The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 157

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Secretly in the Classroom

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

I once again time leaped and moved forward 10 years. As for the date and time, it was just 2 hours after Sana and I bought the game and split off from each other.

In order to buy a Christmas present, I made a stop at the department store, before heading to school where Hiiragi-chan was working.

The cost for the present was taken from my precious 3000 yen savings that I withdrew from the ATM. I have finally hit rock bottom. I don’t have any confidence that she will be happy with it, but I do think that it would be nice if she’s happy with it.

After arriving at the closest station, I aimed for the school on my bike and arrived around 15 minutes later.

“The front gate is closed…?”

I thought it would be open for students who had club activities, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess there weren’t any club activities at school today?

Since it can’t be helped, I went around to the staff parking lot and found Hiiragi-chan’s car.

I could see the staff room from there. I peeked through the window and found that the inside was empty.


Where did Hiiragi-chan go? The car is here, so that means she must be here at school.

The back door was open, so I entered through it. At Hiiragi-chan’s desk, there was an open laptop with a shining pale light. The screen showed a document being created.

I thought that she might have left her seat to go to the bathroom, but it doesn’t seem she’s returning anytime soon.


I wonder where she went? I started walking around the school grounds after suddenly having the thought that she might be at the classroom.

I heard something, so I tried opening the door and found Hiiragi-chan there.

What is she doing… at my seat?

“Seiji-kun… he left a bunch of his notes and textbooks and went home… I guess he doesn’t plan on studying over break.”

Hiiragi-chan was peering into the drawer while muttering to herself happily. Just as I was about to enter.

She slumped down onto the desk.

“Fufu. Seiji-kun’s desk…”

“Locker, locker… Ah, he didn’t bring his jersey home!”

“It can’t be helped. I will bring it home to clean it ♪”

…I guess that’s alright?

“…It smells like Seiji-kun’s detergent… Fufu, he really doesn’t wear it that often, or is it because he doesn’t sweat that much in the winter.”

Is this, that? Is it like that thing where you secretly lick the recorder of the person you like after school?

As I was observing to see how things went, Hiiragi-chan turned around all of a sudden, as if sensing my presence.

“Eh… wait, no. Nooooooooo!?”

“I’m the one who wants to shout here!”

Hiiragi-chan inadvertently hugged my jersey.

“Why, why!? Weren’t you hanging out with Sana-chan today? Why are you here!? F-from when?”

“We ended up ending early today. I just thought I’d come to see how your work was going… and then I saw you fishing through a student’s desk… even sniffing my jersey.”

“I-I wasn’t! Not at all!”

She then noticed that she was hugging my jersey.

“I-I just thought I would fold this up for you!”

And so on and so forth.

“Geez… It’s good that I was the one who found you out. Sensei, that definitely would have got you arrested.”

“U-uuuu… I-I mean, the other teacher’s said that they wouldn’t come today, and there also wasn’t supposed to be any club activities on campus.”

That doesn’t make a good reason for you to do that, you know?

“Rather, it’s currently Haruka-san, not Sensei, right?”

That familiar line wasn’t exactly very convincing today. Letting out a sigh, I made my way over to Fujimoto’s seat.

“Are you d-disgusted?”

“It’s okay. Just a little bit.”

“So you are!”

She received quite the shock.

“I only came to support you on your work too.”


I handed her the present that I bought.

“…This is a bit cliché, but here.”

The gift was a single rose that I bought from the flower shop wrapped with wrapping paper.

“Eh? For me?”

There was a message card attached that I wrote on the train. What’s written in it is a secret.

“Of course.”

“T-thank you! This makes me really happy! I’ll treasure it and put it in a vase!”

Hiiragi-chan’s eyes sparkled.

“Where should I put the vase? Ah, but it isn’t really that cute, maybe I should buy another one on the way from home…?”

Hiiragi-chan continued to mutter to herself, but somehow looked like she was enjoying herself. It’s great that she’s happy with it.

“Being like this makes us seem like classmates. Hiiragi-san and Sanada-kun have seats next to each other… Today, with there being no one in the classroom, Sanada-kun called Hiiragi-san out to hand her a flower as a present, and gave his confession of love.”

Eheheh, so romantic. Hiiragi-chan was letting her imagination run wild.

“Enough running away from reality. Let’s head back to the staff room so you can continue working.”

“No more! You’re too practical! Don’t fill my room of delusions with your reality!”

She acted like a person on a strike holding up a placard in refusal. Where did she get that anyways?

“It’s not guaranteed that no one else is here. Let’s hurry and go.”

I threw out her placard and forcefully pulled her by hand out of the classroom.

“This serious Seiji-kun is as strict as an ogre…”

“Do your work properly. You’re an adult, right?”


Once we returned to the staff room, she made two cups of coffee.

I accepted it after giving her my gratitude.

I then had a few casual exchanges with Hiiragi-chan, who was working on her laptop. During a break in the conversation, I brought up the main topic.

“Haruka-san. Sana has probably noticed our relationship.”

“…Eh? How?”

“You left the data inside the digital camera, right?”


Hiiragi-chan finally noticed.

“Sorry! I usually move the data onto a laptop, but I forgot—”

“No, it’s okay, I didn’t notice either.”

The data that was inside consisted of the pictures from our past 3-4 dates she said.

“It’s not like she saw all of them, but Sana seemed certain of her conclusion.”

If Hiiragi-chan’s personal camera were to have intimate pictures of me in them, then anyone would question it.

“That’s why, I want to tell Sana about us.”

“…Are you okay with that, Seiji-kun?”


She told me to believe in her. That she would do something about it. So, I will believe in my little sister.

After that, the two of us talked about how we would reveal it.

…With this, I should be able to avoid breaking up, right? If I reveal it to Sana, she’ll be an ally like Natsumi-chan, and then I’ll be able to avoid a bad ending, right?

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