The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 13

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A Difficult Situation

“Nii-san, if you don’t wake up you’ll be late, you know?”

I was shaken awake by my sister. Tilting my head, I made a single yawn. After rubbing my eyes, Sana appeared in front of me.

Her long black hair was now only at her shoulders. The slight makeup that she had put on had made her already mature looking face, even more mature.

“Huh. …Sana, why do you have makeup on? Also, you cut your hair?”

“Why? Well for work, of course. Also, I didn’t cut my hair. Nii-san, hurry up. You’ll be late, you know?”

“What? Work?”

Bibibibibi, the alarm on my smartphone started to ring.

Hmm… smartphone?? As I look more closely at my surroundings, it was a completely unfamiliar room. What? What is this? I stopped the alarm and checked the date…

I-I came back!?

I came back from my time leap!?

“Eh, where is this?”

“Nii-san’s room isn’t it? Are you still asleep?”

“I was pretty sure I lived alone though…”

“That’s true… but after finding out that our companies were close by… didn’t you say ask to see if we wanted to live together?”

I thought it might have been someone that just looked like Sana, but it seems to be the normal Sana. Her tragically flat chest, was definitely the same. There really are things that just never change…

“W-what is it? You keep staring…”

“The fact that you are my actual sister, I’m relieved.”

It’s different from before I time leaped. I was supposed to be living alone, but it seems I’m now living with Sana. As I roam around inside the house, it was completely unfamiliar to me. The month and day are the same as before I made the leap, and it was just about 10 years after the point I had leaped to.

“This means that since things have changed in the past, the future has also changed…?”

“What are you muttering to yourself about? Come on, hurry up and eat breakfast.”

On the dining table, there was a burnt piece of bread, a scorched fried egg, and some cut up lettuce. It was a breakfast full of wild flavors.

Hmm!? If I returned back to 10 years later, what happened to Hiiragi-chan and me? If I’m like this with Sana right now, does that mean we’re still dating…? Or…

“… Sana. Do you remember Hiiragi-sensei?”

“That’s a nostalgic name, Hiiragi-sensei. What about her?”

“What is she doing right now?”

“Isn’t she still a teacher?”

Well, I guess she would still be a teacher…

“Sana, you know, thought about a few times now…”


I looked inside my smartphones address book for Hiiragi-chan. If it was before, I wouldn’t have had a single bit of contact information, but if it’s this time around, it wouldn’t be weird if I had her contact information saved.

“Hiiragi-sensei, most likely liked Nii-san I think. When you graduated, Nii-san seemed to have made it awkward, but Hiiragi-sensei looked really lonely…”

Awkward? Why’s that? Ah. There it is. Hiiragi-chan. It was the same one that I had seen before, but it might have changed by now.

“Sana will be going first, okay?”

Sana disregarded me, who was looking at my smartphone, and stood up from her seat.

“Say, Sana. Do you have anything you want to say to your first year high school self?”

“Eh? Let’s see… To try harder when it comes to training, maybe?”

“Training? Oh, training to make your chest bigger?”

“… I-I’ll be going.”

She ran away.

You were doing stuff like that, Sana? And yet, she continued to have a flat chest… Such a sad future. However, I was curious about what Sana had said before that.

Speaking of graduation, it was supposed to be something like a goal for the relationship between Hiiragi-chan and me. It would be bad if it was found out, so we were supposed to be dating secretly until then. However, I was awkward, and Hiiragi-chan was sad…?

I cut off my thoughts and made a call.

“… Hello?”

Hiiragi-chan came over the phone seemingly on guard.

“Hello. It’s Sanada Seiji. Good morning, Haruka-san.”

“Good morning. It’s been a long time, Seiji-kun.”

From Hiiragi-chan’s point of view, who was part of this timeline, it might have been a while, but to me, it has just been a day. A what are you doing now? Or a seemingly fake introduction was completely unneeded.

I ended up asking what I was thinking of asking.

“We were dating, right? During my second year of high school. Is it possible… that we broke up?”

“Yeah. That’s right. What? Do you not remember? It was such shock… that was.”

“Eh, what? Did I do something?”

“It was only two months since we had started dating and you had said, “I’m already tired of this,” didn’t you?”

There’s no way I would say that. After all, during the time I was dating her, I had never once thought I was tired of it.

“That was the reason, I was so shocked I became really depressed… in the end, we ended up breaking up. But, even now I still like you…”

Eheheh, Hiiragi-chan made an embarrassed laugh over the phone.

Aah, as I thought, I really like this person.

“Yeah. Me too…”


It was then.

The scenery in front of me changed completely, turning into the school classroom.

The date was, the one from before I returned to the present time. Strictly speaking, it was the next day, Monday morning.

That’s a relief. I somehow made it back. There should have been no reason for me to say that I was tired of it all. Exactly what happened?

The morning classes were over, and I was heading towards the world history preparation room like normal. As expected, Hiiragi-chan was already there, and she had spread out the bentou out on a sheet so that I can eat quickly.

“Seiji-kun, you probably think that I was definitely acting… don’t you?”

“Eh. Ahh, yeah.”

As usual, I was being given a lap pillow, and fed the bentou (karaage) using chopsticks.

“As I thought, you were definitely tired of me.”

I like karaage, it’s also really good though.


Hiiragi-chan had completely frozen up, and more and more tears began flowing from her eyes.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Why are you crying…?”

Hiiragi-chan disregarded me, who was on her lap, and stood up.


“S-Seiji-kun you idioooooooooot.”

