The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 142

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Fateful Competition — Part 4

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

Today, the first Hasumori Miss Contest will be held.

There was a huge audience in the gym.

Since it’s a Saturday, students can freely choose to participate or not. However, whether they were here to cheer on their representative girl, or whether they had their own ulterior motives, there were way more students than I expected.

Looking around, I could see some middle schoolers that were aiming for our school, and also male students from other schools.

In the end, the only thing we really did to practice for the Miss Contest was karaoke. The rest was left to Hiiragi-chan.

This Miss Contest consisted of four categories: karaoke, cosplay, casual clothes, and special skills or talents.

Karaoke should be perfect, and her casual clothing should be cute, but… what is she going to do for cosplay? Is she going to do the witch cosplay she showed me before? More importantly, what special skills does she have?

Fujimoto spoke after looking at the timetable displayed at the entrance.

“Chan-Sana and Hiiragi-chan are both going to participate?”

“Yeah, so it seems.”

After an announcement from the event committee members, the judges were introduced.

There were five people, the chair for the event committee, the school president, the principal, the health teacher, and the music teacher. Each would evaluate based on a maximum of 10 points, and whoever got the most points would be the winner.

Apart from that, there will be an audience vote that will contribute to the results.

“… Sanada, isn’t this going to be an overwhelming victory for Hiiragi-chan?”

I wonder. According to who Fujimoto has mentioned, the other contestants seem to be a pretty good match. Especially Sana, who sees Hiiragi-chan as a rival, and even met up with Natsumi-chan to create plans.

“I wonder if there will be anyone who can match up to Hiiragi-sensei, who is called the cutest at this school. Live commentary will be done by me, Sanada, with analysis by Fujimoto-san. Nice to meet everyone.”

“Nice to meet everyone.”

Just as we started a random baseball broadcast skit, the event committee chair did a greeting. I wasn’t listening at all so I’ll omit that.

“The first category will be casual clothes. Adding onto that will be a simple self-introduction…”

Hiiragi-chan is probably fine, but will Sana be okay?

… Yesterday.

“Will Nii-san cheer for Sana?”

That’s what Sana asked as she went out of her way to come to my room.

“Well, I’ll support you. You’ve been doing your best in your own way after all.”

“Hmmm… More than Hiiragi-sensei?”

“About that same.”

“Nnnn! Nii-san no baka!”

Sana threw some abuse at me before leaving the room.

I ended up supporting Hiiragi-chan just because we were in a relationship, however, my true feelings were that I would support both of them. It’s also really rare for Sana to participate in something like this herself, and so as her older brother, it makes me want to support her.

As music started to play, a girl came out from off stage. It was a cute first year girl that I’ve seen quite often.

She came to the center of the stage, held the mic and gave a short self-introduction. With the moderator asking some questions, the process proceeded completely. After that ended, the judges gave their evaluations. Out of a max of 50 points, she got a pretty average score of 37 points.

“… Did Saa-chan go already?”

Kanata suddenly appeared next to us.

“Sana hasn’t gone yet.”

“… That’s good. I made it.”

It seems that Kanata overslept and ended up late. She had a slight bit of bed hair going.

On the stage, another person came out, gave an introduction and then was judged. And then the next.

“Is the world class shut-in Chan-Sana up yet…?”

“C-calm down, Fujimoto. In the end, she’s someone that’s pretty capable. D-don’t worry.”

As I thought it was about time, I became a bit nervous.

“Commentator Ii-san, what do you think? Normally, she isn’t someone to stand in front of a bunch of people.”

… What’s with this weird skit? I thought she would say something like that, but instead…

“—That’s true. She’s done quite a bit of preparation just for today, so I’m sure she’ll be able to show us a nice performance.”

She actually played along with this skit!?


Just as I was going to ask Kanata, my little sister finally showed up on stage.

She was wearing casual clothes I hadn’t seen her wear before, and she had a more mature feel about her…. That’s probably some clothes Natsumi-chan selected, right? She normally doesn’t do any makeup, and yet she had put it on perfectly today.

1, 2, I heard some voices starting up at the front.

“““Sana Sana! You’re so cute!”””

“… B-be quiet!”

It seems to be the supporting voices of girls from the same class. After walking like a model to the center of the stage, Sana was handed the microphone.

“Now then, let’s start with a self introduction.”

“Ah, yes…”

Her voice was tiny. I-is it going to be okay, Saa-chan?

Ohon, she cleared her throat.

“H-hi everyone! Sanada Sana here ☆ Please call me Sana Sana ♪ Nice to meet everyone!”

S-she’s acting like she’s an idol!?

Her smiling and sparkling expression gradually collapsed, and her face started to dye itself in a red color.


Sana, if you don’t throw away any sort of shyness, you’re going to feel needlessly more embarrassed. Even as the one watching, I’m embarrassed.

“… Saa-chan, so cute.”

Kanata was chuckling to the side of me.

“So cute…” “Who is that girl? A first year?” “Was there a girl like that at our school?” “She’s cool yet cute.” “Flat chest…”

I could hear the boys around us whispering to each other. Fujimoto, on the other hand, his eyes had turned to a point.

“Hey, isn’t Chan-Sana’s character, a little different from that?”

“Yeah. That’s why she’s that red right now.”

I-I see. Fujimoto was satisfied with that answer.

Now then, turning our attention to the judges. Committee chair, school president, principal, health teacher, music teacher—9, 8, flat chest is god, 7, 8.

“It appeared~ The god evaluation!”

Make your evaluation a number! What’s with this god? And don’t just casually announce that! It’s not normal, okay?

“So the principal likes flat chests.” “He’s completely let out his fetishes.” “Is that okay for a principal?”

“As for the total score— 1 god and 32 points!”

God is a unit!? … How many points is that equal to!?

A round of applause started up. Wait, this isn’t the time for that!

As I was in the middle of conflicting with myself, Kanata pulled on my clothes.

“… Seiji-kun. ‘God… used when you can’t really express it in points, or when score evaluation is unable to properly judge’.

Kanata showed me what was written on the timetable. Oh, so it’s a ‘precious’ sort of evaluation.

—Run. All the girls who are B cup and under, everyone run.

After that, the god evaluation was only given to Sana, and none of the other girls were able to obtain it.

And then, the last person, Hiiragi-chan appeared.

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    • “Flat chest is god”?! What the heck IS that?! I mean, I don’t mind, since Chinese women are mostly not very large breasted, usually B at most, quite a few are even A or AA, but, what’s with “1 god and 32 points”?! How do you even calculate the total?! How many points is “1 god”?


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