The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 26

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School Trip – Part 1

During the first term of the second year of high school. When midterm tests end in the middle of May. There is an event that happens once during the school year.

That’s right, it’s the school trip.

Just as I remembered, it was taking place at a facility located on a mountain nearby. If I had to say it, it wasn’t really a school trip but a school in the forest. The first time around, it wasn’t really fun and nothing really happened during the three days and two nights that the school trip spanned. The second time however, I was somewhat looking forward to it. The time before, Hiiragi-chan was not there, but this time, she would be one of the teachers in charge.

“Seiji, I will definitely be going on the school trip, alright!?!? If worst comes to worse, I’ll make it happen with bribes!”

How much does she want to go together? And so, I told her to please not make those bribes. Still, having Hiiragi-chan come along on the trip, would make me look forward to the trip that many times more, so I didn’t strongly oppose of it. After realizing her obsession, Hiiragi-chan was somehow incorporated into the teachers leading the trip.

And now, the bus was on the move.

Inside the car, the back was primarily taken up by a group of riajuu boys and girls, while the seats in front were taken up by those with quiet characters. Of course, I sat in the front in an aisle seat. Next to me in the window seat was Fujimoto. In the aisle, Hiiragi-chan was sitting in the extra supplementary seat next to me when she turned and passed some snacks over. [1]

“Sanada-kun, would you like a snack?”

“Ah, no, it’s okay.”

“Is it alright if I have one!?”

“Eh…. Y-yeah… that’s fine…”

Hiiragi-chan made such a subtle expression! She had brought them for me (it seems), so I guess that she can’t accept the fact that it’s going to end up being eaten by Fujimoto. Bari bari, while eating the seaweed snack that was bought for me, Fujimoto asked, “HIiragi-chan-sensei, do you have a boyfriend?”

Dokin, I unconsciously reacted to that. She looked to the side and acted embarrassed and seemed as if she was talking to herself, “What should I do? Do I tell the truth?” Ton ton, I hit Hiiragi-chan’s seat. Then, she responded.

“I-I don’t?”

In a place that no one could see, she added strength on her grip of my hand. Mou, Hiiragi-chan always seems like she wants to stick with me all the time.

… I’m the same as well, though.

“Then then, is there anyone, like a student… that you have come to like?”

Fujimoto looked at her with a serious expression. Fujimoto, I’m sorry, but all of this is useless. It’ll all end in vain. Let’s see, Hiiragi-chan said as she glanced at me and spoke.

“Ummmm… Maybe there is!”

“Alrriiiiiigggghhhttt! I still have a chance!”

I’m sorry that you’re getting happy about that, since there is no chance, Fujimoto. Kusu kusu, Hiiragi-chan chuckled. She’s such an evil woman.

“Then then! If I were to become a handsome guy, between me or Sanada, who would you like more!?”

“That’s dirty!? Why are you making yourself look that much better?”



Fujimoto held his head, overreacting like a foreigner. [2] That’s such a big reaction.

“For girls… wasn’t it that as long as they were handsome, anything goes…?”

Probably, that’s the reason that you can’t get a girlfriend, Fujimoto.

“I mean, I’m definitely more handsome than Sanada, right?”

“Nope… His face is more my type after all.”

It was quite a believable story that was not so far away from reality.

“So it was just by a narrow margin!”

Fujimoto showed a truly regretful expression.

“Then, Sensei, if we’re talking about celebrities who’s your favorite?”

The girls around us seemed to have heard what we were talking about as they joined in on the conversation. This and that, the girl’s talk began. I was thinking about going to sleep when Fujimoto jabbed at my side with his elbow.

“Hey, Sanada. Do you have something you want to ask too? It’s a chance that’s hard to come by, you know? Don’t you like Hiiragi-chan too?”

Eh? How does he know!? Ah. I guess it’s because I’m usually agreeing with him, he thinks that I’m on the same level as him. Not liking as a lover, but just a like that meant admiration. It seems that she heard what Fujimoto said, as Hiiragi-chan stopped the girl’s talk and looked over this way in interest. Sometimes, Hiiragi-chan would make serious expressions, and other times she would grin like this.

