The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 143

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Fateful Competition — Part 5

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

“Hey, Seiji-kun, what should I wear for casual clothes round?”

“Wouldn’t anything you’ve worn on our dates work?”

“That seems kind of careless…”

“That’s not it, it’s just that I think anything would be cute.”

“…Gosh, if that’s what it is, then you should’ve just said it. I love you

… This was the type of flirty conversation that occurred between us a few days ago.

Now then, what type of clothes will she appear in.

Coming out from off stage, Hiiragi-chan was wearing a white one-piece dress with a white hat. It’s something that you might see only once in the summer, giving off the feeling of a sheltered noble lady.


Fujimoto hesitated with his words, and gulped loudly.

“I-it’s the thing that all virgins dream of ‘The older sister that you would love to meet in the summer countryside’!”

Aaah, I know what you mean. Every male has that kind of pure older sister living in the corner of their minds.

“I feel like I can see a field of sunflowers behind her… is that just my imagination?”

“No, me too. I can see the summer sun with a beautiful blue sky…”

“““So, this is the embodiment of our dreams—”””

Everyone could be heard swallowing in the audience. Well, at least all the males.

“… Hiiragi-sensei is strong.”

A comment came up from Kanata, who seemed to have confirmed something. Hiiragi-chan was handed the mic, and went into her self-introduction.

“Hello. Umm, speaking in front of a huge crowd like this is pretty nerve wracking…”

Hiiragi-chan made a cute embarrassed laugh.

“With those clothes, and that bashful smile—This is bad, we’ll lose some people here.”

Saying that, Fujimoto was vomiting blood.

“Hey, Fujimoto!?”

“S-such a pure older sister-like character… I really wanted to try… falling… in love… during the summer… like this once…”


I supported the weakened Fujimoto as I gently covered his eyes. Looking around, I could see about ten other people in similar states.

“My name is Hiiragi Haruka, and I’m in charge of world history. Despite all of this, I’m still a teacher. I was pushed to participate by all the other teachers, but since I’m doing this, I will do my best. Please support me ♪”

Giving a goddess-like smile, she waved her hand. It all seemed to have an immediate effect, as there were many audience members curled up and clutching their chests.

When Hiiragi-chan turned towards my direction and winked, the guys around me all collapsed onto the ground… A full map wipe.

As for the judges—a summer fling is god, Hiiragi-chan is god, the yearning of a virgin male is god (Is this sexual harassment?), 4, and 5.

“The total score is 3 gods and 9 points!”

Principal, if you’re worried about sexual harassment, then just make it a ten.

The health teacher and the music teacher (both female), gave harsh comments like, “Cliché is nice, but it wasn’t something that exceeded my expectations,” or “From a fashion standpoint, that seems too simple.”

Well, they certainly have a point.

The judging category is casual clothing, so the personality really shouldn’t be given any points. It pretty much got all the males though, so there were quite a few casualties.

At this point in time, whilst quite late, Natsumi-chan finally arrived.

“Hello! What’s it like right now?”

“They just finished self-introductions and casual clothing judging.”

“How was Sana-chan’s introduction?”

“She did her idol introduction while blushing bright red.”

“As I thought!”

Natsumi-chan started laughing.

“That’s your strategy?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Impact is important, right? There’s going to be a lot of people showing up. A lot of people know Haru-chan, so something simple is fine for her though.”

Doing something like that for the main stage seemed to be unexpected even for Natsumi-chan, who was the strategist.

“I never thought she would actually do it.”

Natsmu-chan laughed out loud.

Continuing on, the karaoke judging began.

“Is Sana-chan going to be okay? With that…”

Natsumi-chan let out a sigh. After asking, I found out that Sana had decided on the Breig theme song as expected. To pick such a song in front of a large audience like this… It’s fine I guess since it’ll draw quite a bit of attention…

Out of the participants that came out, many of them sung love songs, or sometimes more upbeat ones as well.

To sing a kids anime theme song… It’ll stand out… 100%… Everyone will be shocked speechless…

When it came around for Sana’s turn, she was handed a mic.

Once she gave a bow, the intro to the opening song flowed out.

“Wait, this song…” “It’s that anime one?”

While everyone was holding back their voices, the first verse began.

“… Oooohh— he….”

It might be because she was nervous, but she really didn’t project her voice. Well, it wasn’t even that, she didn’t even sing very well.

Even though she normally sings with a loud voice in the bath.

Natsumi-chan looked up at the sky in exasperation. Even she understands that this is bad. Sana’s expression gradually became stiffer, and it was easy to understand that she was panicking.

… It can’t be helped. Matching along with the melody, I sang with a loud voice. It was enough to gather attention in the gym.

“—— The promise!”

I would be able to sing the lyrics to this song without looking at them.

“——We made that daaaay!”

It’s super embarrassing. I could tell that everyone was looking in my direction. I could also feel my face burning red. Sana took a little bit before she noticed that something was going on.

Hey, Sana, it’s going into the chorus—

Seemingly understanding what I was trying to say, she began to sing the chorus perfectly.

Aaah, that’s a relief. Patting my chest, I scrunched up my neck as if trying to run away from all the attention.

“… Nice, Seiji-kun.”

“Geez, such a kind older brother.”

Kanata gave a thumbs up, while Natsumi-chan was elbowing me in the side.

I told them to be quiet in order to hide my embarrassment, which caused both Kanata and Natsumi-chan to laugh at me.

Sana’s karaoke judging ended up terrible, but that can’t be helped.

As my eyes met with Sana’s on the stage, she formed the words “Thank you” with her mouth.

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