragi mansion. It was Monday during lunch break. That… wasn’t a dream, right…?

“You don’t look so good? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’ll return to normal in a bit I think.”

I stood up from my seat and went to the world history reference room.

“This might just be a continuation of our everyday routine, but there is that…”

When I entered, Hiiragi-chan was waiting for me. I was so relieved it almost felt like tears would come out.

“Eh? Seiji-kun, what’s wrong? You’re making the face of a lost dog.”

“There was, just some things.”

Hiiragi-chan hugged me.

“It’s okay. I’m here, okay?”

It was like she was treating me like a child. Still, I was staying quiet and continued to allow myself to be hugged.

“Haruka-san, is there something that you’re unsatisfied with about me that you would like to say?”

“Eh? … There is, but… I still need to prepare myself some more…”

“If there is then I want you to tell me.”

“N-now is no good… It’s a secret. It’s not about you being bad, or me being bad after all.”

That sounds ambiguous.

Is this it? Is this what turns into the reason for our break up?

Even if I asked, she didn’t tell me, so I decided to wait until she had finished preparing her heart.

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  1. Yeah, I suspected that Rei came from a timeline where Seiji was dating Natsumi. Can’t help but wonder how exactly it happened, and if the way to prevent that will turn out to have sex with Haruka.


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