The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 128

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Please Make My Wish Come True

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

Gacha, it was the sound of the entrance door opening.

“Hiii, haaah… Nii-san, you’re so fast… I even told you to wait…”

Hiiragi-chan (with Sana’s appearance), who was hugging me tightly, instantly separated herself from me.

“It seems like Sana-chan came back.”

The two of us who were in the living room, poked our head out to look at the entrance. There, Sana (with Hiiragi-chan’s appearance), who had chased after me while still in loungewear, was breathing hard with hands on her knees.

“Welcome home.”

“I… It’s not… welcome home…”

“Aaaah, wait, Sana-chan! You came out while looking like that!?”

“What? Do you have any complaints? Being told something like that from myself feels kind of weird.”

“Of course I have complaints. You’re already an adult, so please be a little more proper.”

Hiiragi-chan pouted with Sana’s face. It’s a gesture that Hiiragi-chan often makes, so even if it’s Sana it still looks cute. Weird.

“Even I have some complaints as well! What’s with this body!? My shoulders are stiff, my legs are slow, and I have no athletic ability! My body as a whole feels like it’s lagging behind and heavy.”

“Uuu… That… I might be somewhat sorry about that…”

Hiiragi-chan became depressed.

“Moreover, there’s this! This!”

Sana (with Hiiragi-chan’s appearance), pointed at her chest with quite a hateful expression. It was an expression filled with disdain that Hiiragi-chan would never do. It really was a terrifying face. Truly a Black Hiiragi-chan.

“What’s wrong with my chest?”

Seeing Hiiragi-chan tilt her head with a blank expression, Sana started pointing vigorously.

“When I run, they bounce around everywhere, making it really hard to run! It’s sexual harassment. Sexual harassment, I tell you. Stop asserting your dominance with your chest!”

Although her body is one with a big chest, her heart was still that of a person with a flat chest.

“Stop it, aren’t you in that body right now anyways?”

When I said that, Sana glared at me and told me to be quiet. Since it was Hiiragi-chan’s face that was glaring at me, I almost felt like a weird fetish would awaken inside of me.

… More importantly, it was bouncing around? Like pudding? I-I really want to see it… I shouldn’t have hurried past Sana like that.

“Eeeh. But even if you tell me that… By the way, Sana-chan’s body is super light ♪ So, this is what youth is like… It’s amazing…”

Hiiragi-chan, please don’t make eyes like those of a dead fish.

“Sensei, please give Sana’s body back.”

“It’s not like I wanted to become like this, you know?”

What are we going to do with this?

“Ah, that’s right, Sana-chan…”

Hiiragi-chan secretly whispered into her ear.

“A-are you not wearing a bra…?”

“Of course I’m not. How was I supposed to know where they are?”


So, she has no bra on right now? With Hiiragi-chan’s scale, it would definitely be like pudding.

“It might not matter if Sana-chan were to do it or not, but—”

“Wait! It’s definitely necessary. Sana needs to have one as well or else it would be bad.”

Hiiragi-chan touched her sensationless breasts as she nodded.

“I don’t think you need a bra yet? At least in terms of size.”

“Don’t insult Sana’s breasts in a roundabout way!”

“It’s okay, Sana-chan. Your breasts aren’t what make you good.”

“Stop. Sana hasn’t given up yet!”

On one hand, Sana had an angry expression, while on the other, Hiiragichan was laughing. Maybe they’ve gotten closer…?

Hiiragi-chan did say that she wanted to get closer to Sana, so they might be treading in the right direction.

In order for them to calm down, we decided to move to the living room for now.

Hiiragi-chan began to prepare some tea in the kitchen.

“Nii-san, isn’t she in someone else’s house? How does she know where everything is…?”

“Who knows? She cooks quite well, so maybe it’s not hard because of that?”

Sana, who seemed to want to say that she didn’t understand, crossed her legs and arms. Because she was wearing some light short pants, I could easily see her pale thighs. Due to her arms being crossed, her breasts were also further emphasized. She really is going without a bra…


Hiiragi-chan carried some coffee over. She was smiling and looked super happy.

