The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 113

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Ladies’ Study Session — Second Part

Well, good luck today, Natsumi said as she left my place in the morning. It seems today is the day for her shift, so she’s probably just going straight to work.


Now that I think about what happened last night, it was really embarrassing… That was all done after drinking a bit, but still, doing all of that was questionable. And why is it that I have to get advice from Natsumi, who has zero experience.

As I cleaned up the living room that was messed up last night, Seiji-kun arrived.


“Welcome. Come in come in.”

Giving a suitable greeting, Seiji-kun came in and sat down on the sofa like normal. Just looking at him made me remember the conversation that I had with Natsumi during our bath.

“You have quite nice breasts, so if you just do this and that with them a little bit, it’ll be instant. Probably.”

Nice breasts… Natsumi really said something an old man might say. Taking a quick glance at Seiji-kun, I saw him in the middle of a big yawn.

“What’s wrong? Are you sleepy?”

“Ah, yeah. I ended up sleeping later after playing games with Sana…”

“You guys get along, as usual.”

“Really? Haruka-san, you’re pretty close with Natsumi-chan as well, right?”

“Well, I guess so?”

Rather than pretty close, we’re basically close friends. However, Natsumi does tend to say things that cross the line of just being friends.

“Haru-chan’s erotic boobs, it’ll be a plan to use them and make Thief-kun get in the mood!”

She definitely crosses that line.

In the first place, neither of us had any experience, and there weren’t really any constructive ideas between us. And so, I ended up wearing something that emphasizes my chest a little bit more today! However, it didn’t seem like Seiji-kun noticed at all, as he gazed at the TV with sleepy eyes.

After making two shares of coffee, and once I set them down on the table, I sat next to him and crossed my arms.


I tried lightly touching my chest with my arms.


… There’s no reaction…

I was also wearing the slightly perverted bra that Seiji-kun was completely staring at the last time.

“The coffee, should I help you with drinking it?”


His voice seemed sleepier than before.

“Mouth to mouth.”


Ah, this won’t work. He’s so sleepy that nothing matters anymore. 

Normally it would be like this,

“Why mouth to mouth!? I’ll drink it myself!”

Or something like that, as he puts in a half serious retort.

“I’ll blow on it for you to cool it down.”


Picking up Seiji-kun’s cup, I started to blow on it.

He was struggling to keep his eyes open. His eyelids seemed super heavy. However, it was somehow kind of cute… After closing his eyes for about three seconds, he would suddenly open them again as if remembering.

“It’s bad to play games too much, you know?”


“Do you love me?”


“Love me the most in the world?”


“Seiji-kun, between the elder sister type, and the younger sister type, which one do you like more?”



It seems his consciousness is pretty dim right now. I had even prepared all those plans. I say that, but having the courage to actualize them is another story.

“…? Hmmm? Did he finally fall asleep?”

I poked his cheek. He basically had no reaction.

“Ah, that’s it. If I try to seduce Seiji-kun while he’s sleeping, it won’t be embarrassing, I think.”

It is as expected, somewhat embarrassing to do while he’s awake, so I should practice while I have the chance.

“Let me do it for just a bit…”

I tightened my elbows and showed a little bit of my valley. And then, with upturned eyes I said his name.


Of course, he was sleeping, so there was no response.

“Yes yes. This will be good practice.”

Next, half taking off my shirt, I tilt my chin a bit while showing my shoulder.

“Then, I put my hand to my mouth… and looked at him with fluttering eyes…”

I tried doing the thing we discussed yesterday.

“Wouldn’t this leave a bit of a bruise?”

“That much is fine. Especially for Thief-kun, there is a strong line of defense laid by you. Overdoing it should be just right.”

She did say that, but I feel like it might be better if I just went with it and said that the ban was lifted.

“Still, that in itself, means that… I… ummm… would be showing that I want to do such perverted things… so embarrassing…”

Being thought of like that isn’t something I want. It isn’t really wrong… but I don’t really think it’s right either.

In the end, I used the pose in the gravure picture as reference. The perverted book that Natsumi brought was too perverted that partway through, I couldn’t look straight at it. Rather, that was both of us.

“You aren’t awake right, Seiji-kun?”

I asked while thinking there wasn’t any point, but I confirmed just in case.

“No response. Alright. Then…”

Sitting across from Seiji-kun, I slowly took off my shirt and let it drop. After I did the same to the camisole that I wore underneath, I ended up with only underwear on top.

Mufufu. I’m in this state, but Seiji-kun still hasn’t woken up.

… A woman that slowly takes off her clothes in front of her sleeping boyfriend…

“…… Am I possibly… a pervert?”

I shook my head. I’ll lose if I think twice about it. I don’t know what I would lose though.

There isn’t anyone watching anyways, so it’s A okay ♪

“Next, you go on all four, and make the pose of a female panther!”

“Why a panther?”

”Because it gives off a flexible feeling!”

When it comes to giving off a flexible feeling, it really is a mystery how much of an effect that would have, but for now, I try to do as we had discussed.

“Haru-chan, next you make the cry. The cry of a female panther.”


“A female panther doesn’t go nyaah!”

“Eh? But it’s from the cat family, right??”

“A carnivore wouldn’t cry in such a cute way. It’s gaoo. Gaoo.”

Nope. As expected, I still can’t be convinced it’s gaoo.


I’m in front of my boyfriend, I’m basically half naked, going nyaah… 

No no no, I shook my head again. If I think twice I lose. If I think twice I lose. If I think twice I lose.

I approach on all fours. Next is the last part.

You can do this, me!

Straddling him, I end up face to face with Seiji-kun, who was completely asleep on the sofa.

“Even Thief-kun might go, Mama, and bury his face into your chest.”

“Seiji-kun would never say something so gross.”

Seiji-kun is a calm gentleman after all. Natsumi doesn’t understand anything.


I stretch my hand to my back, and undo the hook of my bra.


“——I-I-I can’t go on. I can’t. Let’s put on my clothes.”

I suddenly got off from above Seiji-kun, and one by one, I put on the clothes that I took off. I’ve completed the missions that I had set out to do after all.

The clock shows it’s twelve already.

“Let’s prepare lunch.”

What should I make? While thinking about the ingredients inside the fridge, I head to the kitchen.

◆ Sanada Seiji ◆

…… W-what was… that.

What was… that (second time).

What was thaaaat!?

I thought it was a dream, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

When I heard her cry out nyaaan, I opened my eyes a bit, and saw Hiiragi-chan facing me in just her underwear.

Ah, it’s a dream.

Or so I thought.

However, that wasn’t the case. It was a dream-like situation. Just thinking about it made me unable to stand up from the sofa.

… Hiiragi-chan, is she a pervert…?

It seems that she thought I was sleeping, so let’s just not ask.

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