The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 125

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The Witch

“That’s what happened the other day.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

It’s Sunday afternoon. Hiiragi-chan seemed quite interested after I told her about the Halloween goods that I found in Sana’s room.

“Still, that’s good for Sana-chan. It seems that she’s getting along with her classmates. This might also be because of her brother.”

Hiiragi-chan told me while grinning. Is that so? It’s true that in my original memory, Sana was always alone, and would have never been invited to a Halloween event. However, I think Kanata had more of an effect than me.

It would be nice if her friendly relations continue to increase like this though. But, her personality being like that makes it seem kind of hard.

“A cat-eared maid Sana-chan. It was probably really cute. I also want to see that.”

“Are you going to celebrate Halloween too, Sensei?”

“Yes. I will do it.”

Hiiragi-chan stared at me with a serious expression after replying instantly. That’s unexpected. I thought she wouldn’t like such a lively event like this.

“What are you planning for it?”

When I asked, she made a proud expression.

“Eh? You don’t know, Seiji-kun? You hollow out some pumpkins and decorate jack-o-lanterns.”

“That’s how Halloween used to be! The real one!”

“Huh? It’s not that?”

It’s not that she’s wrong. Rather, she’s right. However, it wasn’t what I was thinking about.

“Sensei, the Halloween events that Japanese people do in more recent times, you see…”

I explained to Hiiragi-chan one example of festivities that occur during Halloween.

“Ah, is that how it is? T-that’s why, Natsumi told me not to do it.”

“Hmm? Natsumi-chan said something?”

“Umm, you see.”

Hiiragi-chan then spoke about the conversation she had at that time. From what she said, it seems to have gone like this.

“Halloween has been popular recently, right?”

“Haru-chan, do you want to do it? I think you should stop. That’s the type of festival for young people.”

“Y-young people?”

“That’s right. If someone your age were to do it, it’s a little painful…” (Personal thoughts)

“I-I’m on the younger side of things! I can do it! It’s only Halloween!”

And so, while not knowing the actual situation, she made the best use out of the knowledge that she had.

“So, I made this at the time.”

With a huge heave, Hiiragi-chan brought over a really big pumpkin.

“Uwah… That really shouts Halloween.”

I know right, Hiiragi-chan was elated after thinking that I praised her.

Its quality is definitely at a level that is commendable, so I do think it’s done well.

“If I was asked, trick or treat I would’ve given them some treats you know?”

Of course, I know that!

“Did you decorate it?”

“Yeah! And then, I made a bunch of cookies and waited!”

I can imagine Hiiragi-chan, excited waiting for kids dressed as small witches and zombies.

“However, I waited and waited, and yet no one came…”

Of course! I could picture her sadly eating all the cookies she made. It would be unlikely for kindergarteners or elementary schoolers to come to such a luxurious apartment after all.

“What Natsumi-chan was talking about, is probably where you dress up and walk around town, Sensei.”

“It’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san! Still, can you actually welcome the spirits and ghosts of the dead like that?”

“That’s what it originally was supposed to be! In truth, it’s just a cosplay party, and there isn’t really any meaning to it at all.”

“Is that so.”

Hmmm, Hiiragi-chan began to think about something. However, I had somewhat of an idea of what she was thinking about.

It was after about another week. I was told to come by in the afternoon, and so I did as I was told and went to Hiiragi-chan’s place. When I pressed the doorbell, I was told to just come in. Normally she would come out to welcome me, but since it’s like this today, there’s got to be something going on. Once I opened the door, I found a witch on the other side.

“Well? Does it look good on me?”

Hiiragi-chan did small curtsy while spreading her short skirt with both her hands. That greeting is more like that of a noble lady and not a witch, but I guess I won’t mention it.

“It suits you. It looks really cute, Sensei.”

“Teheh. Yay ♡”

A black wide-brimmed hat, with a black one piece and a miniskirt. In some places, it was lace, allowing a bit of bare skin to be exposed. It was just a little sexy. Her breasts were bouncing around like usual. She was wearing tights that are basically transparent… Ah, are those the one she bought that other time!? Lewd! Even her legs are lewd!

“Ah. I forgot to say it. Trick or treat!”

“I don’t have any treats.”

“Then, I’ll play a trick on you ♡”

Hiiragi-chan jumped and hugged me while giving me some kisses. Her breasts were pressed up against me.

“Seiji-kun as well, won’t you hug me?”

She whispered into my ear with a soft sweet voice. When I listened to her request and held her, her body felt soft and good as usual.

“Today, Seiji-kun is my familiar. You’ll do everything I ask.”

“Okay, Master.”

I was dragged into the witch’s room and given a lap pillow while having my ears cleaned. When I rubbed her thighs in a form of sexual harassment play,

“Hyaan. No, you can’t. Gosh ♡”

She got mad at me.

If it’s like this, I want her to scold me more…!

This time, I squeezed her upper arms.

“Not there~!”

Just like this, since both of my hands were free, I continued to sexually harass Hiiragi-chan as I had my ears cleaned.

“It ended up being Seiji-kun playing the tricks.”

“Ah, sorry. Did you not like it?”

“… I didn’t say that, right…?”

The witch who said that while blushing, didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with it at all.

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8 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 125

  1. I want to be bewitched by a sexy witch too…. (cry in tears in quarantine… Cry even more, since without quarantine it would all the same)


    • Halloween is supposed to be as Haruka says. It’s basically All Saint’s Day’s Eve. The day when it is believed that the border between this world and the afterworld is at its thinnest.


    • Never EVER tickle or touch or harass the person who’s using the kau ua (ear cleaner) on you. You can get your ear drums pierced by accident. That thing is a long sharp thin metal bar with a tiny scoop on one end and a cleaner or some other such on the other end.


  2. Yeah the author should have them have sex at this point. I’m also looking forward to when the mc’s parents find out about this stuff. lol Because mostly they will find out the wrong way. x. x


  3. It took me a few days but I finally caught up and what a ride is has been so far. I am in desperate need of some insulin shots.


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