The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 144

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Fateful Competition — Part 6

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

It finally came around to Hiiragi-chan’s turn for karaoke judging.

“I wonder what Haru-chan is going to sing… As her sister, I’m somewhat worried…”

Just as she was saying, Natsumi-chan was making a very worried expression.

“Well, why don’t you just see for yourself.”

“Aren’t you full of confidence?”

Hiiragi-chan appeared on stage and picked up the mic.

The intro to the song that we practiced during our karaoke session started.

“What’s with this song? It’s super intense.”

“… I know this song. It’s one from a minor rock band of some sort.”


Rock is rock, specifically, this would be melodic hardcore punk . It could be said to be quite an intense side to rock. It’s pretty much a genre that you would never imagine from Hiiragi-chan.

This type of band has its own unique quirks, and can be quite difficult to get everyone to accept them. With that in mind, I picked a song from the band that was more comfortable on the ears.

“Unexpected, right?”

When I spoke to Natsumi-chan and Kanata, both of them nodded at the same time.

It can be said to be intense and nice to listen too, however, to some people it might feel noisy.

The lyrics are all in English.

As she was singing while wearing the clothing of a summer goddess, there was more of a gap than I expected. I could tell that everyone was bewildered as they listened.

Hiiragi-chan was normally airheaded, but with the practice, she now looked really cool. The second part changed to Japanese lyrics, so it added a gimmick that would prevent people from getting bored while listening to it.

Once she finished singing, a large round of applause occurred. The total judging points, 46 points. The highest point total during the karaoke judging.

“Thief-kun, you did well to think of that plan.”

“It’s only because I normally listen to rock music. It has quite the impact, right?”

Natsumi-chan groaned in regret, as she seemed to convey that I had taken a point off of her.

“Haru-chan had that kind of talent…”

The supposedly hard to sing English portion was easily bypassed, so that really could be called an unexpected talent.

“Here’s a review of the judging in the Miss Contest so far. At the current moment, Hiiragi-sense is at the top with 3 gods, second place is Sanada Sana-san with 1 god, and going on after that—”

So, a god is the best… what’s the meaning of the point total then!

Next is cosplay.

Cosplay, and special skills. I haven’t asked her anything yet. I wonder what she’ll do?

The girls came out from off stage dressed as standard nurses, policewomen, and anime characters and explained their costume.

Then, it came to Sana’s turn.

What Sana came out in was the cat maid costume that I had discovered she had around Halloween.

“Uwah, that really suits Sana-chan.”

“… Saa-chan is really cute.”

Both Natsumi-chan and Kanata had good impressions.

“… This is, as you can see, a maid with cat ears.”

Sana faced the mic and answered in an almost annoyed tone.

“Are there any traits that you would like us to see in particular?”

“Not really…”

Looking at the point total, “10, 8, cold eyes are god, 7, 8”.

After the principal continued to reveal all his fetishes with his judging, the PTA and the Board of Education started to make a fuss.

A PE teacher appeared from off stage, and during all the buzz from the crowd, he held onto the principal tightly.

“Eh!? Wait, what!? What are you doing!?”

The struggling principal was taken away by the PE teacher.

Ah… Principal, it’s because you kept going overboard without any regret…

Today’s incident will probably be talked about quite a bit after this.

“Umm, in place of the principal, the vice principal will join the judging board.”

Once the vice principal reached the principal’s spot on the judge’s seat, everyone settled down.

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7 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 144

    1. There’s nothing wrong with what the Principal did. The PTA and Board of Education are as usual being narrow-minded and rigid. I say this as a member of a family lineage the produces a number of excellent teachers, lecturers, researchers, scholars, and officials. We’ve survived for over 5000 years using our wisdom, intellect, experience, and knowledge. Our talents lie in educating people and discovering new wisdom and knowledge. The Principal did NOTHING wrong. This I say from an educational point of view. Fetishes are only bad if you act on them by trying to actually fondle or molest people. It’s harmless if it’s just as words or in the mind.


      1. Do you have any clue how uptight and pretentious you sound? (Probably not) I know you like to make your comments tooting your own horn a lot, but this is some next level stuff. Yikes!


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