The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 17

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Hiiragi-chan the Stalker

Sunday night.

After spending my time relaxing at Hiiragi-chan’s place over the weekend, I returned home. She was supposed to be busy making tests for next week, so it seemed like she couldn’t hang out this weekend. I see, that’s tough. Or that’s what I thought, but Hiiragi-chan ended up begging with tearful eyes.

When I said to her, “It’s just the one or two days over the weekend where we can’t see each other. Aren’t you making too big of a deal out of this?”

“When you see me at school it’s Hiiragi-sensei. Being able to see you as Hiiragi Haruka is only over the weekend…”

She said that while showing her sadness. Since Hiiragi-chan has a character that doesn’t have a front or back, whether she’s my teacher or my girlfriend, it feels the same. Nothing is different to me. However, it doesn’t seem that the person in question believes the same.

“Nii-san…? Where did you go?”

As I was reminiscing about the fun weekend, Sana secretly took a peek around the door

“Where? I just went to hang out with friends…?”

“By that… do you mean like your g-girlfriend…?”

“That’s wrong. You probably don’t know because you don’t have any friends, but it’s fun hanging out with friends over night.”

“Sana also hangs out over the night so it’s fine.”

“You’re probably just playing games online, right?”

“Why do you know that?”

You said that you had lots of friends online after all.

“Then, is there something you need?”

“I don’t have anything I need in particular…”

She fidgeted while rubbing her knees together as if she wanted to say something. If you didn’t have something, you wouldn’t go out of your way to come into my room, though. As I waited for her to say something Sana came in and sat down on my worn down two-seat sofa.

“Actually, this week, Sana had somewhere I wanted you to go with me to. Despite that, Nii-san went out and never came back.”

Sana seemed unusually bitter. When she has a favor to ask, she’s usually always like this.

“Let’s see… did you want me to pick out your underwear?”

“W-wrong! I wouldn’t want you to come along for that!”

Bofu bofu, Sana hit the cushion multiple times.

“Stop it stop it. It was just a joke. Don’t get so frustrated.”

“Don’t make such a weird joke! Going to the game store to pick up stuff and going to the manga to buy things, and other various things! Next week! Since this week was no good.”

“Can’t you get used to going alone yet?”

“Then, if I got seen, Sana would be known as a lonely otaku.”

I think it’s already known though?

“If Nii-san is there, then I can make an excuse.”

“That you’re going accompanying your brother as he buys things?”

“That’s right.”

It’s not alright, though. What are you trying to use me for?

“Why don’t you just go with Ii-san?”

“That’s still a little… inviting someone to hangout is…”

Hanging out with someone you want be close with and getting anxious about that. That’s something I also get.

What would happen if you were alone and the conversation turns into awkward silence? What if you end up stepping on a landmine that you didn’t know about? If it becomes like that, there’s no one that would be able to help you.

“Is it because you guys are just about to get close, you think that you should be a little more careful…?”

“Y-you get it then.”

“Then, let’s all go together. Invite Ii-san as well.”

If it’s like this, Sana would have less to complain about.

I personally don’t think I would be that useful, but with the three of us, it’ll be easier for us to hang out.

“Kana-chan again… Sana wanted to be alone together though…”

Sana replied as if bored. Then, she ended up hitting her hand together.

“Ah, that’s right. K-kana-chan said that she had some plans next week.”

“That seems convenient, is that really true…?”

“It’s true! For real!”

I was quite interested in browsing through games and mangas, so I didn’t have any particular reason to stubbornly refuse her. Hiiragi-chan would be busy that weekend as well.

“Great. Then, next Saturday, okay?”

“You probably don’t have any plans anyways, right? Sana understands that.”

Sana threw a diss at me with a smug face.

It was a nice smile that I hadn’t seen recently.

◆ Hiiragi Haruka ◆

“Seiji-kun, how are you going to spend your Saturday?”

“Ah, I’m going to go with Sana to the game shop and go and buy some manga as well.”

“I see, have fun ♪”

Or so I said, but as expected, I’m still curious…

No matter how I think of it, Sana-chan definitely doesn’t think of herself as Seiji-kun’s sister when she’s interacting with him. I had ended up seeing that definitive scene after all. But even before that, I had thought that the way she acted towards Seiji-kun didn’t seem very sister like.

