The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 119

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Hiiragi-chan and the Haunted House — Second Part

As I finally got used to the darkness of the haunted house, I managed to calm down.

“I-if you look at it closely, i-it looks somewhat cheap… You can see cardboard in some places.”

“Thief-kun, that’s pretty rude to the people who gave it their all to make it, you know?”

T-that’s true… I need to properly acknowledge the first-year students who worked their hardest for this.

“I also think it’s rude to the people that made it if you forever have your eyes closed.”

Fufufu, Natsumi-chan looked at Hiiragi-chan and laughed.

“I’m going home…”

Hiiragi-chan’s mental state was already in shambles.

“When I go home I will wrap myself in my blanket…”

Hiiragi-chan was trembling like a newborn fawn. I have to protect her…!

As we followed the faint arrows located underneath our feet, footsteps could be heard chasing after us. Picha, picha.

“Eh, what? W-who? Something is coming, Natsumi-chan!”

“Something is coming!”

She’s super excited… I thought she was going to spoil things and be like, “Actually, this is…”, but she isn’t doing it at all! Why is she being upright in a place like this!

I hurried my feet to get away when.


Hiiragi-chan let out a scream like that of a cat.

“Uuuuooowaaaahh!? Eh, what!?”

T-that scream surprised me…! 

Right then, something cold brushed against my neck.


I thought my heart would jump out of my mouth. So, this is the reason Hiiragi-chan screamed—

A whispering voice came by my ear. A human one… female.

“… M… he… d… Have you… s… i…”


“…My head… Have you seen it?”

When I turned to look back, a woman in white was standing there. There was what looked like blood splattered on her clothes, and nothing existed above the neck.


She slowly extended her hand towards me.

“My… head… Have you seen it…?”

“I-I don’t know…”

I had teary eyes. Why is it not there? The head. Is that special makeup!?

“… Fi… it…… Find… it…”

“Nonono. I can’t I can’t. I don’t know your face after all! I should hurry forward… the goal is—the door isn’t open!”

The door was locked in place. Ah, so this is the kind of thing where you have to solve the riddle first (shaky voice).

“What? What are you talking about? We can’t get out yet??”

Hiiragi-chan was speaking in a similarly shaky voice.


The headless corpse grabbed me firmly and tried to separate me from Hiiragi-chan. Still, Hiiragi-chan’s grip strength was powerful, and it didn’t seem like she would let go.


“You were just being pulled away. Why?? What is it???”

Hiiragi-chan was super panicked. Natsumi-chan was holding her laughter back, looking like a hamster stuffing its mouth with sunflower seeds.

Ah. I got it. It’s that! It’s that, right? The headless girl, right?

“Sensei, we’re heading back for a bit.”

“Why are we going back!? We were finally able to make it here… Natsumi, say something!”

“Ku-fufufu… fufufu, t-this is b-bad… I-I might die from laughter…”

While dragging along Hiiragi-chan, who wouldn’t move even a single bit, I went over to where we saw the head-only mannequin and gave it to the headless girl.

“Here! Is it fine with this?”

“……Tha… nk… you…”

With some sort of mechanism, the headless girl suddenly disappeared.

“C-c-c-c-c-c-come on, can’t she find it herself!? It was only back there! Hey you! Search up what it means when they say it’s darkest under the lamp post!!”

Since she was gone, I became indignant.

“Thief-kun… Being unable to say straight on, that’s so lame, it’s hilarious…”

S-s-s-shut up.

Pachin, as we headed in that direction, the exit that was just closed, opened.

Once we got out, this may be obvious, but we were in the school building that I knew very well. Since I returned to something I recognized on a day to day basis, I patted my chest in relief.

Hiiragi-chan sat down flat on her butt.

“My legs gave out…”

“Are you okay?”

“No… I might be done for…”

It seems that she received more damage than expected.

“Haaah, that was fun… I’ll be able to live with that memory forever…”


“Partway through, you could see the true face of the ghost, and really, it was so funny I thought I would die.”

The true face of the ghost?… That’s right, where was Sana…?

“Why are you staring blankly like that? It’s Sana-chan. The headless girl was her, you know?”

“Eh, that was, Sana?”

Really…? At the dinner table today, if we end up talking about me…! I hugged my head. My dignity as the older brother…! I won’t be able to keep it…!!

“What the hell…?”

“I was told to keep quiet by Sana-chan, so I thought I would do just that.”

It seems the next customer had entered, as a scream came from within. Hiiragi-chan twitched when that happened.

“Geez, Haru-chan, you’re already an adult, and yet you’re having your legs give out like that.”

“It can’t be helped, right? I’m not used to things like this…”

Hiiragi-chan complained with teary eyes.

“Sensei, do you want to go to the infirmary? You can’t move very well, right?”


Since there were people around, there was no way I could carry her. With Natsumi-chan supporting her on the opposite side, we headed for the infirmary.

The nurse didn’t seem to be there, and the inside was quiet as it was excluded from the hustle and bustle of the school festival. I had Hiiragi-chan sit on the bed.

“Sorry… Why don’t you two go enjoy yourselves? There’s still tomorrow for me after all.”

What do you want to do? Natsumi-chan asked me with her eyes.

The last time, I acted along with Fujimoto while being jealous of all the couples. This time, I had Natsumi-chan around, and I was able to enjoy the school fest——Hmm? Wait a second. The last time I time leapt, I ended up in a future together with Natsumi-chan. I had supposedly broken up with Hiiragi-chan once I became a third year. It became like that, because I didn’t know that the future would be like that…

“I’m also a bit tired, so I’ll take a break here in the infirmary.”

“… Thief-kun… you’re definitely thinking of doing something pervertrd, right?”

“You’re wrong.”

“There isn’t a need to deny it so eagerly. Shishishi. Mama even gave you guys the go ahead.”

“That is well, you know, that. There’s a certain amount of pacing for everyone.”

“Yes yes, I’ll go and tease Sana-chan.” Natsumi-chan nonchalantly passed it off as she left the infirmary, apparently returning to the haunted house.

“Is that okay? Seiji-kun?”

“Yeah. I had to move around a lot for the curry and the café after all.”

It’s true that I’m tired.

“I see.”

Hiiragi-chan loosened her mouth, she seemed somewhat happy.

“Did that make you dislike me…? The haunted house.”

“I was a little bit surprised, you even had your eyes closed the whole time.”

“I’ve never been to something like that… and I don’t really watch horror movies you see…”

Maybe because she was remembering it, but Hiiragi-chan let out a groan with a bitter expression. Even when we watch DVD’s at her place there’s never anything that’s horror or full of suspense.

“Something might sprout between if a boy and girl that aren’t dating go through that.”

“On the other hand, you might feel disappointed.”

Making a self-deriding joke, Hiiragi-chan gave a dark smile.

“I wasn’t disappointed at all. Being with you made me feel stronger.”

“Really? I didn’t want to let go of your arm even if I died you know?”

Well, that grip was quite solid.

“… It’s true. I didn’t mean just at that time… For the rest of my life, I won’t let go…”

Hiiragi-chan hugged me. Responding to her, I hugged her back

Pulling the curtain that was by the bed, I made it so that no one could see us.

We each had one arm around each other’s waist, and the other hand holding the other free hand. We, who had fully experienced the suspension bridge effect, fully embraced each other as we fell into a deep kiss. Forgetting even the fatigue from the school festival, we fully indulged in each other.

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