The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 121

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The second day of the school festival.

When I arrived at school Fujimoto called out to me.

“What are you going to do after school today?”

“What is this about?”

“They’re inviting voluntary girls and boys to a dance on the school grounds later.”

Aah. That’s right, after cleanup is done with, that is supposed to happen. I didn’t talk to anyone about it, so I completely forgot.


If it was with Hiiragi-chan… No, that’s not possible. I thought about it for a second, but there were too many people.

During the school festival season, inviting a person of the opposite gender with the line of, “Would you please dance with me,” was equivalent to a confession. That’s why, dancing boldly as a male and female pair caused them to be recognized as couples or becoming couples. In other words, it was more and more of an impossibility.

“Uhhh… I’ll probably leave once cleanup is done.”

“Hmm~. Is that so? Well, I guess nothing good comes out of staying anyways, let’s go home.”

Fujimoto was satisfied with my answer as he patted me on the shoulder.

Once the homeroom teacher takes attendance, we’ll be free to do what we want. Those doing cafes or those running stores made their preparations, while there were also couples that just hung out.

For today, I didn’t have a shift at the café, so I had a lot of free time. Preparations have been in progress since yesterday as well.

Once I arrived at the home economics room, the other three people were already there. In order to meet the 11:00 opening time, I should start preparing the rice.

Both Hiiragi-chan and Kanata seemed to have finished making the curry yesterday and let it rest until today. They were just in the middle of warming it up and doing final checks.

“N-Nii-san… today, once you’re done with the store, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing… Well, I’ll go around eating what I didn’t get to eat yesterday… Since there are like band or theatre performances running the gym, I’ll probably check some of those out as well.”

“Hmmm? Sana also has ones she wants to see, so we can watch it together just for you.”

“Isn’t it fine if we go around separately?”

“Ah, is that so! Fine, go watch alone!”

What is she getting mad over?

Sana frowned as she fumed from her nose.

Hiiragi-chan was laughing.

“Ii-san, do you have any plans? The school festival goes until 4:00, right?”

“… I don’t have any.”

“That’s a relief. Then, why don’t we go around the stores together.”

“S-sensei as well…?”

“Is it not alright for me to come along?”

“It’s… fine…”

Sana made a complicated expression while frowning.

“Fufufu. Thank you, Sana-chan.”

“I-it’s not something… you need to be grateful for…”

It didn’t seem like Natsumi-chan was coming today, and so the four of us from the home economics club were going to enjoy the festival together.

Once plates, spoons, and other utensils were prepared, all that was left was carrying it to the home economics club space.

“Let’s work hard today as well! Let’s goooo ♪”

Hiiragi-chan happily cheered alone.


We only looked at her with a serious face.

“Why are you guys not doing it!? Let’s cheer together!”

Our expressions seemed to make her feel embarrassed.

“Sensei, if you don’t say it beforehand, we can’t go along with it.”

“Eh? Ah, I see. S-sorry. I was too excited. Ummm, once again…”

Hiiragi-chan’s face was red as she coughed and once again spoke.

“Let’s work hard today as well!”

“““Let’s goooo!”””

The second day started just like that.

The store wasn’t open until 11:00. However, even before the opening time, starving high school students had already quickly formed a line. Since we were able to complete our preparations quickly, we decided to open shop, and the curry vanished almost instantly. There were returning customers from yesterday, people who heard about it from friends, and even people who decided to try it out after seeing the line.

“The Sanada family curry has no blind spots!”

“You’re being noisy!”

Her curry was more popular than yesterday, and so Sana was much more excited.

It was the same flavoring as yesterday, but it was selling the same as Hiiragi-chan’s and Kanata’s… As expected, is it the price and what was written on the board?

[Mildly Sweet Curry by 1E Sanada Sana — 500 yen]

“I guess it’s nice that you don’t have to experience that miserable state from yesterday?”

“It has to be because of what Nii-san wrote yesterday.”

I think it also has to do with the price you set yesterday though.

“I just thought that there were people who were bad with spiciness but still wanted to eat curry.”

“It’s Sanada-kun’s victory for grasping that perspective. For people who don’t like spicy food, a curry that they’ve never eaten before might be worried.”

“… Good job, Onii-chan”

Being called Onii-chan by Kanata somehow feels a bit weird.

Starting from the left, it’s spicy, medium, and mild… I think being able to differentiate like that is a good thing.

Without even 2 hours passing after the store opened, we were completely sold out. The store closed quite early.

“Huge victory!”

Sana’s eyes were sparkling with happiness.

“Next time, Sana will make it for you at home.”

“Okay, okay. Just how much confidence do you have?”

We put on a sign that said, [Thank you for coming, but we’re sold out], and immediately began withdrawing to the home economics room.

“Cleanup starts at 4:00 and ends at 5:00. Let’s wash the dishes at that time.”

In a teacher-like way, Hiiragi-chan made her announcement.

It’s not even 1:00 yet, and so we have quite a bit of free time. Just as planned, we decided to go around the school grounds and visit the stalls.


With a ghost-like expression and restless motions, Fujimoto looked this way, as if he wanted some friends. As such, we let him into our party.

“Chan-Sana, what do you want to eat now? Your Paisen will treat you to something!” [1]

“Umm… it’s okay… I have some allowance, so it’s fine…”

After turning energetic, Fujimoto failed in baiting Sana. She was already wary of him, and ended up hiding behind me like I was her shield.

“Nii-san, who is that person?”

“The person who sits next to me.” 

“Heeey, at least call me a friend, a close friend!”

“He seems to take pride as if saying, “We’re normally really close,” Nii-san. Besides, he’s acting overly familiar with you.”