“Brother and sister is definitely more out of the question than student and teacher, Sana-chan.”

The clock in the staff room was just about to hit 11 o’clock.

There were a surprising number of teachers who came to work on Saturday. There were some teachers that came in the morning to help with club activities as the club advisor, and after finishing up in the afternoon, they begin their work as teachers. There were also teachers that came to finish up work that they simply couldn’t finish during the weekday.

I was one of the latter.

If I had done my work earlier, I would’ve been able to have fun with Seiji-kun… still, I couldn’t help but be curious about what he was doing right now. I came in at 8 in the morning but I haven’t made any progress at all. Even though I had thought to give it my all today in order to finish it so that I can have fun with Seiji-kun tomorrow.

“Muun… I can’t make any progress…”

Ever since I started going out with Seiji-kun, I did still go to the drinking parties on Friday, but I haven’t drunk as much due to my position. Of course, I stopped going to the after parties as well.

After all, if I were to get drunk, I would definitely start talking about how I have a boyfriend. If I do say that, there would definitely be people who would be curious about who it is, what age they are, and what work they do. Seiji-kun had said things to me, and made sure that I understood it properly.

He said that if you lie repeatedly, there will definitely be contradictions that come out at some point. However, there’s no need for us to make such a big lie in saying that I had no boyfriend, instead it was only necessary to not tell the full truth. Really, Seiji-kun is such a genius.

As I think more about him, the more I want to see him…

I just need to take my work home and work on it there.

Patan, I close my laptop, gather up my stuff and get into my car. Even if I want to see him though, he’s supposed to be with Sana-chan today, right…? If it’s games and manga, then the place is…

“It would have to be in the middle of the city. That’s the only place.”

Stores that specialize in games, manga, and anime were all located in that area. Driving my car there, I park it in a parking lot in the area, and step outside. There, I just happened to catch sight of my beloved Seiji-kun.

“Lucky. I found him.”

…I want to call out to him. However, since I told him I would be working, I probably shouldn’t be here, right? He would probably end up making a somewhat scary face. Since Seiji-kun is quite serious, and I’m a little airheaded, he would probably say something like “Do your work properly,” and get mad at me.

Seiji-kun tended to feel like a tough senior at work, who was strict in making sure others do their work. Even though he’s a high school student. It’s only because of Seiji-kun that I can work hard on my work. As I was trying to make excuses to the Seiji-kun within my mind, Sana-chan came over with a crepe in hand.

“Why did you buy such a fancy thing?”

“Nii-san, you were staring at it earlier right? You want to eat it too, don’t you?”

“Well, I guess.”

Sana-chan ended up smoothly grabbing Seiji-kun’s arm and began to walk with him.


Me too, I want to do something like that with Seiji-kun. Since we don’t know who would end up seeing us if we ended up going on a date in public, Seiji-kun has completely forbidden it so I can’t do anything like that…

More importantly, why is she holding his arm like that!? You’re brother and sister, right!? Holding his arm like that and eating crepe together as you walk. That’s not what a brother and sister would do! No matter how you look at it, it’s a couple!!


I’m so jeaaaalloouuusssss. If I were a maid, I would be biting the hem of my apron. Mou, I’m angry. Seiji-kun, just because I’m not supposed to be watching, you shouldn’t be so close to Sana-chan.

“I am watching… I am always watching…”

Pashari, I send the message with the picture I took of them. I decided to watch over the siblings from the shadows.


Ah, it seems like Seiji-kun has seen the message. He quickly shook his head and looked left and right. It seems like he’s looking for his beloved Haruka-san ♡

“Nii-san? Is something wrong?”

“I-i-it’s nothing. Today… didn’t she say she was busy…? I guess she ended up skipping out and is now tailing us.”

Ugi. He found out. Well, I guess, it can’t be helped. Since I sent him the photo, there’s no way he wouldn’t find out.

“You look quite handsome in your casual clothes ♪. Sensei really thinks it suits you

I sent another text. If I compliment him, I’ll probably be able to divert the conversation. Seiji-kun manipulated his phone for a bit, and a reply came quickly after that.

“Please do your work.”

So distaaaaant!

“We won’t be able to have next week this way, right?”

That wouldn’t be gooooood!

As he continued to look around, Seiji-kun quickly finished the crepe and went inside a store. Still, I’m curious… I’ll just go ahead and take a peek ♪

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