The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 129

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A New Interest

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

“You bought a new bracelet.”

I just happened to notice during lunch break inside the world history reference room. The bracelet consisted of beads that were threaded together, making it look like a rosary.

However, it was a bit colorful, with white and pale pink beads.

“Ah. This? It’s powerstones.”

She said it with such a happy smile that I found it hard to say anything.

I’m the type to think that things like this are suspicious, but it seems like the innocent Hiiragi-chan completely believes in it.

To get hooked on spiritual things like this isn’t good, right? When I told her that, she told me that it wasn’t true, and so all I could do was give up.

She taught me about a bunch of different effects but none of it entered my head.

After the body swapping case, it seems that she’s developed a taste for charms like these. Well, if you experienced that effect first hand, it wouldn’t be a surprise to want to try these things.

… This is still on the cute side of things. Hiiragi-chan gradually became more and more hooked on things, and then——

 “Seiji-kun, make sure to relax, okay? Take deep breaths, and let go of your strength…”

She became obsessed with hypnotism!!

… She hasn’t yet joined some weird occult cult, so it was still okay in that regard. During one of the afternoons over the weekend, I was put into hypnosis at Hiiragi-chan’s place.

I did as I was ordered and relaxed. After being ordered to again, I crossed both my arms.

“Ufufu. Once you’ve crossed those arms… you won’t be able to separate them anymore…!”

Hiiragi-chan grinned. She seemed to be waiting on my reaction. Her confidence in this must be pretty high

“Is that even possible? I’m pretty sure I can separate them like normal though.”

And so, I doubted her.

“That’s what everyone says, you see.”

What do you mean by everyone? Please stop it with your smug face.

“I’m going to start, okay? I’ll start counting down… 3, 2, 1, nooooow! ——Your hands are now stuck together.”

“…Uwaaah, it’s true, this really is the real thing (monotone).” [1]

It actually had no effect whatsoever. However, she’s trying so hard to do it that it would be a pity if it didn’t work, so I ended up playing along.

“Eheheh. I did it. It’s the result of all that practice!”

Isn’t there more to hypnotism than just this?

Still, I couldn’t say it in front of such an innocent smile…

“This is just the first level.”

So, there’s still more?

“I-I see. What comes next…?”

“If it was done more strongly, you would never be able to separate them until I undo the spell.”

I can already separate them though. At the current moment, my arms are crossed due to my own will.

Rather than hypnotism, isn’t this more like mental suggestions?

“Seiji-kun, you’re going to have a hard time using the bathroom.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to properly support it.”

Ahahah, Hiiragi-chan laughed enjoyably.

My my. Being the playmate for her is such a big job.

She read some sort of book, and then once again looked as if she was planning something.

I hope she doesn’t do something along the lines of turning me into an animal. For the mind of a middle-aged man, that might be a little tough…

Doesn’t this type of thing seem like it would work on Hiiragi-chan rather than me?

“Let me borrow that book for a bit. I’ll try casting something on you.”

I happened to forget and stretched out my hand.

“Huh? You separated your hands…”


“So, it’s been released.”

I gently averted my eyes.

“… So it seems.”

“Well, that’s fine, but can you even cast it on me? It takes a level of talent, you know? I practiced quite a bit after all.”

When she talks about it like that, it really makes me want to try. After following the same steps, and doing the same things—

“Seiji-kun, if it’s like this, my arms… huh? … Fuunnnnnnnn! H-huh…?”

She’s super caught in it!  She put enough effort into it to make her face red, but there was no sign of separation.

No matter how much she shook, rubbed it with water, used my hands to warm it up, none of it worked.

“W-what should I do…? If I’m like this, I won’t be able to… use the bathroom…”

“At that time, I’ll at least release it!”

If she leaks she would definitely cry.

It probably didn’t have anything to do with me. It was just that Hiiragi-chan was the type to be easily hypnotized.

When I flipped through the hypnotism book, as expected, there were some about turning into animals. These are ones that you would often see on television.

Let’s test it to see if it’ll work.

“Haruka-san, from now on, you will turn into a cat. Relax. Breathe deeply, in… out… in… out… relax… I will snap my fingers, and when I do, you will become a cat—”

Pachin, I snapped my fingers.

Gakun, Hiiragi-chan looked downward… It seems that it worked.

“How do you feel?”

Using cat paw hands, Hiiragi-chan touched my leg.


Now that I remember, Natsumi-chan had also turned into a cat before. Voluntarily.

Rolling around while wanting to be spoiled, she came onto my lap. It became a lap pillow as she rubbed her cheek against my thighs.


There isn’t that much difference from usual…

“Nyaaan ♡”

She’s only speaking like a cat, but everything else is pretty much the same! However, her face and gestures were all that of a cat.

How am I supposed to release this? I looked at the book and confirmed the steps.

When I firmly grabbed onto Hiiragi-chan’s shoulders, she tilted her head.


Dammit. She’s so cute.

“I’ll release it now, okay? 3, 2, 1—”

Pachin. I clapped both hands in front of her as if I was trying to trick a cat.

“—Haah. What… what did I turn into?”

“You turned into a cat.”

“A cat? There’s no way…”

I should have taken a video.

“Haruka-san, what type of hypnotism were you going to cast on me earlier.”

“I was going to do… this one.”

When she opened the book to show me, there was a hypnotism to strengthen emotions. As expected, rather than hypnotism, it’s just mental suggestions.

“I thought I would make Seiji-kun love me even more!”

“When you say that straight to my face, it’s somewhat embarrassing…”

“E-even saying it has made me a little embarrassed…”

“But still, isn’t there no need to do that?”

“Eh? Why is that?”

I kissed Hiiragi-chan, who was making a blank expression.

“B-because it’s like this.”

“… Because it’s like this. Even if you say that, I don’t get it…”

Even though she definitely understood me, Hiiragi-chan looked at me with upturned eyes.

“Even without casting something like that on me, I love you. T-that’s why…”

Uwah, super embarrassing. I could feel myself blushing. However, Hiiragi-chan was the same.

“M-me too… I also love Seiji-kunn…”

I unconsciously became embarrassed and smiled. Hiiragi-chan also let out an embarrassed smile.

Our faces got closer, and as if to confirm each other’s existences, we slowly kissed. As I was trying to wrap my hands around her back, I accidentally touched her breasts. Ah, that’s bad.

Surprised, Hiiragi-chan’s body trembled.

It wasn’t on purpose, it wasn’t—


…? H-huh?

She froze for a bit, but didn’t say anything.

She didn’t teasingly call me a pervert, nor did she tell me to stop in anyway.

What does that mean? I couldn’t understand and also froze.

Because of that, an awkward silence continued for a bit.

“… I-I should go cook…”

Hiiragi-chan, while blushing, left the sofa for the kitchen as if running away.

——Being about this forceful should be just about right.

I remembered that the present Rei-chan had said that to me before.

“… J-just now, was that…?”

If I pushed her down like that, is it possible that—

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