“Sanada-kun, you can’t stare at Sensei’s body like that, okay?”

Ah, that’s right. That’s what it looks like to a third person when I look at Hiiragi-chan like that. I did notice that with her lips she was mouthing “Pervert though.

“No, that wasn’t my intention…”

Sana instantly kept her distance from me.

“N-Nii-san…!? F-for you to look at your little sister with those eyes…”

“You’re not the one that I’m looking at. Unfortunate for you. Come on now, sit down. No bra.”

Hiiragi-chan and Sana both sat down. More importantly, they sat on either side of me. It seems that both of them are done complaining about each other’s body, and while chatting, they began to think about why this was happening.

“Yesterday night, you guys were both in your original bodies, and then this morning when you woke up, it turned out like this——Everything is fine until now?”

When I summarized everything, the two of them nodded.

“Then, was there anything that changed? Something that you don’t normally do?”

“There isn’t really anything…”

Sana began thinking back as she spoke about yesterday’s actions.

“Had a bath, and after that was done, played some games. Brushed my teeth. Gathered the seven orbs and wished for a bigger chest. And then—”

“Even after wishing, your chest is still small. Shenron is really sad.” [1]

You’re really noisy, Nii-san, she said as she glared at me.

Will that really come true? No, well I guess it did come true, so she’s troubled.

“Then, after that, before I slept, I tried out the charm that I was taught. The one to make my chest bigger.”

This girl, how many prayers did she make? Haven’t you already given up at this point about trying to make it better with your own power?


“That’s right. Everyone in class said it would work…”

“So childish…”

“I right down my wish on my left ring finger, and if it disappears the next day, then it’ll come true.”

Surprisingly, Sana has quite the dreamer outlook on things. Girls might all just be like that though. There’s no way there are other people like this, with flower fields in their head—

“I also did that yesterday!”

There are!?!? Moreover, a proper adult!

Hiiragi-chan checked over her body.

“It’s gone…”

“W-wait, show Sana as well… Ah, this one too…!”

“Wait, wait. What is going on? Then, Sana wished for a bigger chest. What did Sensei wish for?”

“Ummm… it’s a secret.”

Ah. She said it earlier when she gave me a lap pillow. She wanted to live with me. Which means that, their two wishes just happen to be able to fulfill each other.

Hmmm. I see, I see…

“Why did you guys switch bodies! It makes things so complicated!”

Couldn’t these wishes have been granted in a more straightforward way!?

“It really did come true. It surprised me quite a bit.”

Hiiragi-chan once again looked over her own (Sana’s) body.

“Sana also tried it out unknowingly, and then it became like this…”

Sana touched her own (Hiiragi-chan’s) chest.

Stop touching it so much. Did it become a habit?

“Then, if you just ask to return to before, you guys can return.”

Everything matches this way.

The two of them thought for a moment, but in the end felt that their own bodies were better. So, there were no objections. Ah, but there is the condition of that being the next day, so things would stay like this for now.

“Sensei, Sana told them that she wasn’t feeling well, so she didn’t go to school…”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’ll do something about it tomorrow. Sana, I’m sorry as well, you also ended up missing school.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s fine if it’s just one day.”

So you do have friends that will show you their notes… that’s a relief. Your brother is getting a bit teary-eyed.

“I also left school early, so since we have the chance, let’s have fun together.”

“Sensei agrees ♪”

Being so excited with Sana’s face really does give off a weird feeling.

“If Nii-san says he wants to play with Sana, then that’s okay…”

Yes, that’s right. This is how Sana should be. Even while acting unhappy, she ends up accepting everything. Her appearance is Hiiragi-chan though.

After that, we enjoyed our cheat holiday during the weekday.

The next morning, the two of them returned to normal. With this, everything is fixed.

If there was really that sort of power, I also wanted to try it, but didn’t work at all for me.

I wrote down, [I wish to marry Hiiragi-chan], but I don’t know whether it was because it was oily or what, it never disappeared.

I guess I just have to do something about it myself.


  1. Dragon Ball reference.

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