She cried like a child, opened the door and ran out. Ah. I just said, that I was tired of it…

T—that’s what it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

“Senseeeeeeeeeei, I was talking about the karaage!”

I panicked and ran out of the preparation room as well. I ran because I thought that she had gone off somewhere, but she was really just sitting against the wall holding her legs.

Hiiragi-chan was sniffling as she cried.

“High schoolers are stupid… probably, some cute girl transferred right…? Fueeeeeeeeh.”

“That’s a misunderstanding! When I said I was tired of it, I was talking about…”

T-this is bad. From an outsider looking down the hall, it would seem like I had made Hiiragi-chan cry.

“A-anyways, let’s head back into the preparation room…”

I grabbed her arm, and went into the preparation room.

“Haruka-san, I was saying that I was tired of karaage. I wasn’t talking about you.”

“… Really?”

Hiiragi-chan, who’s eyes and eyelashes were wet from tears looked up at me. It’s unfair that her crying face was also cute.

“It wasn’t that you just happened to let slip the things that you were thinking about me from day to day?”

“It’s what I thought about the karaage. It isn’t that I felt tired of Haruka-san at all.”

Hiiragi-chan ended up running the two three steps of distance between us and gave me a hug.

“If it’s really true, then give me a kiss.”

“Didn’t I say we weren’t going to do that in school though…”

“Sensei, refuses your refusal to kiss.”

She was completely ready. Her eyes were closed, and her chin lifted slightly upwards. For convenience sake, she had elegantly stuck her lips out a little bit.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I gave her a kiss, but she held my head towards so I couldn’t back off, and it went into a long term battle.

“Probably, I’ll always like Seiji-kun. So, never leave.”

After ten years, it was just as Hiiragi-chan just said, she still liked me.


Rubbing our cheeks together, the tips of our noses would sometimes bump into each other awkwardly as we leaned our heads. Her lips were soft and warm. There was some sort of smell whether it was from shampoo or something else that was mixed into Hiiragi-chan’s sweet scent.

After I had cleared up Hiiragi-chan’s misunderstanding, we stayed like this for the rest of lunch break, so I didn’t end up finishing the bentou.

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24 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 13

  1. Ooh, the mystery deepens. His power to time leap will also give him revelations about the future so he can properly guide his relationship with sensei. Too bad he didn’t look up some lotto numbers or horse races while he was there though…

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hmm… What’s the trigger? Hiiragi-chan? Hmm??

    If Seiji back to the Highschool and Hiiragi in his Mind. Then this chapter Seiji back after contact Hiiragi. (._. i hope the chapter is Long enough for sate my Sugar


    • This is probably more like a love that should have been that didn’t happen. Basically something that should have occurred, didn’t occur, so maybe the time continuum is trying to pull things back into their proper shape and form.


  3. It’s bassicaly :
    Hiiragi-chan : do you hate me?
    Seiji : i hate..
    Hiiragi-cham : OMG,you so mean
    Hiiragi-chan then break up and suicide.
    Seiji : ..touaage


  4. Thanks!!!
      + +
     +     +
       ∧_∧ /
    +  ( n ´ ∀ ` n NEPUUUUU~~~♪
      /  ノ \
    The first bit of the story scared me… So the time traveling power can pull him to the present then the past like a guide for what he should do…. Is the Time God playing a prank here?


  5. Woah i got a little scared with how the chapter started lol, still cmon how do you have a misunderstanding that big ? lol cmon bro, cmon.

    Also the translation was a little iffy on this one.


    • It possible when the language used is Japanese. “Are you tired?” was said by Haruka in the sense of “Are you tired of me?” but understood by Seiji as “Are you tired of eating karaage everyday?”. So Seiji replies with “I AM tired.” in the sense of “I AM tired of eating karaage everyday.”, but Haruka understands this as “I AM tired of you, Haruka-san.” and thereby is broken-hearted, starts to cry and then runs only to lose her will to do anything and just collapse and cry to herself outside. Then Seiji remembering that 10 years later Haruka told him that they broke up because he said he was tired of her, quickly goes and tells her, “No! No! You’re mistaken! I meant that I’m tired of eating karaage single day! I’m not the slightest bit tired of you at all! Never!”.

      And that’s how you get a misunderstanding that big. Because it’s Japanese. The language where “No” can mean “No, we’re not sure yet but give us some time to consider your proposal.” rather than a flat out “NO!”. Which is why the Allies ended up ignorantly and idiotically shooting and sinking, thereby killing innocent warships and their crew even though they were considering surrender and had merely asked for some time to consider it, and were already not in battle mode. Yet they were killed in cold blood.


  6. I’m glad, there’s many things we can gather from this
    1)sana is probably really did become a model this time, she said “it’s for job” instead of “just a mood change” or anything, which means she’s Obliged to cut her hair somehow which can only mean, it’s a job that need her to have short hair so it won’t get in the way, like sportsman, chef, etc, or her model theme for the season think it suits her with short hair better
    2) Sana is closer to his brother, theress no other reasonto live together otherwise
    3) the guy may have a different job
    4) Haruka is too loyal
    5) timeskip may be triggered if some crucial change in their relationship is imminent, which means it might not be a phenomenon from his side, instead it might be from Haruka side
    6)his past self probably doesn’t intend to break up I th her as well, just he probably thought “it wasn’t a big problem” and downplay the conflict instead of hurriedly solving it like right now…. Or… He really did say it got boring, just Haruka makes it change so it became this current scenario.


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