The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 14

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Forbidden Love

◆Sanada Sana◆

Since I had cleared the game that I had borrowed from my brother, it should be about time to return it.

I left my room and walked to Nii-san’s room, where I heard a voice coming out from behind the door.

“Yeah… yeah… good night~”

Lately, once it turns night, all Nii-san does is stay holed up in his room without coming out at all. Even though just a little bit earlier, when Sana was playing games he would sometimes peek in and play games with me.

Since we had also started coming home separately more often, the times where I can properly see him face to face are really only breakfast, commuting to school, and dinner time.

—Hasn’t he been a little bit antisocial?

—Do you not know? He has a girlfriend now.

—So that’s why.

I have heard some of the guys from his classroom say stuff like that. Maybe Nii-san as well, also got one…?

I think there’s no way… but I’m still worried… Because of that, I tried asking Kana-chan to see how Nii-san was doing, but since they’re in completely different classes, she didn’t know anything at all.

Gently, I peek inside the room where Nii-san was sitting in a chair reading manga like usual.

“Nii-san? I cleared the game, so I came to return it.”

“Yeah. You can put it anywhere.”

“…Who were you talking with? Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

“… Just a friend from class.”

I see. That’s good.

Among girls, there are people who chat with each other over the phone even though they can meet the next day at school. It seems that’s also the case for guys.

“I something wrong?”

“Nothing… Tomorrow, we’re having lunch at the home economics club, alright?”

“Aah, you’re right.”

Since I was playing the same game as Kana-chan right now, if I refused her saying, “I’m currently busy so no,” that would not feel good. My plan of having something to talk about on our walk to school was easily waved off.

Muuu. I was a bit annoyed.


The next day, lunch arrived.

I was curious about Hiiragi-chan, but I understand that she’s a good teacher. There might not be any basis for it, I feel like Hiiragi-sensei has taken a liking to Nii-san. She’s cute… she can cook… she’s a mature woman, her chest is also bigger than Sana’s…….

That’s why, if she wanted to have a relationship, she shouldn’t do it with a student but with a fellow adult. However, if she likes Nii-san… While thinking about these things, I entered the home economics room. There, Nii-san was sleeping while leaning on his arm. Kana-chan and Hiiragi-sensei who were normally here first, were both not there.

I watched his profile nervously as my heart beat faster.


He didn’t seem to wake up even after I called and shook him.

“Sei-kun? If you don’t wake up, you won’t be able to eat, you know?”

I-if you don’t wake up…

I sneak a few looks around the home economics room. There was no sign of Kana-chan or Hiiragi-sensei coming anytime soon.

“I-if you don’t wake up Sana will do whatever she wants with you, okay?”

“Hey… are you really sleeping?”

“If you keep doing this, I’ll kiss you.”

“S-sana is completely serious, okay…?”

I lean my cheek against my hand in the same way and align my face with his.

Doki doki.

I approach to a distance where I could feel his breathing.

Doki doki…

Our noses end up bumping into each other. If he wakes up now—let’s stop.

Doki doki…

Or so I thought, he didn’t seem like he was waking up neither was anyone coming I then give Nii-san’s cheeks a squeeze. H-he wasn’t waking up…

Before Sana makes a mistake, please wake up, Nii-san. However, there was also the me who didn’t want him wake up.

“I’ll kiss you, okay…? I’m serious, you know…?”

Doki doki doki doki…!

In order for it not to get in the way, I set my long hair behind my ear.

“I-it’s just a l-little b-bit of a g-greeting of sorts.”

I bent my neck and kissed his lips.

Doki doki doki doki doki doki—!

It was a little bit rough, but it was also warm. J-just once more… one more time…


The Sana that was a little sister was making noise inside my mind.

“I-I can’t. Stop! A second time is impossible. We’re brother and sister, you know!?”

“I-it’s okay…. Sana, Sana likes Nii-san not just as brother and sister…”

“There’s no need for that.”


I gave him another kiss, when I heard the door open behind me.


T-this is bad. I move a distance away from Nii-san and reset my face. I was pulled back to reality in an instant. The person who came in was Sensei.

“Ah. Sensei… hello.”

Sensei made a stiff smile.

“Ah… yeah… hello…”

Uh oh…? She seems a little awkward… Did she maybe see what just happened…!?

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28 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 14

      1. Just this once??? Meaning… you doubted the harem??? Why… why would you betray me so???

        The only time I doubted the harem was in Gamers… but that’s cause Amano and Aguri just had that much chemistry together….


    1. Polyamory is the original innate nature humans. Thus why the ancients used to practice polygamy. It’s been scientifically proven. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just society’s rigid “morals” the have crossed into the realm of religion and ritualism that insist that we can’t do this or that.


      1. Not fully true. There are signs that we are more leaning towards Monogamy. It’s just that we also want to enjoy more. We humans kinda want both.

        Polygamy is mostly done when one person has drastically more power than the other. And in most cultures, it was frowned upon for women to have multiple lovers.

        Hell, if a man slept with multiple women, he would be viewed as having powerful, but he’d also be looked at as lascivious.

        Humans aren’t known for always wanting what is best for us, rather, we seem to seek temporary pleasure and think of the consequences later.

        When we see someone we like with someone else, we often feel pain even if we didn’t know we liked them. Because we naturally want t keep our loved ones to ourselves.

        I think the bigger issue with modern society is how we view sexuality and other issues. We try to view marriage as something sacred, but we also try to treat our partner as something separate from family.

        We put temporary emotions as a priority and wish to “follow our heart” even though our heart is like a f***ing 2 year old kid…. sure, you shouldn’t completely ignore it, but you should take it with a grain of salt.

        Humans are mixed creatures. When we want polygamy and things like that, it’s more because of carnal pleasure than pure relationship.

        When we chase monogamy, we really are wanting a deeper more meaningful relationship.

        But we want both… and it kinda doesn’t work. Cause we are stupid.

        But hey, that’s why we have porn.


      1. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with incest, even in real life. What matters is the DNA matching of defective genes between any two people who intend to have a child by each other. The rest is all outdated, draconic and anachronistic prejudiced and unscientific nonsense. To be honest, most married couples have an over 40% DNA match, which is similar to that of full-blooded siblings.

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      2. Cousin is completely finde. If you have children with relatives of second or third degree (same grandparents (cousins) and same great-grandparents), then you will can have the healthiest children possible with your genes. (source: multiple wikipedia entries)


  1. I can only imagine how bold the future Sana would have been seeing as she agreed to living together then.
    Thanks for the chapter!
    -also the link from ch11 to 12 is not there


  2. I finally made an account juat to say THANK YOU for translating this, I would even do as much as donating but unfortunately in the time being I’m just a student, even so I am really grateful of this.

    I don’t disagree with the harem, but seeing Hiiragi-sensei get really disappointed is kinda hard to see for me, but still (harem route it is) lol


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