The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 126

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Black Hiiragi-chan

Sana was being quite noisy for this early in the morning. What is she shouting about anyways, while in her room?

Thanks to that, I ended up waking up.

I changed, went downstairs, and ate breakfast. Normally, Sana would be eating breakfast with me, but she didn’t come down from the second floor at all. My mother also seemed to think it was weird and ended up looking towards the ceiling.

“Saa-chan, I wonder what she’s doing?”

“Who knows? She shouted something earlier though.”

I slurped down on my miso soup. Miso soup in the morning is delicious.

Usually, Sana would also get up earlier than me, and more often than not, she would be the one finishing breakfast first.

While tilting her head, my mother left the dining room. I could soon hear the sound of some conversation coming from upstairs, and then, she came back.

“Saa-chan, doesn’t seem to be feeling well today it seems.”

“Heeh. Is that so?”

… She shouted quite energetically earlier though… Was it just my imagination? I guess Sana is resting today.

I finished breakfast and left for school.

Today, it seems that Hiiragi-chan is also resting, and so world history class turned into self-study.

Hiiragi-chan as well? Is there a cold going around or something?

After quickly finishing up the assignment for self-study, I sent Hiiragi-chan a text.

[Not feeling well? Are you okay?]

Getting a cold while living alone can be quite tough. I should buy something for her when I go home.

I was thinking that, when a reply came back.

[I’m not okay.]

… The text didn’t have any of the usual emoji’s and seemed a little more bland. From this, I can guess it’s quite bad.

Today was supposed to be a day where I eat with Hiiragi-chan in the reference room, so I didn’t bring a bentou… The classes from here are… English, math, art electives, and physical education… I guess it should be fine if I skip one of those.

“Heeey, Sanada, let me see you printout.”

“Do as you like. Pass it to the front later.”

I placed the printout on the desk of Fujimoto. As I was preparing to leave,

“Sanada, what, are you leaving? Don’t just skip out.”

“I’m not just skipping out. I have something important I remembered I had to do.”

“If you leave, I’ll be troubled during physical education. When we split into partners, what am I going to do?”

“I’m not your exclusive partner, okay? See you.”

I patted Fujimoto on the shoulder, and quickly left the classroom.

[I’ll head over right now. Is there anything you want?]

As I was walking down the hallway, I sent a text. I feel like she would get mad at me skipping out of school though. She’ll probably also be happy that I’m coming to visit her so it’ll even out.

[Nothing in particular.]

Hmm. It seems to be quite bad. Normally, I feel like she would say something like, [Thank you. But you don’t need to worry about it.] On the way to Hiiragi-chan’s place, I stopped by a convenience store to buy some pudding and drinks. When I pressed the doorbell, I heard someone coming to the door, and the lock opened.

A slight gap opened and Hiiragi-chan peeked out.

“I brought some pudding…”

She seems a little weird. It was as if she was a domesticated cat, let go into the wild only to be forced to survive on its own instincts.

Hiiragi-chan looked at me, then at the bag in my hand, before finally swiping away the pudding. What a quick worker.

“Why do you know this place?”

“Why… what do you mean?”

What is she saying all of a sudden?

“School should be going on right now. Why did you come here?”

“Well, I mean, I heard that you weren’t feeling well, you see…”

Ah, I see. It’s that. She’s trying to act stoic while reprimanding me for skipping school, right? Usually, she’s super sweet, so that’s probably why she’s not lacking in salt today.

“I get it. If you go as far as to say that, I’ll head back to school. If I go now, I should make it in time for afternoon classes.”

“That’s not it. I didn’t tell you to leave, yet…”

Which is it? She doesn’t seem to be feeling well, her eyes don’t look in her eyes isn’t great, and she doesn’t seem to be in a great mood either. For the time being, I guess it’s Black Hiiragi-chan.

“A-are you coming in…?”

“Eh? Are you fine not sleeping?”

Hiiragi-chan nodded, and after removing the door chain, she let me inside.

Her living room, which was normally neat and tidy, now had drinks and snacks scattered everywhere.

Did her split personality come out or something?

“Aaah, it’s such a mess.”

“It’s fine, isn’t it?”

She hugged my arm as she narrowed her eyes in pleasure.

“However, it’s a relief to see you so energetic. If you’re like this, doesn’t it seem like you can go to school tomorrow?”

