The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 122

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I’m holding my head. It’s the ever so familiar present. My time leap was once again released, and I have returned.

It’s the same thing as usual, so I’ll leave out the waking up surprised and going, “Wow, my time leap is released.”

“Senpai, what’s wrong?”

Rei-chan (20 years old) brewed some coffee for me, and placed the steaming cup on the end of my desk.

“Why, isn’t it the fluffy girl, Rei-chan… Are you still a potential mistress candidate?”

“What do you mean still… I’ll always be one, forever. My number one aspiration is to become your mistress. I won’t tolerate anyone else taking it away from me.”

Are you really fine with that?

“Ah, this feeling… Senpai, did you possibly time leap back again?”

“I’m surprised you realized, Rei-chan.”

This probably isn’t a conversation that should be had out on the noisy floor, so I picked up the cup and went into a meeting room with Rei-chan. She’s the only person that knows about my time leaping and someone that I can frankly confide in about my issues with Sensei.

“So? Why were you groaning? I can hear you out.”

“Our school festival ended, and I returned this morning, but…”

I explained to Rei-chan everything that happened to me since last time.

“Hmm… I did hear before from you that you were dating Sensei. But now, you’re still with Natsumi-ojousama—”

“I know… I know… That’s why I’m troubled.”

Nothing changed. In the present, I’m dating Natsumi-chan, and we are currently engaged. My name is Hiiragi Seiji.

Being a part of the HRG company is the same as before, but my position is one level up and I am now a floor manager. In an ordinary company, I would be a section chief, or an assistant section manager. A typical middle manager. Sandwiched between subordinates and some superiors.

“Do you not like Natsumi-oujousama? I feel she’s a pretty lively and capable woman. She’s also rated pretty highly in the company. I also like Natsumi-oujousama after all.”

“Well, if you asked whether I like her romantically, I don’t. I don’t exactly understand how I became engaged with her after returning though…”

There wasn’t much progress in my relationship with Hiiragi-chan after the school festival. It’s just… I was able to hear her true feelings over the physical part of our relationship.

“Is it that…? Is that what it is? The reason for our breakup.”

However, before the school festival, she was at the step of… preparing her heart, she said, right…? 

This seems hard… I can’t be impatient about it either.

“Senpai, hold it together! We can’t have the rising star of the HRG company be feeling down!”

Fight ♡ Fight ♡, Rei-chan brought out pom poms from who knows where, and started to cheer me on.

After getting promoted, I’ve looked at some of the materials, and it’s noticeable that performance isn’t great. It’s slowly but surely heading on a downward slope. What changed from the previous time, was that my level has increased, and that the company’s performance is slightly better. Last time it was basically falling down into a deep hole, so it’s at least improved from that.

“Still. There’s no meaning to it if I’m not with Hiiragi-chan.”

When I had my time leap released and I was living with Hiiragi-chan, when did we have sex for the first time? Was it when I was in college?

At that time, we had said that it was forbidden as long as I was in high school. We considered that to be sacred and held back. However, since then, I’ve been changing the past bit by bit. And now, in the current situation, we broke up in my third year—

“Senpai, if you keep hesitating like that, your virginity will get worse, you know?”

“B-be quiet.”

“It’s most likely that Sensei was the same. Just making it worse.”

“Eh? Hiiragi-chan as well?”

Having no experience at 23, no 24 years of age isn’t that rare, right…?

However, Rei-chan nodded.

“If you don’t have any physical skinship, you’ll become worried. You might wonder whether or not they actually do love you. That might slowly inflate and head in a bad direction of thought.”

As expected of a Rei-chan, a girl caught up with the times…

“Or at least, that’s what was written in a magazine.”

“A magazine?”

Still, I feel like there’s a valid point.

“From what Senpai has told me, she has at least given the okay, right? Then, it doesn’t matter whether she’s prepared herself or not, you just have to go for it.”

“Even if you tell me it’s okay….”

“Geeeeeez! This is why you’re still a virgin.”

Muchuuu, I was kissed by Rei-chan.

“Why!? Why all of sudden!?”


Rei-chan stared at my shaken eyes.

“This much force is just right. It’s hard from a girl, especially one that has no experience.”

… Is that so?

“If it doesn’t work out, I’ll comfort you. So, do your best, Senpai.”

