The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 127

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White Sana

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

◆ Sana? ◆

When I woke up in the morning, I was sleeping in an unfamiliar bed.

“An unfamiliar ceiling…”

Unfamiliar stuffed animals. Unfamiliar desk.

“Where… is this…?”

My body felt weirdly light.

“I should have been pretty tired yesterday, and yet I don’t feel that way at all. Lucky~ ♪”

Is it because I slept early? An alarm began to ring, so I looked over. When I did, I found Sana-chan’s cell phone ringing. Why is it Sana-chan’s cellphone…? Also, where is this…?

I caught a glimpse of someone through the mirror.

“Ah, Sana-chan, good… morning?”

Sana-chan was moving, she was also talking. When I turned around, she wasn’t there either.

I tried clapping my cheeks a bit. Sana-chan ended up doing the same.

“Whhhyyy!? I… became Sana-chan!?”

I tried peeking into my pajamas.

Uwah. Her chest really is small. Cute.

“Then, this is, Seiji-kun’s house?”

Kon kon, I heard someone knock on the door.

“Saa-chan, what’s wrong? Are you resting today? Does your stomach hurt?”

Seiji-kun and Sana-chan’s mother?

“U-ummm, nice to meet you. I-I’m currently advising the club that Seiji-kun and Sana-chan are a part of. Please call me Hiiragi Haruka…!”

I got on my knees, and gave a formal bow.

“Also, ummm, Seiji-kun… Seiji-san and I c-currently h-have the pleasure of… Ah, I can’t say that yet!”

“…Do you have a fever? I’ll leave the medicine on the table so make sure you take some, okay?”

“Well, I guess you could say I’m hot, but it’s more like the heat that comes from a burning love. Something like that? Eheheh…”

“…? I’ll contact the school for you. Well then, I’ll be going to work now. I’ll leave breakfast on the table, so when you feel like you have the appetite, make sure you eat it, okay?”

The sound of footsteps grew further and further away.

——I messed up!

A-anyways, it seems like Seiji-kun is still on the first floor, so I should explain the situation to him.

When I then heard the sound of a door opening, I looked out the window, and saw Seiji-kun about to make his way to school.

“Have a safe trip!”

I tried saying that, but it didn’t seem like he heard it, so he didn’t turn back at all.

I’ll borrow Sana-chan’s cell phone and send a text to Seiji-kun.

[Tsundere Nii-san]

That’s how she entered his contact. Sana-chan. Seiji-kun isn’t dere at all towards his little sister, you know?

[You might not believe this, but after waking up this morning, I ended up inside Sana-chan’s body ~ >.<]

I sent the text. However, there wasn’t reply at all. Gosh… normally he would reply instantly…

“Ah, I see. It’s because I think that Sana-chan sent this, so he didn’t confirm the contents of the text at all.”

I see. That’s why it’s tsundere. He doesn’t normally reply to texts. Taking just that, and transforming it into tsun within her mind, Sana-chan is quite the brocon… Quite scary…

I went out of the room, and listened for a bit. It doesn’t seem like anyone is downstairs. Let’s… head into Seiji-kun’s room.

I crawled into the bed that I found in there.

“~~~~~~~ Smells like Seiji-kun…”

Pure happiness…

Since I’m here, I might as well do some cleaning.

I organize the manga that’s strewn around everywhere. When I did, I found a pink cover in the back of the shelf. Suspicious… I pulled it out and found a lady with a nice body doing a sensual pose on the front cover.


Once I flipped through it, I discovered that it was a lewd manga.


Let’s burn this later. If it was one that was about a little sister, I would have had to add an extra hour of scolding.

Piriririri, I heard the cellphone that I had left in the room ring. I quickly returned and checked the caller: [Tsundere Nii-san].

“Hello, Seiji-kun?”

“Ah, as I thought, it’s Sensei, right? It’s weird hearing Sana’s voice like this though…”

“It’s amazing you recognized it! Is it the power of love…!?”

“Ummm… it’s because ‘Sana’ is over here. ‘Sensei’ seemed to have fallen ill and taken the day off, so I left early to come visit your apartment.”

Ah, now that he mentions it, what happened to my body?

“And so, I found that Sana had entered Sensei’s body.”

“Eeeeeeeh!? Does that mean we’ve swapped bodies?”

“Seems like it.”

After saying that he would come by right now, Seiji-kun hung up. Sana-chan and me… why?

Once 15 minutes passed, Seiji-kun returned home while short of breath.

“Welcome home, Seiji-kun.”

“I’m home. Sana doesn’t say that so it really feels weird…”

Seiji-kun looked over at me with suspicious eyes.

As I tried to hug him like I would normally do when I greet him, he avoided it.

“Why did you run away…?”

“Well, when I think Sana is the one doing it, I just end up unconsciously…”

That’s right. I forgot. I’m in Sana-chan’s body right now.

“Then, does that mean, kisses…?”

“I don’t think I can.”


“Sensei, please don’t make it seem like the world is over.”

Seiji-kun laughed.

“What’s so weird? It’s terrible!”

“I-I mean, Sana doesn’t normally make a face like that, so I just… Fufufu”

“T-then, what about getting into a bath together…”

“Of course we can’t. I would never want to get in with the body of my little sister.”

“And here I was thinking that we were finally able to live under the same roof…”

“More importantly—”

Seiji-kun firmly grabbed onto both my shoulders.

“If it stays like this, we won’t ever get to marry.”

“Hah. You’re right! That’s the biggest problem! We can’t kiss, we can’t take a bath together, my breasts are small, and I can’t marry Seiji-kun… If it stays like this, I might just die…”

“You just casually dissed her chest there didn’t you.”

“That’s not true. Ah, how about a lap pillow…?”

I pulled Seiji-kun, who was tilting his head, to the living room. After sitting down on the sofa, I patted my lap.



Seiji-kun scrunched his face for a moment, and showed an expression akin to rejection. For Sana-chan to be rejected this hard… it seems somewhat pitiful… Even though she likes her brother that much.

Seiji-kun, who was sitting next to me, lay down on his side.

“Ah, you were able to do a lap pillow ♡”

Good boy, I patted him on the head.

“I did wish to live together with Seiji-kun, but I never thought that it would end up taking shape in this form.”

“Darn it… it’s coming with Sana’s voice and face…”

“Then, next will be a kiss like we normally do, okay?”

I grabbed on tightly to Seiji-kun’s face as he was trying to run away.

“No running away.”

“It’s because you’re not in your own body——I don’t want to kiss my little sister.”

“The inside is your beloved Haruka-san so it should barely be safe!”

I overlapped my lips with the struggling Seiji-kun, and strength gradually left him.

“Darn it… It’s Sana’s face and voice… This ability to spoil people… it’s the real Sensei…!”

“It’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san, right? Since you called me Sensei, I’ll give you a hug.”

When I hugged him tight, Seiji-kun quietly spoke out.

“Ah, your breasts aren’t touching me.”

He was making a slightly disappointed expression. There are times that he tells me to stop it because my breasts are touching him, but in the end, it seems that he still enjoys it.

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