The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 149

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Plans for Winter Vacation and Supplementary Lesson

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

There are only a few days left until Christmas. One day during lunch break, that topic ended up coming up in our conversation between the home economic club members.

“What does everyone here normally do for Christmas?”

Hiiragi-chan casually asked the three of us. From our earlier talks, it was decided that our Christmas party as a club was going to occur on Friday, the 22nd. We just picked a day where it would be easy for all members to gather, as there was a slightly earlier closing ceremony that day.


What do I do… I don’t really do anything… Waking up at around 10, playing games, taking a nap, playing games—it usually goes something like that.

“Don’t you have something? Like decorating a tree, or eating this or that every year?”

“… At our place, my little brother and sister are both very small, so we bring out a small tree and decorate it together as siblings.”

That’s unexpected. Kanata is actually the oldest sibling.

“What does the Sanada family do?”

When we were asked, Sana, who had been quiet until now, finally lifted her head.

“… Can’t…”


“Sana, can’t go…!”

Her lips were trembling as she looked about to cry.

“It’s because of supplementary lessons!”

Aah. She definitely did badly on those finals. It’s because she didn’t study at all and continued to play games with me…

As for me, I get somewhere between 65-80 points in every subject. Well, studying goes okay, and that’s fine. My entrance exams aren’t until next year anyways.

Sana, who had dropped her shoulders, let out a ghost like voice.

“The subjects with failing grades are math and english… both are things that Sana is very bad with…”

A failing grade at our school would be below 30 points. Sana had faraway eyes as her face paled.

“It was fun back then…”

Don’t run away from reality!

“… Saa-chan, that’s why I told you I would help you study. You kept saying that you wanted to play games with Seiji-kun though—”

“Sana didn’t say anything like that!”

While having a worried expression, Hiiragi-chan spoke after suddenly remembering something.

“What about the retake? There’s a retake exam right?”

“T-that’s true, but… it’s the day after tomorrow. It’s impossible…”

“The supplementary lessons are going to be during winter break, so a Christmas party would be hard, right…?”

Sana sniffled as she answered Hiiragi-chan’s questions.


It was a fun conversation that had suddenly dropped all at once. Geez, it’s because she acted like it was nothing… Even if it’s her own doing though, I still feel sorry for her. Winter break every year has been a fun time of us devoting time to playing the new games that we bought too.

“If it’s the day after tomorrow, then there’s today, and tomorrow. There’s still time. Saa-chan, don’t give up.”

“Don’t call me Saa-chan.”

“I’ll teach Sana. Studying that is. If she it’s the level of first years, I can’t exactly ask unrelated people to teach her.”

“Yeah. That sounds good. If it’s Sanada-kun, he’ll probably be able to teach better than me.”

Are you really okay with that declaration, Hiiragi-chan?

“…Then, I’ll leave Saa-chan to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

“S-Sana hasn’t said anything about agreeing to—”

“I’m the most suitable for this. We’re living in the same house after all, so I can accompany you any time.”

“I-if you do that—Sana will become smarter!”

“With that declaration you’re definitely stupid.”

Rather, is it a bad thing to become smarter?

“This isn’t just for your sake. It’s for everyone. This way we can have a fun Christmas party together. We can’t just leave someone out of it.”


That line seemed to have worked, as Sana stopped voicing any complaints.

“Now then, since we’re in a hurry, let’s head straight home and start studying.”

“Uuu… I don’t like it at all, and yet I can’t even say that…”

It seems she’s ready to put a bit of effort into it now.

Once we got home, I instantly did my job as Sana’s home tutor.

“Why are you in Sana’s room?”

“It’s because you’re the only one studying.”

Is that so, Sana said as she pulled out her textbook and notes.

“What’s the victory condition this time? How many points do you need to get?”

“As long as Sana doesn’t need to take supplementary lessons, an average score on the retake is necessary.”

“How many points did you get in the first place?”

“I-it’s fine. It’s just a failing grade. Since it’s a failing grade, it doesn’t matter how many.”

“Even if you say that, if I don’t understand what you don’t know, I won’t be able to teach you.”

Ah. I guess that’s her answer sheet? I was able to take a glance at a clear folder that was in her bag.

“It’s got to be in the tens—”

I quickly pulled out the clear file, causing Sana to complain and try to steal it back. After dodging her attempts, I took a look inside.

