The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 22

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Sana’s Shokugeki – Part 1

On our way to school in the mornings, Ii-san—Kanata ended up joining us. Lately, she could be found waiting for Sana and I part way on the road to school. From there, we would continue on together.

“Before, when there were other upperclassmen, what was the home economics club like?”

Sana’s casual question was something that I was also curious about. After the two of us have entered the club, we end up gathering inside the home economics room and just playing games while passing our time together as a club. Sana and Kanata seemed to be fine with that so I didn’t have any problems with such loosely handled club activities.

“… we cooked… we made snacks… we sewed… we made a lot of different things.”

“Then, Kanata is good at stuff like cooking and sewing?”

When I asked her that, Kanata’s expression broke as she turned away. Somehow, she seemed curiously hurt…

“… I thought that I would practice, so I entered last year. However, I’m still bad with it…”

“Then you’re the same as Sana.”

“Sana isn’t bad at it, Sana just doesn’t want to do it. You should stop sleep talking.”

Sleep talking? Isn’t that the truth? The Sana in the future was the same as me, and had left home to live by herself. It seemed that she lived a life where she would just go back and forth between work and home.

“I-if it’s just chores, Sana can easily do that.”

That was something that the adult Sana from before the time leap would say. If it was like that, she probably wouldn’t be fine at all. As far as I knew, she didn’t have a boyfriend yet either. Comparing the adult Sana to the current Sana, she was only slightly more mature, and there was almost no difference.

Her chest was still small like it is now. She hadn’t grown at all.

When I looked at the search history on our shared family computer, “Chest, bigger”, ended up coming up. It seemed that she was curious about it, such a blunder on her part. Please don’t mind that. It’s useless even if you massage your chest while taking a bath. You’re just pretty. With a loud mouth, no life skills, she was just your typical selfish princess type girl…

She was definitely a girl that was not conscious of marriage. If I leave Sana as she was now, she’ll end up like the adult Sana that I know (a flat chested selfish princess). It was fine if it was just in her twenties, but once she passes thirty it would be tough. As her older brother, since I know the future, I must change the pitiful future of my little sister.

I grabbed the shoulders of Sana who was walking beside me, and stared straight at her.

“Sana, do your best. It all starts with you admitting that things that are wrong are wrong.”

“W-what is it… so suddenly…”

“… Home economics, are we doing it?”

As Kanata pushed along her bike, she tilted her head.

“Yeah. Let’s properly do our activities.”

The home economics club, or rather the wife training club.

“Even if we don’t do it, isn’t it fine? Hiiragi-sensei hasn’t said anything after all.”

“… Hiiragi-sensei is just a decorative advisor after all.”

“I see. Sensei doesn’t seem great at doing chores, right?”

If Hiiragi-chan were to hear that, she would probably complain, saying that she could do chores perfectly fine.

“Sana. You know? Boys like girls who can do chores, you know? Society these days has become a place where men will end up doing chores as well, but having a girl that would cook and keep the house clean all the time holds a lot of charm in the eyes of boys.”

The female that had come into my mind was Hiiragi-chan. Piku, Sana and Kanata ended up raising their eyebrows.

“He… heeeh, is that so? … Nii-san as well thinks that way…?”

It seemed like Kanata also wanted to know the same thing as she was also staring at me.

“Of course. That included general theory and my personal opinion.”

““We’ll do it.””

The power of general theory is amazing… What was mentioned there, we ended up mentioning Hiiragi-chan during lunch.

“I see I see. So you want to properly do club activities. Everyone’s such good students! You guys were originally just playing around all the time, so I was at a loss of whether or not I should warn you guys or not…”

Ahahaha, Hiiragi-chan made a bitter smile.

“Since there’s enough budget, if you have anything you want, Sensei will prepare it for you, okay?”

“I don’t care about whether or not you will prepare it… but Sensei, can you even cook?”

“Aah. Sana-chan, you’re asking me that? Sensei, makes handmade bentous everyday though.”

“… At the start, it was definitely handmade. But, partway through, it ended up becoming frozen foods that were precooked.”

“Ugi… Y-you have really good eyes, Ii-san…”

“… That’s why, I thought you were just trying to make an appeal at the start to get new members by acting like you could cook.”

“T-that’s not the case! It’s not just an act, I really can do it, okay?”

Since we were with the home economics club for lunch recently, she didn’t need to make a bentou for me. Because of that, it was true that Hiiragi-chan’s bentous for herself had become simpler and simpler. As Sana and Hiiragi-chan continued to discuss, Kanata would interject every once in a while. The three girls became more and more excited.

“Mou, if it’s like this, it’s war! In two days, club activities will be a cooking competition.”

Hearing Sana’s suggestion, the two others nodded with complete confidence.

“… Understood.”

“I will have a complete victory as a teacher, is that alright?”

“I’ll make you eat those words later.”

“… Cooking, as long as you make some sort of logical combination… I can win…”

This was said to be the start of the “Shokugeki” cooking (kind of) competition in the near future.

“The judge will be Nii-san.”

“Eh. Me? I guess that’s fine…”

The three of them seemed to be fine with it, so I nodded in agreement. The statement of, “I need to protect my pride as you girlfriend”, was clearly written on Hiiragi-chan’s face. In this way, a cooking battle ended up being held.

“If Hiiragi-sensei ends up bringing out her all, wouldn’t it seem like you couldn’t read the mood? It would be very unadultlike, right?”

That night, Hiiragi-chan gave me a call and seemed to be completely unfazed.

“However, showing the overwhelming difference between a woman and a little girl is also the role of an adult ♪”

She seemed to intent on committing something that was definitely childish.

“Since it’s been a while, I can make Seiji-kun’s favorite meal ♡.”

… She’s definitely going to fry something. This teacher, she’s definitely going to fry some chicken.

On the first floor, Sana was super loud.

“O-Okaa-san!? C-can you come here for a bit?”

I don’t know what she was thinking of making, but it seems like Sana was planning on starting her arrangements. Hiiragi-chan’s advantage did not change though. It’s just, the results will have to really depend on how Kanata will perform. Probably.

“Okaa-san, what does Nii-san like to eat?”

“Hmmm… Doesn’t he like karaage or stuff like that?”

“I see…!! Sana also likes it!”

Today, Kanata had messaged as well and had asked what food I liked. My reply had ended up being karaage as well.

… I have a really bad feeling about this.

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21 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 22

  1. Guh , If Sensei Made Karaage, and Sana Made Karaage… Then, Ii Kanata-chan’ll be Perfect Win with a refreshing Food for Seiji-kun’s stomach that’ll end up Kanata become…. Damn

    Sensei Jealousy+1


  2. If i were in his place i wouldn’t tell her karaage, afterall u got the chance to have multiple meals, just let each of them cook u a certain type and enjoy


  3. Well i think this chapter confirms that Kanata is also gunning for him ? which is all right i guess but …. cmon girl you think you can beat the ultimate Goddess Haruka ????? ha ha ha it must be hard living in dreamland.


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