The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 146

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Fateful Competition — Part 8

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

For the total score, Sana was at 6 gods, and Hiiragi-chan was at 4 gods. At the current moment, Sana has made a huge comeback in the special skills category.

Finally, it came around to Hiiragi-chan to display her own special talent. Two students, who seemed to be from the event committee, carried something large onto stage before setting it down with a clunk. Behind it, they placed a cushion.

“Oooh. I see, so that’s what it is.”

Natsumi-chan raised her voice full of confidence.

“I see, I see.”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Settle down, just watch. It’s so obvious that I forgot about it, but it certainly can be called a talent.”

Hiiragi-chan’s talent… it seems to be related to the flat object placed on the stage. I could also tell that there were some strings 

“…Ah, is it that?”

Kanata seemed to have picked up on something, and at the same time, Hiiragi-chan appeared on stage.

She was wearing a kimono with light blue tones. Her long hair was tied up behind her as she primly walked over and sat down on the cushion. With her good posture, it gave off a dignified atmosphere.

“Koto…?” [1]

My muttering seemed to be correct as Natsumi-chan nodded in response.

“In the Hiiragi family, things like flower arrangements, and tea ceremonies are beaten into us. Same with the skills required to play this type of instrument.”

For Natsumi-chan, however, it seems that she quit quite quickly as she didn’t like it.

Hiiragi-chan held something like a nail in her hand. According to Natsumi-chan’s analysis, it was called a kotozume.

When she started playing the strings, a soft gentle sound came out, giving off a solemn feel. During New Years, this is a sound that can be heard quite often.

She ended up performing some songs that any Japanese person would know, and even played some popular pop culture songs.

Once she gave a bow, the audience gave a round of applause.

“Haru-chan, that’s so childish. You’re completely serious.”

“… Sensei can wear a kimono by herself?”

“She can at least do that much. She probably made her preparations as she was waiting.”

I have once again been made to realize how high Hiiragi-chan’s specs are. She’s a complete klutz when she’s around me though.

In total, she got one god from the music teacher, and 38 points, giving her an almost max score.

If we’re only counting gods… Hiiragi-chan has 5 gods.

Huh? That means…?

With this, judging was complete, and all participants gathered on stage. The top 5 were announced in order.

After three names were announced, Hiiragi-chan and Sana were the last two left.

“Well then, next is——the announcement for the runner up. The runner up for the first Miss Contest is——Hiiragi-sensei!”

A large round of applause occurred. Hiiragi-chan then gave her thoughts on the results with an embarrassed expression.

“I thought that this was a little bit childish, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that was great.”

Saying that, she ended her comment.

“The winner of the prestigious Miss Contest is, first year class E, Sanada Sana-san!”

As a big round of applause and cheering arose, Sana fumbled around when she was handed the microphone.

“… Ummm… I-I’m really happy… and surprised.”

Her voice is so quiet.

She ended up winning against Hiiragi-cahn, so it’s probably an unexpected outcome for her.

“… Saa-chan, a tremendous victory.”

“Chan-Sana will probably be treated as an idol by all the guys from now. There comes a day when a person with talent will spread their wings and fly away…”

Fujimoto nodded with deep emotion.

“Sana-chan gave her all in defeating Haru-chan. She won due to her enthusiasm. I did think that she messed up during the karaoke though.”

Natsumi-chan laughed a bit as she waved her hand and left.

Following the rest of the audience who were leaving the gym, the rest of us also left the venue.

After waiting for her, Sana came over while holding a trophy.

“Good work.”

“…Yeah. I’m tired.”

I was instantly given the trophy. The two of us followed the road home together.

“I won against Hiiragi-sensei”

“Yeah. I saw. You did your best. Congratulations on winning.”

“Thank you.”

I thought I’d get her something to celebrate, but I couldn’t think of anything.

“Why don’t we go buy something next time? To celebrate your victory.”

“Is that okay? Really!?”

“It’s fine. Your brother isn’t a NEET, and properly makes money at a part time job.”

“T-then, let’s go buy… some games sometime.”

This person really is a hardcore gamer in the end. Of course, the first she would want isn’t an accessory or anything like that.

“What is it? Why are you staring so much at Sana?”

“No, I was just thinking that this would become good for your future.”

“… What… did you think? Of the illustration that is.”

She asked fearfully, and so I answered.

“It’s a nice hobby. It’s really good.”

Sana’s tense expression softened.

“I was once secretly drawing in class, but it was found out by someone, and they called it disgusting and dark. So, I ended up not drawing at school.”

I patted her delicate shoulders.

“Be proud of it. That’s how you’ll be able to eat after all.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Uhhh… It’s nothing, just that it would be great if you could become a pro just like that. Or something along those lines…?”

I tried to muddy the waters.

“Then, Sana will continue to play more games, read more manga, and watch more anime.”

“It’s fine like that.”

Yeah, Sana smiled.

“A new game, Sana should have you buy. Guess there really was something good to come out of participating in the contest.”

With Sana in a great mood, she began to talk about what to buy from the recently released games.

That night, Hiiragi-chan called.

“Seiji-kuuuun… I lost to Sana-chaaan…”

She was crying over the phone.

“That’s too bad. However, I really got to see a lot of unexpected sides from Haruka-san, so I thought it was good.”

“Really? … If that’s the case then it’s all good.”

She was originally super sad, but after praising her a bit in different places, she regained her mood.

Hmmm. As expected, the impression that I get from the “Hiiragi-sensei” that stands in the public view really is different from Hiiragi-chan.


  1. A traditional Japanese string instrument, which looks like a long table with strings strung over it.

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6 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 146

  1. So Sana win, huh? well guess that that. just too bad she would get reject when she confess later on, the only true rival in the end is Natsumi considering what happen in the future, and that counting that the fact he going out with her is not just a fake fact like to cover the fact that Haruka-chan his going out with one of her student. and let not talk about Kanata, which have 0 development in fact I began to doubt if she even love him…

    Thank for the chapter!


    • Still i don’t really see her sister as a rival. Especially since the story overall has been written. The only one the mc should end up with is Hiiragi. If that doesn’t happen, i don’t even see the point of him going back in time to begin with to confess to her. Since it was the biggest regret he had in his whole life. Even in other timelines when they some how failed to end up together, she still said she loved him. It’s the only ending that should be. If it anything else happens, there was literally then no point to this story at all. :/


  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

    I did not expect Sana to win the contest but oh well. Hopefully we’ll get to see what caused the rift between the siblings soon..


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