I found her math answer sheet. Next to her name in the right corner, a red 3 was written.

“Eh? Three points? Three points!?!?”

“Aaaaaah!? Don’t look.”

Sana instantly slammed down on her answers.

“Are you for real…?”

It was left speechless. If I’m thinking about my little sister’s future, I really wonder if it might be better to just have her take supplementary lessons.

“I-it’s only because ‘Listening to the voice of god’ didn’t work this time!”

“When you say ‘Listening to the voice of god’ are you talking about rolling the dice?”

“That’s right. When I was taking high school exams, I awakened to the ‘voice of god’.

“What are you talking about, awakening a new power? You’re already in a terrible spot if you have to rely on that…”

“Be quiet! If it goes well I can even get past 20 points!”

“In the end, it’s still a failing grade. You were already in a bad spot before all of this.”

I try to think of the future. Looking inside her pencil case, I found several normal pencils. This is despite the fact that she uses a mechanical pencil… Looking closer, I found that they were triangular and hexagonal shaped pencils. On each surface there was an A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 written on it.

—She even has various types based on the choices that are available!?

There were alphabetical and numerical symbols written on hexagonal pencils, but there was one side with words written on it.

[Roll one more time.]

Is this Suguroku!? [1]

“Gosh! Can you stop looking inside someone else’s pencil case!?”

“It’s because you’re leaving it to luck that you end up failing…”

The English answers were done in pretty much the same way it seems, as the score for that was 7.

“Isn’t that completely different! It’s at least double the math score!”, so Sana complained.

“Single digits, is single digits…” I said with a sigh.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll teach you as if you were a kindergartener.”

“Sana is a genuine high school girl.”

“Of course, I know that!”

I’m just saying that I need to prepare myself for that or else I’ll have trouble teaching you.

When I started teaching her, she was unexpectedly a fast learner. Isn’t Sana just a person that can do it if she puts her mind to it?

“Nii-san, after Sana avoids lessons, let’s play over Christmas. It’ll be fine with this as my one wish from the sports festival.”

Christmas eve was a date with Hiiragi-chan the whole day, so other than this, I had no plans on Christmas day. Besides, I did say that I would listen to anything she asked.

“… Well, that’s fine. However, it’s going to be both english and math, okay?”

“Got it.”

Putting some effort into it, Sana solved the math problems.

I’ll at least make my report to Hiiragi-chan. After sending a text to her behind Sana’s back, I instantly got [Understood!] as a reply.

Sana, who had brought out some mysterious concentration, studied math until dinner, and after that worked on English.

It was the same the next day, after she started studying there was never a break in her concentration. Once I teach her the parts she doesn’t understand, she instantly picks it up.

“…When you’re working on illustrations, is your concentration like this as well?”

“It doesn’t matter, right?”

As she was solving the problems quietly, with her eyes still focused on her notebook, Sana called out to me.

“Sana wants to go out to town and walk around on Christmas.”

“If you can avoid supplementary lessons.”

Yeah, she said in a small voice, before continuing to move her mechanical pencil.

It was then the day of the retake exam. The three of us waiting in the home economics room were able to hear the sound of footsteps approaching. Sana then appeared after opening the door enthusiastically.

“Tremble in the overwhelming power of Sana.”

After saying a very chuunibyou line, my sister showed off the score and answer sheet for the two subjects.

Math, which had an average score of 62, ended up as a 64, and English, which had an average score of 55, ended with a 58.

S-she barely made it!

“That’s great… Sana-chan, you really did your best.”

“O-of course. It’s just that Sana doesn’t normally try!”

“… Saa-chan, good work.”

“Thanks, Kana-chan.”

The score isn’t something to brag about, but she was able to avoid supplementary lessons.

Sana quickly entered the room. I definitely wasn’t the only one who could hear the smugness within her footsteps.

Hmph, she arrogantly lifted her chin and flipped her hair.

“Nii-san, you have something to say, right?”

“If you didn’t play games all the time during the testing period, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“B-be quiet! Can’t you just honestly praise me!”

“Good work. You did your best.”

“You should have just said that from the start.”

Saying that in a quiet voice, Sana averted her face.

Just like this, we were finally able to continue our conversation about the Christmas party.

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  1. I’m guessing that the sister will end up running into her brother and waifu during the date. lol I just hope things go better and the mc finds a way to make things work. Although i guess ending up with hiiragi is the end game anyways. lol


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