The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 117

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Sana Curry and Tsundere

The moment the home economics club opened shop for the curry house, customers came pushing in all at once.

“Hiiragi Curry please!”

“Yes~. Thank you.”

“Ah, no problem…”

The boys felt thrilled as Hiiragi-chan was serving customers with a smile. Indeed… it’s a maternal aura with great destructive power

I portioned out the appropriate amount of rice, accepted the money, and placed it into the cash box. I continued to repeat just that.

Hiiragi-chan’s curry was selling quite steadily, just as I thought.

“Thai Curry please.”

“… Okay. Thanks for the patronage.”

There were also customers who didn’t line up in Hiiragi-chan’s line and directly went towards Kanata. There’s probably a group of people that want to eat a slightly different curry. She seems to cover all of those people.

Well, I guess if you wanted normal curry, you could just go home and have your mother make it or something. That’s how it is, Sana. While the rest of us were busy, Sana could only fidget around on the side.

“Ah, hello, Sana’s curry… Ah, my mistake…”

After reacting to someone glancing at her, Sana let out a small sigh. She turned back towards me, who was busy distributing rice and running the cash register.

“Nii-san, what should I do…? The Sanada family’s curry isn’t selling…”

“It’s not the Sanada family’s curry. It’s your curry, okay?”

When I took a glance at her face, she was just about to cry.

“Didn’t I tell you. It’s expensive, and there isn’t anything special about it, so they would go to one of the other ones.”

“But it’s delicious… this curry.”

She’s just like an overly fond parent. I made about 80 percent of it though, you know?

“Haah… fine… it can’t be helped. It just so happens that I’m kind of hungry. Give me a serving.”

I stuck 600 yen into the cash box. Serving up some rice, I handed it to Sana.

I’ll eat it when I have some free time I guess… I didn’t bring any stomach medicine though. Will I be okay?

“Nii-san is the first customer… Such a siscon. You just really want to eat your little sister’s curry don’t you.”

“Be quiet.”

She poured some of the roux, stabbed a spoon into it, and returned it.

“……Thank you…”

In a quiet voice, she expressed her gratitude.

While managing Hiiragi-chan and Kanata’s customers, I found a chance to take a bite of Sana’s curry. Aaah, yeah. This is definitely something I taste quite often at home. It’s a little bit on the sweeter side though. If you were to ask if it was delicious, I could only reply that it’s pretty normal.


Thinking that it was weird for Kanata to call out to me, I sent her a questioning look, after which, she directed her gaze towards Sana.

“… (Glance) … (Glance)”

Sana was taking short glances at me. She’s waiting for my feedback! She’s definitely waiting for it!

“Uuh, well, it’s a little sweet but it tastes good.”

“Hm-hmmm? So you like something this sweet? Nii-san you really do have a childish taste.”

You can’t say that when you’re the one who seasoned it this way.

“Fufufu. Sana-chan looks really happy.”

“… Yeah, really happy.”

“——N-not happy at all!”

Sana puffed her cheeks a bit.

“Oooh, you’re doing it, you’re doing it. Hello, Sana-chan.”

Natsumi-chan, has arrived on the scene.

“Ah, Nacchan…”

“Can I get one please?”

“Ah, yeah… Nii-san! Make one! Quick!”

“Yes yes… Natsumi-chan, are you fine with not getting Sensei’s? There’s even some Thai curry you know?”

“Why are you recommending other ones!? She just really wants to eat Sana’s curry, so isn’t it fine!”

“I don’t think she said it exactly like that.”

“Haru-chan’s and the Thai one might be good, but the most interesting is Sana-chan’s I think.”

That certainly would seem to be the case.

“Sana’s, is the best…!?”

Sana’s eyes were shining. What are you getting moved over, it’s not the taste that was criteria but how interesting it was, okay?

Receiving the payment, Sana gave Natsumi-chan the curry.

“Thanks! Well then, Thief-kun, I’ll see you later!”