The excited Fujimoto seemed to be very unpopular with the home economics club.

“Ah, Senpaaai.”

Rei-chan came running over while weaving her way through the crowd.

“I came!”


“Are you guys getting lunch soon? Can I join?”

“Yeah. That’s okay.”

In this way, the child time-leaper was also added into our merry band of friends.

We excitedly made our way around the stalls. We split takoyaki among all of us and visited the exhibits being displayed by classes within the school. Yesterday was quite busy, but today was enjoyable.

“Senpaaaai. I want to eat shaved ice!”

“How about you let Onii-chan buy it for you?”

When Fujimoto forced himself in, Rei-chan furrowed her eyebrows.

“No, but when someone younger than me tells me to call them Onii-chan… A second-year high school is way too much of a kid, it rather makes me not want to be treated to something.”

Rei-chan, that was quite sharp. And so, once again, Fujimoto failed in baiting someone.

“S-Sanada… Sanada… I was called a kid… by a fourth-grader…”

“Umm, well, Rei-chan acts like she’s significantly older than she really is.”

“For me, a calm and able man like Senpai is perfect.”

Rei-chan hugged my waist with quite a bit of force.

“We’re both the same age… why does everybody think Sanada is different…?”

“Don’t mind it, Fujimoto.”

“Umm, you know—”

Sana walked closer.

“I’ve thought this for a whiiiiilllleee now, but stop clinging to Nii-san!”

“Isn’t it fine? I haven’t seen him in a while. You’re always with him as his little sister. Can’t you rent Senpai out for a little bit?”

“Use more polite language towards someone who’s older than you, elementary schooler.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll return those words right back!”

“Stop calling him Senpai as well!”

“This has nothing to do with how I call Senpai, right?”

Muuuuuu, the two people started glaring at each other. Hiiragi-chan was looking at them with a smile. It reminded me of the phrase, fights can only happen between people of the same level.

“Their mental level is really on a different level from us.”

Our party moved to the gym, where we watched various performances of theatre and the band. During all of that, time passed and it quickly became 4:00.

“Senpai, I’ll come again!”

“Be careful on the way home, okay?”


While waving, Rei-chan left on a small kid bike.

“That kid comes to our house sometimes. She’s a stalker, a complete stalker.”

Breathing hard through her nose, Sana was in quite a bad mood.

The announcer from the school declared that the school festival was over, and so it now became cleanup time. After that is over, we return to classrooms and have homeroom.

“Sanada… Thank you… for considering me as one of your comrades…”

Fujimoto said something that a warrior might say as their last words. It seems he was purified from being able to interact with some girls today.

“Girls are… precious…”

“White Fujimoto…”

Once homeroom ended, White Fujimoto left to go home before the dance party started.

“Now then, where is Hiiragi-chan?”

I did send her a text, but there wasn’t a response. It’s probably because she normally leaves it on her desk in the staff room while she’s at school. She’s quite serious in weird places.

The infirmary, the home economics room, I slowly went around the different rooms one by one. She wasn’t in any of them.

A text came from Sana, but it probably isn’t a big deal.

When I arrived at the world history materials room, my beloved girlfriend was looking out the window.

“I found you.”

“You found me.”

She smiled cutely.

Outside was slightly dark, only dimly lit by some of the lights that weren’t taken down yet.

“What are you looking at?”

“Just at the students that went out into the school grounds. I just thought that they were really enjoying their youths.”

“It seems that you were being considerate of Sana today. Thank you.”

When I said that, Hiiragi-chan tilted her head with a blank face.

“Didn’t you say that we would all go around together in our free time?”

“Aaaah. That’s what you mean. I just wanted to get closer to her.”

Now that I think about it, Hiiragi-chan reacted positively to everything Sana said she wanted to do. That was even the case when we went around the stalls.

“Also… it somehow feels like I’m being selfish and keeping all of your youth to myself.”

“I don’t mind that at all.”

It’s the second time after all.

“That’s nice if that were the case. I sometimes think that if I were a high school student as well, then I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.”

Outside, the festival committee members were using a loudspeaker to give directions before the dance. In a slightly bad quality, the sound of music came flowing out of some speakers.

“Everyone looks like they’re having fun.”

“Haruka-san, would you like to dance together…? Will you dance with me…?”

Inviting someone like this, is kind of embarrassing…

“Eh? Right here? Isn’t it a little cramped?”

“I-it’s fine. It’s only us here after all.”

“Ahahaha. Okay. Let’s do it… Do you know how?”

“Just a little.”

“Then, I’ll leave you to lead.”

Hiiragi-chan came to my side and held my hand. We took a step.

“Seiji-kun, you’re quite good.”

“That’s a relief…”

I was drawn in by the feel of Hiiragi-chan’s soft hands and the smell of her hair, until my hip hit the corner of a desk.


“That’s why I said it was cramped… Fu, fufu… Ahaha….”

“You don’t need to laugh that much.”

While apologizing, Hiiragi-chan wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“Thanks for inviting me, I was really happy.”

“You’re welcome.”

She let go of one of my hands, and spun around on the spot.

“Over here, you insert in a kiss.”

“Was it really like that?”

“Why don’t we do that?”

Due to Hiiragi-chan inserting in her own arrangements, we ended up kissing each other almost one time every minute.

“Fufufufu, this is weird… Ahahaha.”

“Don’t say that as the person who changed it herself.”

Being influenced by Hiiragi-chan, I also laughed.

In this way, my second time having my second year school festival, was a little bit busy, but a fulfilling two days.


  1. This may be obvious, but in this case both the phrases Sana-chan and Senpai were reversed. Paisen is often used in a humorous and friendly way, so I believe that reversing Sana-chan is probably meant in the same way as well.

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