The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 148

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No Good or Bad

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

It was lunch break, with only a few days left till winter break. I was in the home economics room eating my lunch. The members included were Sana, Kanata, and Hiiragi-chan.

“How was everyone’s finals? Did you guys do okay?”

Hiiragi-chan brought out a very teacher-like topic. As always, I didn’t really struggle that much with them. You can’t say that my scores are amazing, but they are at least going to be considered average within the school.

“Well, it was so so.”

“… Same here, no issues.”

“I see, I see. What about Sana-chan?”

Sana, who had been eating her lunch with an expression that said she didn’t want to be involved, stopped all of a sudden.

“S-Sana did great, it was completely fine.”

Really? Can you say that again without averting your eyes?

“The tests will come back soon, I guess we’ll see what you meant by ‘completely fine’ then.”


During testing season, she would always head straight to playing games after returning home. I can’t say that’s great. Ah, that’s right.

“Kanata said that I should care for her a bit more.”

“…What are you talking about?”

No, it’s nothing, I said as I shook my head. Even if I’m told to care about Sana more, I’m really clueless on exactly what I should do.

“I can help you with your studies, you know?”

“Why are you talking so condescendingly?”

“It’s because I’m ahead of you both in smarts and school year.”

See, even if I give her extra consideration, it always turns out like this.

“It’s fine. I’m not going to get failing grades anyways.”

Hmph, Sana looked the other way… That would be good if that’s the case.

Now that I think about it, I do remember our mother hugging her head while looking at Sana’s grades, asking her what she was doing at school.

“Y-yesterday, there was that thing on TV.”

Sana changed the subject, as if trying to run away.

“The thing about fetishes?”

That’s some topic to bring up right now.

“You’re really going to bring this up when I’m here?”

This is super awkward! It’s even hard for me to talk about it.

“B-be quiet. Just happened to remember it, so it can’t be helped!”

Hiiragi-chan chuckled to herself after watching our exchange.

“Does Sana-chan have one?”

Towards her Hiiragi-chan’s question,

“S-Sana, doesn’t especially have something like that…”

While curling her hair with her finger, Sana covered her eyes. Even after bringing it up yourself, you don’t have anything?

“You say that, but what is it really?”

Hiiragi-chan once again asked with a teasing expression. When she makes this sort of face, she’s almost like Natsumi-chan.

Sana spoke in a quiet voice while blushing.

“I-I’ll tell you later.”

“So you do have one. Then, let’s hear it from you later.”

Ufufu, Hiiragi-chan gave her goddess smile.

During that, Kanata raised her hand all of a sudden.

“Yes, Kanata.”

I took on the role of an MC, and gave Kanata the right to speak.

“…This fetish might be a little bit particular, but is that okay?”

I-it does seem like it would be pretty particular! She seems like she would have some super maniacal and specific point of interest.

“G-go ahead.”

“… Voices. I like voices.”

That’s quite a good one! It’s not annoying at all! Sana and Hiiragi-chan were both quietly listening with great interest.

“Just as an example, what type of voice do you like?”

“Maybe, a low voice? But it can’t be too low, and it needs to be clear. I really like a low voice that makes you feel at ease.”

It’s actually super particular! We’ve gotten into quite a lot of detail!

“That is, something Sana might understand a bit of as well. A good voice is nice.”

I’m sure it is, after all it’s a good voice. Seemingly in agreement, Hiirag-chan nodded.

“Hey, Kanata, what about my voice?”

“…Seiji-kun’s voice? I wonder, I can’t tell. Can you say… mentaiko by my ear.” [1]

What a bizarre word choice! So, I guess she doesn’t like it.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me…”

I stood up from my seat, and approached Kanata’s ear with my mouth.

“… Mentaiko.”

Is this okay? After trembling a bit, Kanata raised her thumb.

“You passed.”

What did I pass in the first place?

“Does Sensei have any?”

I tried asking Hiiragi-chan after she closed her eyes and nodded.

“I don’t have anything that big, but maybe smiles?”

Both Sana and Kanata were beat.

“Sensei, bringing up such an announcer like answer…”

“Eh? I-I can’t. I really think that smiles are nice though, since they really show a person’s personality.”

Hiiragi-chan made a shy smile as she took a short and quick glance at me from the side. I do remember her complimenting me about it quite a bit.

“Seiji-kun’s smile is cute, so I like you.”

As usual, getting called cute by a girl is a little ambiguous, but it’s most definitely a compliment and not anything bad. Even I like her smile. It’s embarrassing though, so I can’t tell her up front.

“J-just in case, how about Nii-san?”

“No, it’s fine. It’ll probably make people mad if I said it.”

“I’m also curious, you know? Sanada-kun, what fetish do you have?”

Kanata also seemed to be interested, as she was nodding her head up and down.

“But this is a little bit… awkward to say.”

“Just say it. If you resist this much, then it’ll make people want to know even more.”

Sana spoke out sharply with the other two giving their full attention. I reluctantly decided to say it.


Hiiragi-chan made a saint-like expression as she slowly nodded.


Sana made a big sigh, like one of those drunkards at a bar.

“This is why boys are stupid and hated.”

“I only said it because you told me to.”

Kanata muttered quietly.

“… Chest… it’s not fun or interesting at all…”

“Why do I have to be insulted like this?”

Ah, do these girls possibly think that I only like big chests?

“That’s not it. Listen to the end. It doesn’t matter the size.”

“That’s what all guys say.”

What do you know about guys?

“Can’t you guys listen until the end? There’s a difference in chests when it comes to size, but there’s a nobility to small ones.”

In other words, breasts are all precious, they all have their own charm.

—That quote-like phrase just flashed through my mind.

“That’s a good way of putting it…”

Hiiragi-chan narrowed her eyes and gave a benevolent expression.

“…You’re basically a chest alien.”

Kanata looked at me with pity.

Sana, who hadn’t reacted, quietly whispered to Kanata.

“Hey, what’s ‘nobility’?”

You don’t understand that? Isn’t my quote ruined then?

“… It means that whether they’re large or small, there’s nothing bad about them.”

“Even if they’re small, they’re lewd…!?” [2]

That was a weird way of mishearing that.

Sana hid her chest with her arms, as if wary of me.

“Nii-san… you’ve been looking at your sister’s chest in that way…”

“I haven’t!”

I waved my hand first in order to deny instantly.

“Well, that’s everyone so far, it’s your turn now.”

“F-for Sana, arm… arm muscles. The type that really sticks out.”

““I totally understand.””

The other two people overwhelmingly supported that fetish.

“Sanada-kun’s also come out, right?”

“Eh? You mean these?”

I curled my arms, and made a fist, causing my muscles to stick out a bit.

“Yeah, that ♡”

“Wait, Saa-chan, you’ve been looking at your brother with…”

“I haven’t! N-nii-san doesn’t have those kinds of muscles!”

No, wait, but you can see them.

“… Saa-chan, calm down. You probably thought that you hid it pretty well that you were talking about your brother, but it’s super obvious. If you keep trying to hide it like this, it’ll be needlessly embarrassing.”

“That’s wrong!”

Leaving her lunch half finished, Sana left the home economics room just like that.

“Sana-chan is so cute…”

Hiiragi-chan watched her with warm eyes.


  1. Mentaiko is cod roe. The tiny red fish eggs that they sometimes put on sushi.
  2. The first word for bad or disgusting was iyashii, which sounds similar to iyarashii, the word for lewd.

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