The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 150

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There are Things You Don’t Want Others to See

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

I, who had accidentally left my DVD at Hiiragi-chan’s place last night, came by her place early in the morning.

The reason I came this early in the morning, was because we didn’t watch the movie even though I brought it with me. That would have been fine, but because we didn’t open it, I was worried about the contents within.

I can’t help but wonder whether the inside is what the package says it contains.

I have a bit of a careless personality, so I often end up shuffling around DVD’s and AV’s and have no idea what’s inside at all.

Hiiragi-chan said that I could pick it up the next time I go by, but it really is never too early for me to do that.

I pressed the doorbell.

It’s eight in the morning, she should have woken up.

After waiting for a bit, I could hear someone opening the door from the other side.


Her voice was super sleepy. The door opened slightly, and she poked her head out of a gap so that I could see it.

“Haruka-san, good morning.”

“Eh!? S-Seiji-kun!?”

Batan! The door was slammed shut.

“Eh, wait, what!?”

That’s weird, it’s different from the reaction I expected! Normally, she would be greeting me with a full welcome.

“Y-you were working today, right? W-what’s wrong?”

Why is she so panicked? Is there something that would be bad for me to see… Ah, n-no way, it can’t be another guy, right…!?

There’s no way… no way…

“I should be the one asking what’s wrong!? Why did you suddenly shut the door!?”


She hesitated as if it was hard to say. H-hey… that can’t be true, Hiiragi-chan.

“C-can you please listen to what I need!”

I heard the sound of the door chain being put on. That’s how much she doesn’t want me to enter…?

“I just want to get the DVD I forgot yesterday.”

“A-alright, it’s by the sofa, so I’ll go get it. Wait a moment.”

“Can you please let me in?”

“Why are you being so polite?”

“I’m just wondering whether my girlfriend is being unfaithful in any way.”

“T-there’s no way that could be true! Rather, can you stop it with the polite speech!”

“Then why did you put on the chain, and force me to stand outside.”

“Uuuu… T-then, 30 seconds, wait 30 seconds! I’ll take off the chain.”

What is that time for? Is it enough time for a guy to get forced into a closet…

Aaaaahh… I can’t go to work like this. As I was feeling frustrated, the door finally opened.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“Haruka-san, what’s with that?”

“It’s nothing, nothing at all, eheheh.”

Hiiragi-chan was wearing large sunglasses and a mask, making her look like a dragonfly… Is she sick? She wasn’t like that yesterday? Moreover, she’s wearing sunglasses while inside…? I feel like she wasn’t wearing anything earlier.

“Come on in. Have you had breakfast? Since you have time until work, I’ll make you some.”

She’s suddenly back to normal. She does have the sunglasses and the mask, so I guess it’s not completely normal though.

While confused, I entered the room. Just in case, I checked the restroom, bath, bedroom, the closet, and any place where one person could fit into. There was nothing.

“Then, what exactly was that earlier…?”

Also, the DVD inside the package just happened to be the disc with the correct movie.

“Are you sick?”

“Eh? Uuh, yeah! That’s right, keho keho.”

Her coughs seem to be forced. 

“What’s with the sunglasses?”

“The morning sun is pretty bright in this room.”

No, but the curtains are completely shutting out any light.

That’s suspicious… She does look like she has a cold, but it almost feels like an excuse.

I waited for 15 minutes. Two pieces of toast, an omelete, and salad were prepared. Enough for two people. 

“Wait a bit, okay?”

With the ketchup on her other hand, Hiiragi-chan drew a heart on my omelet.

“I’ve wanted to try doing this at least once.”

Her muffled laugh seemed full of satisfaction, but I couldn’t tell her what her expression was at all.

After giving thanks for the meal, I started to eat. She took the mask off since it was in the way.

“Yeah. The omelet tastes great ♪”

She gave herself some praise looking satisfied. At that moment, I took off her sunglasses.

“Wait, what are you doing!?”

“What am I doing…?”

Hiiragi-chan was using both her hands to cover her face.

“Why are you hiding your face?”

“O-of course, I’ll hide it…. I-I don’t have makeup on…”

Ooh. That’s what it was. I was finally convinced. Her closing the door all of a sudden, not letting me in, and making me wait 30 seconds for her to put on sunglasses and a mask, all of it, was to stop me from seeing this.

Thinking back, I’m usually the one to sleep earlier than Hiiragi-chan and then wake up later than her. That’s why I haven’t seen her without makeup.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. You’re still cute.”

“Even if you say that, it’s no good. Hurry up and give me back my sunglasses.”

Ku. Flattering her had no effect.

If I bring it a level up—

I used both my hands and quickly stripped off the mask covering her face.


“Aaah. I see.”

She was hiding it, so I was wondering how it was, but nothing really changed.

“Stop iiiiit. Don’t looook.”

Hiiragi-chan rampaged around on her chair while shaking her head. Well, around her eyes, and maybe around her lips as well, it’s a little simpler or more mellow compared to with makeup.

“Your skin is pretty, so I still think you’re cute.”

“P-pretty skin? R-really?”

The compliment seems to have landed a critical hit. Wait wait, please stop, don’t stare at me that much.

“Yeah. Really. Also, if you hide it like that, it makes other people even more curious, no makeup Sensei.”

“It’s not Sensei, I’m currently the no-makeup Haruka-san.”

“I don’t even think it’s a face you need to hide.”

“I want you to see me at my best, so seeing me like this is definitely no good.”

“Still, I really don’t feel like it changes much.”

I wanted to tell her that she’s cute with or without makeup, but I guess this had the reverse effect.

“No, there’s a big difference.”

Her face was serious with a low voice. No makeup. Her true expression.

“Y-yeah. Sorry…”

While I was apologizing, Hiiragi-chan recovered her sunglasses at the speed of light and put them on.

“I’m happy that you came over for a surprise, but girls have their own preparations. Got it.”

She poked me in the nose.

“Got it.”

“If you got it, then good.”

Just like this, I spent my time until I needed to leave for work with Hiiragi-chan relaxing and eating breakfast.

“If Seiji-kun says he wants to see, then I guess I could let you.”

She made a very tsundere-like statement.

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3 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 150

    • Yeah, I also want to look my best at all times when people can see me. I don’t want others to see me when I don’t look my best. It’s embarrassing and feels like something is missing and feels really shameful. Don’t ask me why, just natural emotions and instincts.


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