“Sanada-kun, you like me? Is that so? Heeeeh?”

There was an evil woman. Hmmm? Hiiragi-chan looked at me teasingly.

“No, it’s not like that…”

… It’s embarrassing.

“Your face is red, Sanada. It has to be true!”

“It isn’t like that, then what is it?”

Ku. She definitely wants to make me say it.

“Just go with the flow and let it all out, Sanada!”

Come on come on, Fujimoto jabbed me in the sides with his elbow.

“Say it, say it ♪”

Hiiragi-chan, and the girls who had bitten the bait called love talks began to chant, “Say it.” These people…! They think this is someone else’s problem…!

“Hiiragi-sensei, I do like you…”

Kyaah, the girls who heard it screamed out, while on the other hand, Fujimoto teased me going “Hyuu hyuu…”

The most important thing was that Hiiragi-chan was frozen, stuck while letting out a breath. Her face was also somewhat red. It seems like her heart skipped a beat. Really, couldn’t you have prepared your heart a bit?

“Yeah… Thank you… Me too… I also like you…”

You put on your girlfriend face! Please return to you teacher face! Rather, you said that you liked me!? Although I was excited, I held myself back. Everyone had on a face that said, what did she just say…? Since I responded with an honest tone, she also responded honestly!! Panicking, I hit Hiiragi-chan’s seat. To which she ended up returning to reality.

“…Rather, that was a lie! Sorry! Ah, ahahah…”

“I-I know right! Hahahaha….”

HAHAHA, while having cold sweat Hiiragi-chan and I laughed.

“Aah, mou, Sensei, don’t scare us like that.”

“Was that just an act? Sensei, you’re amazing! You could be an actress.”

That’s how the girls responded. However, it’s the truth, not an act after all… I panicked… Fujimoto, who was on my left side clapped his hands pleasantly.

“Hiiragi-chan, you’re so mean! It all turned from an okay into a lie! Kuuu, that’s too bad, Sanada!”

This guy, he better remember this…!

“So? I still haven’t been rejected yet.”

Didn’t your handsome version lose to my normal self, earlier?

“Once again… Sensei, between me with the type of face that you like, or the Sanada that was just rejected, who do you like more?”

“Your manipulation and obsession is quite amazing…”

“Fufu, now that I’ve become Hiiragi-chan’s type there’s no way I—”


“So cloooossseee!!”

It wasn’t close at all! That’s how it was earlier too. You lost even before the fight began, okay?

“If I had to pick one it would have to be Sanada-kun.” “Yeah, right?” “Yeah, me too.”

They unanimously picked me.

“Uu guu… fugu…”

Don’t cry, Fujimoto. I pat his shoulder to comfort him. Para para, Hiiragi-chan opened up an itinerary and checked something.

“Ah. For the group that I’m in charge of, Sanada-kun’s class is also in it?”

Again, she said that on purpose. This woman. Of the class that Hiiragi-chan is in charge of, my class is also included as on of them. Before the correction it was a different teacher, but after the correction, it became Hiiragi-chan. I wonder why?

“I’m looking forward to it ♪”

“I know, Sensei.”

It might have been because the gap between the supplementary seat and mine was very small, but Hiiragi-chan and my shoulders were stuck to each other the whole entire time.


Apparently it means a seat like this:

(I really didn’t know they had chairs like these on buses) (For Patrick: search 補助席 for the image)
He says foreigner because Fujimoto says No in English.

TL Note:

  1. Apparently it means a seat like this:H654-03418-Auxiliary-seat.jpg
  2. He says foreigner because Fujimoto says No in English.

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13 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 26

  1. Why do I feel that the girls in class have already clued themselves in on Hiiragi and Seiji’s relationship, but are only pretending to not know because they find what’s happening too romantic?


  2. Do you know a space at the most back side, behind the most back seat row, above the engine room? Which usually used by the spare bus driver to sleep or sometimes used as luggage place? Twice of my school trip, i sat there just because some of my teachers brought their own kids.

    Well, it was kinda nice because girls are below me on the last row seat, so i can get some peek XD


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