“There’s no way I can go… Not looking like this…”

She was wearing loungewear. I didn’t tell her to go while wearing her clothes though.

What is this? What’s with the disconnect in this conversation? Is it possible that a Black Hiiragi-chan with no memories from the White Hiiragi-chan has come out?

Also, the feeling I get from this conversation, it feels familiar somehow… What is it?

As I took a glance at Hiiragi-chan, she began to fondle her own breasts. W-what are you doing——!?

“As I thought… it’s amazing… Ah, wait, why are you looking this way, such a pervert…”

Hiiragi-chan made a disgusted face as she noticed I was looking her way.

Dammit… This Black Hiiragi-chan, in it’s own way this might be okay…!

Hiiragi-chan sat down on the sofa. With crossed legs, she rubbed her cheek on her thigh.

“The main question is, why is Nii-san here anyways.”

“I mean, I always come to this house… Hmm? Nii-san?”

“Did you perhaps, talk to me without realizing that?”

“Wait. Wait wait. What’s going on? You… aren’t Black Hiiragi-chan.”

With an amazed look, Hiiragi-chan sighed.

“Did you forget your little sister’s face?”

Hiiragi-chan isn’t my little sister though?

“Ah, I see. You became Hiiragi-sensei.”

“B-became? What do you mean!?”

Which means… What is going on? It’s not the split personality of Black Hiiragi-chan that came out, but rather, a different person… came in…?

“My little sister…?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you… actually, Sana?”

“What if I am?”

This way of speaking. It’s Sana. Her tone, and gestures, once I’ve noticed, I can only see her as Sana. The feeling from the conversation. It all feels off if I think of her as Hiiragi-chan, but if I thought of her as Sana, then it all fits.

“Why did you turn into Hiiragi-chan?”

“That’s what Sana wants to know! When I woke up, I suddenly had a nice body like this…!”

“Well, I guess it would be a farfetched dream for you to ever become like that.”

“Be quiet. I actually thought it was a dream so I went back to sleep! But then, a lot of phone calls came in… and since it’s not Sana’s, I ignored them… When I looked at the sender, they were from the principal, asking stuff like, ‘Hiiragi-sensei, are you taking the day off today?’ and so on and so forth.”

And so, Black Hiiragi-chan, or should I say Sana, went in search of the bathroom, and looked at the mirror.

“That’s when I noticed that Sana became Hiiragi-sensei.”

Don’t say that while fondling your breasts. Have you gotten hooked on it? Fondling them?

“Of all the things to happen, for Sana to enter Hiiragi-chan’s body… What type of fantasy is this…?”

No, that really isn’t something I can say after time leaping.

“Nii-san, answer my question. Why do you know Hiiragi-sensei’s house?”

“She’s driven me home before multiple times, so on the way she taught me where her house was.”

Without batting an eyelash, I threw out a lie. Sana pouted.

“But, why did you come to visit her, while even going as far as to skip school! It’s weird.”

“It’s not weird. She’s taken care of me multiple times, and now she’s sick. Of course I’d visit her! Don’t underestimate a working member of society!”

In truth, I was worried about my lover. That was it, but I can’t tell Sana that.

“W-working member of society…? What are you saying, Nii-san? This is Sana’s hypothesis. Nii-san found out that ‘Hiiragi-sensei’ was sick, and ended up resting for the day. Then, while under the pretense of visiting, your sexual drive would explode and—”

“There’s no way that’s the case. You’re the one with an exploding sexual drive. How long are you going to be fondling someone else’s breasts for! Get your hands away!”

I haven’t even had the chance to properly touch them you know!

“The biggest question isn’t why I am here, but rather, why are you in Sensei’s body.”

Good grief.

“Did Sana’s body actually end up going to school…?”

“Mom said she was taking a break…”

Huh? The real Hiiragi-chan, where did she go…? Is she just overwritten by Sana, and still left in her real body…?

Now that I think about it, a text did come from Sana. I never confirmed its contents though.

“Sana’s real body… is at home?”

“That should be the case— Wait, then the reason there was a scream this morning…”

It can’t be…

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  1. Thnx for the chapter!
    Well, time-travel is a thing so why not body swap. This time Hiiragi x Sana. Next time Hiiragi x Seichi


  2. The lengths this author is going to to keep this couple from actually having some progress is kind of annoying. I probably should be amused and entertained, but it’s just getting old. Probably time to drop and come back to it in the future when I’m feeling more patient. Sigh…


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