The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 159

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Kotatsu Magic

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas


That morning, when I left my room and met with Sana face to face I noticed her painful expression before shaking my head.


“You’re supposed to greet people with good morning. Is this your first time speaking Japanese?”

After Sana’s ironic statement, the both of us went downstairs together to eat breakfast.

I really didn’t want to see her face, so I was honestly relieved that she locked herself in her room. She had left the instant she heard about my relationship with Hiiragi-chan, so I really didn’t know how she felt.

“Sana, aren’t your eyes kind of red?”

“It’s because I’ve been gaming all day, regardless of day or night.”

“That really does feel like winter break.”

“That’s right.”

Ending the quick jab of a conservation, we once again turned silent. Today’s fortune was being announced on the television that was turned on.

“Hey… about what we were talking about, what did you think?”


No, if it’s like this, that’s definitely not the case. Sana pursed her lips while munching on her toast.

“Whatever Sana thinks doesn’t matter. Sana isn’t so naïve.”

You’re right, but I want to do everything to ensure that I’m not the target of any resentment from the present Sana. The person herself told me that she wanted me to tell her, so maybe this matter may be settled within Sana over time.

“Isn’t that great? You’re dating the perfect teacher. She has big breasts too, she’s great at cooking, and she’s someone that everyone admires…”

She didn’t look in my direction, and it felt like she was forcing out those words. Those words may be Sana’s consideration in order to prevent any awkward atmosphere between us.

“That’s right. It’s nice. It’s just that she’s a little more of a klutz than what everyone thinks.”

“…Hmmm, is that so.”

“…Sana… also wants to hangout, sometime.”

“Together with the three of us?”

Sana took a sip of her sweet coffee milk with a ton of sugar—something the person herself insists is coffee—placed the cup on the table, and spoke in a quiet voice.

“That’s fine, even if it was just with Nii-san.”

“That’s okay.”


Sana ate the rest of breakfast before washing it down with coffee. With strawberry jam still stuck to the side of her mouth, Sana said that she was going to go sleep before she left. I could hear her quiet footsteps as she made her way upstairs.

Her day and night cycles are completely flipped.

Did she leave her room to purposely match my timing on eating breakfast?

I was grateful for Sana’s slight amount of consideration.

Pin pon, I rang the doorbell to Hiiragi-chan’s place. I came over because I wanted to tell her about what happened this morning.

She said that today was the start of her end-of-the-year break. Her car was in the parking lot, so she should be at home.


I knocked on the door but there wasn’t any response.

That’s weird…? It’s already 10. Normally, she would act like a dog anticipating her owner’s return.

I gently turned the doorknob and discovered that it was unlocked.

“That’s quite careless…”

It’s not like the area is especially dangerous, but since it is a bit worrying, I would like her to actually lock the door.

I took off my shoes, and left them near the door where I found the familiar pumps that I normally see at school strewn about on the ground.


I quietly took a peek into the living room where I found Hiiragi-chan sleeping with a weird snore.

The table that was normally there has now all of a sudden turned into a kotatsu.

“So, she fell asleep.”

The strongest magician, a kotatsu…

Hmm? However, it doesn’t seem to be just the power of the kotatsu. On top of the kotatsu, there weren’t mandarin oranges, but rather open cans of beer and shouchuu.

“She had her own party alone…!?”

This is clearly the leftovers of her celebrating alone due to the long holiday ahead.

For snacks, she had a mix of nuts and chips, and some squid and spicy mayo that she seemed to have made herself. The spicy mayo somehow seemed very professional.

This was the state of a perfect teacher.

“If she called I would have joined her too.”

I wasn’t going to drink though.

Well well, I ended up sitting across from her in the kotatsu. Staying in the kotatsu was probably pretty warm, so Hiiragi-chan was wearing some light clothing.

I could see about 70% of her chest.


Haaah. I was about to be drawn in by the magical power of her breasts.

“She’ll catch a cold if she stays like this.”

I shook my head as I placed a blanket over her upper body.

It’s the laziness of being on holiday. Coming back from school, without changing or removing makeup, drinking alone under a kotatsu, and sleeping just like that. If she was still within the Hiiragi mansion, this probably would not have been allowed.

She normally does it for me, so I decided to clean up the kotatsu as she was sleeping.

In total, there were about 8 empty cans. She drank a lot.

“Huh… Seiji-kun is here…?”

Slowly waking up, Hiiragi-chan rubbed her eyes with a dazed expression.

“It’s morning already.”

“I see, I fell asleep.”

That’s right, I said, before entering the kotatsu. Hiiragi-chan poked my feet with her feet. I took a look inside the kotatsu and found that she hadn’t taken off her stockings.

“You covered me with the blanket?”

“Yeah. I thought you would catch a cold.”

“So, kind…”

I responded to Hiiragi-chan’s poking with some of my own.

“Kyahah, it tickles.”

“You’re the one who started it.”


Saying that, she disappeared into the kotatsu before poking her head out near my side.

“Today, we’re not going anywhere and just relaxing, okay?”


I could almost see hearts coming out of her eyes as Hiiragi-chan latched onto me.

“If you do that, your breasts might slip out. I was almost drawn in earlier.”

“But, I might… not be that troubled by that… you know?”

She spoke while burying her face into my chest. She then glanced at my face, before quickly averting her eyes.

Were that car and bike outside? She asked, to which I answered no, causing the skinship to escalate further.

It seems she was confirming whether her neighbors were present.

“It’s not even noon yet.”

“…Do you not want to?”

“There probably isn’t a man that would say no if his girlfriend asks like that.”

“That’s good… I’ll try not to let out any noise.”

Using the cushion beside us in place of a pillow, Hiiragi-chan laid her head on top of it.

My face was burning more than the feet that I had under the kotatsu.

Without doing it in a proper place, without properly taking off all our clothes.

It was the start of a very improper day.

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