While waving her hand, Natsumi-chan left. She, Natsumi-chan, was the secret weapon that I called. Walking alone with just Hiiragi-chan is no good. However, if we’re together with Natsumi-chan, it’ll be like I’m guiding a girl from another school…! It’s the perfect plan.

Hiiragi-chan and Kanata’s curries were selling steadily. Since it was lunch time, we ended up surrounded and it became quite busy.

“Sana-tan, I’m here~”

“Sensei’s curry, is really selling!”

“… W-welcome…”

Two girls from the same class as Sana came by.

“Our class’s haunted house is getting great reviews it seems! So, make sure you give it your all as a ghost!”

“Y-yeah… I’ll do my best…”

After the two female classmates that she recognized left, a boy came by this time. A lively boy that seemed to be the athletic club type.

“Did you make this, Sanada-san?”


“Five please. I’ll sell them to some of my friends for you.”

Ooh, such a nice guy! There’s a lot left compared to the other pots after all!

It’s not exactly impressive that he’s reselling it, but it’s still a nice thing.

“…… E-even if you do that… Sana’s curry is selling…”

Without looking at the boy, Sana muttered.

It would’ve been fine if she was just honest and said thank you.

The boy laughed, and said, “Then, just one.”

“Then… yeah. Just one…”

Eh, what is this? This bittersweet feeling? Your brother almost can’t watch anymore! Hiiragi-chan seemed to have noticed as well, since she started grinning.

“Nii-san, what are you grinning for! Hurry up!”

Haaah, such youth.

Once that boy left, another boy came by to Sana’s station. Fujimoto had said this before, but Sana really is popular it seems. But after that last one, the people that came by for Sana’s curry stopped.

“Sold out ♪”

Just as expected, Hiiragi-chan finished first. It was still 12:30.

“… How much do I have left… about five?”

Kanata spoke as she stirred the pot.

She was almost done here too.

“Uuu… there’s a lot left…”

Sana Curry was by far the least popular.

“The Sanada family’s curry…”

Stunned, it seemed like she would turn into ashes. How much confidence did you even have in the Sanada family’s curry anyways?

“Is there any way…”

“… Make it cheaper.”

Well, that would be the fastest most straightforward method. You should discount it from 600 yen and make it 400 yen. However, the peak time has been missed, and customers were sparse.

“It can’t be helped.”

I contacted Fujimoto with my cellphone.

“Are you free right now?”

“What is it? Do you feel like going around the school festival with me now?”

I’ll just ignore that.

“Can you tack on curry to the menu over there?”

Time for the last resort. 

My class is doing a café after all, it isn’t weird for a café to have curry. Besides, during the school festival, the places where you can calmly sit down and eat are limited.

“By the way, whose is it?” “Sana’s.” “So, it’s Sana-chan’s.” “Sell it at 450 yen. You can leave fifty yen for your sales over there. As for the taste, well, it’s normal.” “Okay. Give me a bit.”

Sana, who was listening, started to hit me.

“Why did you call it normal! Don’t go hiding your embarrassment and tell him what you truly feel.”

Sorry! That is what I truly feel!

“Fufun. So, you were embarrassed about reviewing your little sister’s curry as delicious, right? Fufufu, you tsundere maiden.”

“You’re wrong, you dummy.”

After hearing a sound from the speaker, Fujimoto spoke, “For now, there are 5 orders, so can you bring it over?”

“It’s alright?”

“Aaah, it’s fine it seems. After we added it to the menu, we immediately got orders.”

Once I let everyone know with gestures, Sana’s expression instantly became brighter.

“Sana is going to bring it over!”

She prepared five portions by herself, and after putting them on a tray, walked off triumphantly. After that, Sana curry continued to sell at both the stores, and sold out at around 2:00.

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    1. Wasting food is bad, but more importantly is the emotional experiences of the person who tried so hard to make the curry properly even though she’s not good at cooking. It would have been a terrible and experience for Sana if it hadn’t sold out. She would have felt like the only odd one out. You need to realize that more important than material and physical things, there should emphasis on psychological, emotional and mental things.

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