“Even if you say you’ll comfort me, it’s the Rei-chan from 10 years ago. An elementary schooler…”

“It’s fine, don’t sweat the details! It’s safe because the inside is already 20!”

“That’s got to be an out.”

Rei-chan started laughing, and being caught up in it, I as well.

As I was about to give my thanks, my smartphone rang. It was from Natsumi-chan.


“Thank you for the hard work. The plan has finally passed! The one that Thief-kun… no Seiji-san and I corrected multiple times.”

“Uhhh… Plan…? What do you mean?”

“Eeeeeh…? Come on. Don’t play dumb. The one where we wanted to create a mobile content division within the telecommunications department.”

“Eh, which means… a division to make mobile games? Isn’t that reckless? You’re underestimating it too much.”

“Fufu, isn’t the same thing that Papa told us? It wasn’t realistic enough, so we worked together to revise the plan. In the end, our goals changed to buying out an affiliate company. That’s how the talk ended up getting put together.”

… I see.

Rather than building a whole new team by employing second rate engineers and producers, it would be easier to buy a whole team on its own. In the current situation it should be easy to do. The present me had made the proper moves. Good job me.

It was all finally becoming a reality.

“I mailed you the information on the company so check it over will you? I don’t know much about games, but it seems that they were pretty famous before, and are now going through some tough times. This makes things more interesting though~ Fufufu.”

“What’s weird about it?”

“I’ll tell you in more detail tonight.”

Saying that, Natsumi-chan hung up the call.

The mail from Natsumi-chan was soon forwarded to me. It was to my own private email.

[About Acty Softworks as a Subsidiary.]

Before my second year of high school, they had created a bunch of famous works. The name is well known enough for me to recognize it.

“Senpai? What is it?”


A bunch of hard business words written in small characters were lined up in the report.

In summary, it’s been decided that we would take them in as a subsidiary, and that I would represent the HRG company to meet them. For Acty Softwork, ASW’s, game production, HRG will put out the money. It’s a simple resolution, but negotiation with the other party may be difficult.

“Hey, what’s up?”

I held back Rei-chan, who came closer trying to take a peek at my face.

“Fugyaah, what are you doing?”

“This is still a secret, so… Hmmm?”

As I read further down, I found the name of their representative.

ASW Representative — Ii Kanata


Is it a different person… with the same name and gender? No, Natsumi-chan was laughing, it has to be Kanata.

I wonder what sort of meeting it’ll turn into.

As I was thinking that, I was wrapped in the feeling of a time leap.

Eeeeeeh! With this timing!? I wanted to ask Natsumi-chan about a lot of things though! Ummm., it seemed like it was about to get interesting—waaaaaaiiit!

When I came to, I woke up on the bed in my room. Today’s date is the day after the ending of the school festival. I was still at the point of dating Hiiragi-chan.

Still, that wasn’t a dream, right…?

In my own way, I was also trying to help out the tilting HRG company.

Wait. Even though I broke up with Hiiragi-chan, I was still doing my best for HRG…? No, well, doing your best at work is the right thing to do, there’s no question about that… however, something bothers me about this.

Anyways, let’s send a message to Kanata.

[Let’s do something about it together!!]

[Are you half asleep? The school festival is over already.]

…. Well, of course it would be like that.

I had finally woken up at that moment.

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6 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 122

  1. I don’t think it will go harem route. Mainly i think the author is just showing he could end up with others. But still would choose her over all the others. Also if the author did that, would be going against what he previously wrote in earlier chapters.


  2. I don’t mind of Harem route if it is just Rei-chan as a mistress and Haruka as the legal wife. I really like the chemistry between the MC and Rei-chan.


  3. I’ve been enjoying everyone’s comments so far and refrained from making any any of my own, but I just wanted to say that it gets frustrating reading about him not making a move on Haruka-Chan. All the lights have been turned green for him (her, Natsumi, the mom, Rei-Chan, even the damn chauffer), but he still keeps acting like the classic japanese herbivore. He really needs to man up and give his lady the skin ship that she is practically begging for. When 2 people are this in love, but fail to give the physical part of a loving relationship, then there’s definitely going to be a feeling of something missing and seeds of doubt, anxiety, and even resentment allowed to take root and grow. I’m pretty sure it would change all the things he’s worried about in the future if they just took their relationship to the next level.
    Anyway, that is all.


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