The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 24

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Let’s Head Into the City – Part 1

After finishing her remaining work on Saturday, Hiiragi-chan ended up inviting me to her house.


While making an exaggerated sound effect, Hiiragi-chan took out a pair of sunglasses and a hat.

“What is this?”

“It’s a disguise! If we have something like this, we can walk within the city without any problems, right?”

Sucha, she put on the sunglasses, and put on her head a wide brimmed lady-like hat (the official name for it is unknown).

“You were drawn in by the small taste we had during the seaside date last time…”

“Fufufu. If I were to be recognized with my own disguise as Hiiragi Haruka, it isn’t too bad right? As long as it isn’t found out that the other person is a student from where I’m working.”

“I see. As long as it isn’t known who I am, it doesn’t become something that is forbidden. It also works the opposite way.”

“That’s how it is!”

Don, Hiiragi-chan held her chest high. I understand the plan and her logic, but disguising like this in such a rural town ends up drawing a lot of attention. Even more so when it’s the two of us.

“Hmmm. But, won’t the two of us look suspicious?”

“… Then, Seiji-kun, do you want to cross-dress?”

“Won’t that make it more suspicious!?”

The retort that I made in order to reject her idea completely was completely ignored as Hiiragi-chan left and brought back some more clothes.

“Sensei has always thought this before, but you know, Seiji-kun, I think something like this would really suit you!”

“First, can you please start by listening to what I’m saying?”

Just like a store worker, she put the hangers with a t-shirt and blouse in front of me and exclaimed, “Yaaan ♪. Seiji-kun, you look so cute~”

She didn’t mind my eyes that looked dead.

“Do you want to hear the concept behind this!? Your setting is that of a boyish type of girl!”

“Listen to me!”

“Ojou-san, is there something you’re dissatisfied with?”

“You started it off with that sort of setting too?”

Muu, Hiiragi-chan looked unsatisfied as she pursed her lips.

“… I really want to be able to walk hand in hand out in the open on a date with Seiji-kun.”

Ku. That line, is so unfair…

“Going shopping, watching a movie, going to a fashionable café, and flirting openly in the park.”

“Hey, that last one, that last one!”

“… You don’t want to?”

“No… well, I do, but…”

“You see? You see you see?”

Tsun tsun, she poked me in the chest. I don’t really care where you poke me, but please stop trying to pinpoint my nipple through the clothes.

“You, you should just be more honest.”

Please don’t change your character so suddenly, please.

“I get it. I get it.”


Hiiragi-chan put her hands on the bottom of my shirt and pulled it all off at once. I wasn’t able to do anything at all, as I was robbed of everything within just a second.

“S-sensei is such a pervert.”

“Next is here…”

This time it she put her hands on my belt.

“Waaaaaaaah!? I’ll do it. I’ll do it myself!”


Why are you looking so disappointed.

I grabbed the clothes that Hiiragi-chan had brought and ran into the bedroom.

“This as well?”

The door was opened slightly as something was thrown until it fluttered and landed on my head. Just in case, I confirmed what it was in my hand. It was panties and a bra.


What are you doing opening a door that shouldn’t be opened!?

“Ummm, this…”

“Quality! We need to increase the amount of immersion for you becoming a girl! That feeling will enhance the quality of your crossdressing!”

A hot air blowed in through the gap of the open door.

“Y-your thoughts are too passionate!”

What is this? Are you the producer of some large project or something?

“Seiji-kun! Please throw out your naïve thinking. Don’t think that you can get away with just a normal crossdressing!”

“So strict!?”

“It’ll be one where no matter where you go, you wouldn’t be embarrassed.”

“The person in question is really embarrassed though!?”

It seems that Hiiragi-chan turned on some weird switch. However… the panties… and the bra… they’re all Hiiragi-chan’s, right…? T-this is something she normally wears…


As I was gripping it tightly within my hand with my heart beating, doki doki, a stare came in through the gap of the door.

“The legend of a boy wearing the panties of the girl he likes is now…”

“What do you think people are?”

Coming up with a sudden thought, I raised my hand.


“What is it, Seiji-kun?”

“What I’m wearing is just jeans, is there really a need to put on panties?”

“It’s a question of quality.”

Hiiragi-chan said that with a completely serious face.

“I-I see…”

For some reason, it was strangely persuasive. More importantly, doesn’t she not like it if someone else is wearing her own panties? It’ll end up touching my private parts directly after all.

“Umm, also, I don’t think a bra is that necessary…”

“There’s no need to put it around your head, you know?”

Her face was dead serious. It seemed that she thought I was wondering whether I should be wrapping the bra around my head or not.

“I won’t. I won’t wrap it around my head… I won’t!”

In order not to have to correct the misunderstanding again, I can’t say the same thing twice.

“What I’m wearing is just a T-shirt, right? I don’t think a bra is necessary…?”

“Don’t underestimate the slightly visible line of a bra behind a t-shirt!”

Hot!? Her thoughts on the quality of the crossdressing was hot.

Ku. This… I can’t argue against it. When it comes time to switch to summer clothes, I can’t deny that it’s something that I look forward to…!


Ban, Hiiragi-chan hit the wall.

“What if in the off chance, Seiji-kun’s precious nipples are shown…!?”

“I don’t treasure my nipples that much!”

You’re treating me like a girl… However, you were just poking me there earlier. HIiragi-chan entered inside, put her hand on my shoulder and spoke to me directly.

“….Won’t it rub? It’ll also show through… That’s why, you should properly wear a bra.”

“Stop being so overprotective of my nipples!”

Ohon, she cleared her through.

“It’s a problem of quality.”

This person, she thinks that I’ll accept it as long as she says it’s for quality.

“I mean…”

“Moooouuuuu. Stop making excuses and get to it!”

Hiiragi-chan took the bra from my hand. Then, she locked onto to my upper body which still hadn’t changed into any clothes.

“I see I see, you just don’t know how to put it on…?”

“W-wait, I still haven’t prepared.”

With power you wouldn’t normally think she would have, Hiiragi-chan forcibly put the bra on me.

“Ah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!? My pride as a male… Aaaaaaaah.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Just leave it all to Hiiragi-sensei ♪”

I… I still haven’t removed Hiiragi-chan’s bra yet…! However, before that, I’ll be putting on Hiiragi-chan’s bra…!

“Pleeeaaasseee stoooop!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. As long as you cross the wall, it’ll probably just become a habit.”

“That isn’t a wall I should be crossing!”

Since I kept on refusing strongly, I somehow managed to prevent myself from crossdressing.

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23 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 24

  1. Thanks for the translation
    And“` Y-you’re thoughts are too passionate!”“`
    I think this should be” your” thoughts not “you’re”


  2. Wow, talk about forced fan service. And bad fan service at that. So apparently an older woman and a younger guy dressed a female (for no real reason) is less suspicious than if both of them put on a wig, contact lenses and both dressed differently then they normally do and went to another part of town where they are less likely to run into anyone they know.

    And the MC could easily play off being in college since he’s from the future, be pretty dang easy to play a mature young man. Idk, this was too ridiculous for my taste and felt way too forced just to throw in some unnecessary trap fan service.


    • This is the kind of idiotic chapter where want to kidnap the author and beat him until he stops being an idiot. I’m actually half serious because I have an extreme dislike for idiocy.


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