The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 124

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Sana’s Secret

“Huh~!? You lost it?”

“It’s not like Sana lost it because she wanted to lose it!”

Why is she being so defiant? It seems that Sana had lost the RPG that I leant  to her.

Speaking of which, that game was made by ASW, which was going to come under the umbrella of the present HRG company.

“You know, I was planning on playing that game at least another two times.”

“How many times do you plan on playing it? I-isn’t it fine? You already know the story anyways.”

“Stupid… there’s a benefit to replaying things… You probably just put it in your closet somewhere and forgot about it.”

“Sana isn’t that stupid!”

She let out a big sigh as she gave me a disapproving look.

“We’re doing a search.”

“Hiyaaah!? You don’t need to do one. Not at all.”

Sana tried to pull me back as I made my way towards her room.

“Wait! I said wait!”


The restraint of a delicate little maiden doesn’t work on me!

I violently opened the door. I doubt she would ever bring it out of the house. It’s probably in her closet or something.

“Get out! Don’t selfishly enter my room like this!”

“Excuuuse me.”

“Even if you act polite you can’t! Get out, you siscon!”

Sana continuously hit me while throwing a tantrum. Every once in a while she would throw in a low kick. It’s pretty painful.

“It’s probably in here somewhere.”

“Don’t touch that.”

She really doesn’t like me approaching her closet.

“Don’t worry. Since I’m your brother, even if I see your underwear I won’t think anything of it.”

Ready to react to anything, Sana stood in front of the closet to block me.

“Anything past here is part of Sana’s privacy. If you continue, Sana will sue for privacy infringement.”

“Is that so.”

I mean, you were in the wrong when you lost my game.

“Sorry about this.”

I made her move in a slightly forceful manner. Deeper and deeper, I close in on Sana’s privacy as I further search her closet.

“Where did you even leave it? That’s a famous work. Even ten years later it’ll be something that’s rated pretty highly—”

“Sana will find it, definitely find it!”

As I was rummaging through I discovered an unfamiliar sketchbook.

“Hmm? What’s this?”


Sana instantly stole the sketchbook from me.


When I stared at her, Sana sneakily hid it behind her back.


Then, with her back towards the wall, she put some distance between us. She was looking at me like a wild cat that was on her guard. It seems something is in it that she really doesn’t want me to see.

I’m curious, but it’s okay. The game is what I’m looking for right now.

Since Sana couldn’t get in the way anymore, the search became easier.

Various outdoor outfits, pajamas, panties and bras. Okay okay, next, next.


Within that zone, I found something unfamiliar.

“Headband… with, cat ears…?”


Sana made a face as if the world was over.

“Hey, what is this…?”

“It’s a friend’s!”

“… You don’t really have any frie—”

“Be quieeeeet!”

“Umm, sorry about that…”

“Please stop looking like you’re taking pity! If it’s come to this, then Sana will also go through and devastate Sei-kun’s closet!”

“Go ahead. Rather, I’m not devastating it, and don’t call me Sei-kun.”

Well, it’s not like I have anything that’s suspicious. She can look however much she wants. If there was anything, there might be a few AVs or something. Since I was so upfront about it, Sana decided to give up.

As I was going through everything, I pulled out the set of clothing folded at the bottom of the stack.

“… Maid clothes?”

It seems to be one of those commonly sold. Slightly cheap looking, and has a short skirt… It’s super lewd.

“Haah!? You found it—”

“Are you working part time at a cosplay café or something? Wearing something like this makes it seem like your panties would easily be seen…”

“I don’t! I-I was just given that… I couldn’t just let it get thrown away…”

“Given? Isn’t your birthday… coming in the future?”

“For Halloween! They thought it looked good on me, and so they forced me to take it home with me—”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha——Halloween!? (Quietly)”

Halloween!? (Second time)

Th-then, this was… worn by the shyest person in the world, Saa-chan? It doesn’t seem like she would ever consider the thought and just instantly refuse though.

As I slowly turned my head around, I looked at the cat ear headband and the maid clothes that I held in my hand. Then, I looked back at Sana.

“Y-you… participated… in a normie event like that…?”

“The people from my class invited me… and so…”

She faced away, and played with her hair while hiding her embarrassment.

“S-Sana wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, and went in normal clothes… but then they prepared that… and then…”

“You dressed as a super lewd cat maid…?”

“Wh—what! Do you have a problem with it!? Rather, don’t call it super lewd.”

The Shyest person of the year awardee, my little sister, has really grown. Along with my surprise, there was a slight sense of defeat…

Is it possible that this girl belongs to the cool group? Is she at the top of the class hierarchy?

For me it would definitely be faster to count from the bottom… As I was shocked, Sana stole the cat ear headband and the maid clothes from me.

“Y-you’re looking for the game, right? Hurry up and find it.”

“I-I’m just going to say this just in case, going out late or taking late night jobs is forbidden, okay?”

“It has nothing to do with you, Nii-san!”

“T-this is frustrating…! Aaah, ah, I can’t find it. That was my game. I really treasured it. I really really liked it, and Sana ended up losing it. Aaaah.”

I initiated a childish plan.

“Didn’t I already say that a bunch?”

“That isn’t how someone should behave after they lost someone else’s things, right?”

“That’s well… sorry. Sana will pay you back, so isn’t it fine?”

“I don’t need anything, not really.”

“Then, what…?”

I took a glance at the maid clothes that Sana was holding.

“Is it that you want me to wear this?”

I didn’t say anything and turned my back towards her.

“Don’t look over here.”

She started changing. She ended up losing my game. Just a small punishment should be fine, right?

“Gosh, you’re such a siscon. You even worried about Sana. Sana doesn’t go out to play late at night, and properly stays at home, okay?”

Is it just my imagination that she sounds kind of happy?

“It’s done already.”

When I turned around after she spoke, I found a cat maid.

She is super thin. Her waist, arms, and even her legs. She really looks like a model. Her chest is a barren wasteland like usual. Quite lacking. However, it was just as I thought.

“Well, I guess it’s just this.”

“What! I changed just for you!”

“What? I didn’t say anything at all, though?”

While shaking in rage, she threw the cat ear headband at me.


“Get ooouuutt!”

She started hitting me with the sketchbook.

“I get it, I get it, I’ll get out.”

I left the room after being chased out by Sana.

“… Halloween… If I ask Hiiragi-chan for cosplay, will she do it?”

If I do, she would probably answer yes in no time at all.

Let’s propose that next time.

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