The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 28

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School Trip – Part 3

“Fujimoto, it’ll fail so you should stop. The previous time, you were forced into seiza the whole entire night, you know?”

“What do you mean, the previous time. Don’t stop me, Sanada. …Rather, you should come too.”

Why do I need to participate in the act of peeking in on the ladies’ bath?

It was 9 o’clock in the evening and we were currently digesting our dinner when Fujimoto suggested that we should peek on the lades’ bath. Even though the past is changing after my time leap, there were still things that stay the same.

“The previous time, we were all forced to take responsibility. Even I was forced into seiza even though I was not involved. That’s why, stop;.”

“I’m telling you that you’re coming toooooooooooo!”

So loud.

“If you’re going that far, I’ll have to warn you guys. You guys need to make sure that you all work together. Your lives are all tied together. Throw away the thoughts of, just me, or me first. You all share one destiny. Blood brothers. Alright?”

Last time, they had shouted stuff like me, me, and ended up letting the girls on the other side know of their presence. I wasn’t really involved though, so I only know by word of mouth.


With straight faces, they all rushed off shoulder to shoulder, and exited the rooms as fools.

Well, now I’m suddenly free… I thought I would watch some TV and began to search for the remote when my phone rang. It was a call from Hiiragi-chan.

“Helloo! Seiji-kuun.”

She’s probably been drinking… What’s with the drawn out hello. It’s so cute, dammit.

“What is it? Sensei.”

“It’s not Sensei, ummm, what was it again…?”

She forgot her usual phrase!?

Dinner ended at around 7 pm. The teachers all went back to each of their own rooms and had free time to do whatever they wanted with it. I held my phone between my shoulder and head as I used my hands to pull out the trips itinerary.

The people in Hiiragi-chan’s room was the health teacher and a homeroom teacher from another class… they were all girls… supposedly… was it really alright for her to call me like this?

“The other teachers, you see… they all went to the bath and are currently not here.”

“That’s a coincidence. Here too, well, some things happened and they all left, so it’s just me now.”

Bu, the phone cut out.


Most likely, some teacher returned all of the sudden so she hung up. Or, that’s what I thought.


Hiiragi-chan, with a slightly red face ended up showing up here at my room.

“Uwah!? W-why did you come!?”

“Is it not alright for me to come~?”

Tetete, she ran like a small girl and ended up holding me in a hug.

“I mean, this room is also the room for other guys…”

“I thought about calling you later at night, but… Seiji-kun, you might end up being asleep… Once I thought about having some time alone to each other I couldn’t hold myself back.”

Chuu, chuu, Hiiragi-chan kissed me. I thought this before too, but this person is really true to her feelings… After coming out of the bath, Hiiragi-chan was wearing a yukata with her long hair let loose behind her.

“The yukata, it looks good on you, Haruka-san.”

“Yaan. Seiji-kun is sweet talking me.”

Hiiragi-chan in a yukata was definitely quite a beauty. But even normally, she was still cute. Just for a little bit, some strands hair that weren’t properly gathered up ended up flowing down, and hanging on the nape of her neck.

Probably due to the drinking she had done, but the skin that was normally white, was slightly red. The sex appeal of it was quite amazing…

She was hugging me so tightly, and it didn’t seem like she would let me go. Her soft chest was pushing up against me.

“Are you… your bra…”

“I’m not wearing one? Would you like to see?”

“I-I don’t want to see!”

So I said, but my line of sight couldn’t help but to look down there as I was a guy. About 30% of her chest could be seen from between the gaps in her clothes.

… It’s quite erotic…

Gacha, the sound of a door opening could be heard.

“In the end, we couldn’t really see much…”

“Rather, the female bath time was already over…”

“It just ended up being time for the teachers… if Hiiragi-chan was there though, it might have been worth it to peek.”

“Didn’t you say that you couldn’t even find a hole?”

…T-this is bad! Those guys, they’ve already returned!

“Wait, Haruka-san please get away!”

The guys were already at the entrance, so it wasn’t possible to get out. The other side… is also soon to be in sight.

“Don’t wanna. I want to be with Seiji-kun…”

“You’re saying that in the physical sense!?”

Rather, this isn’t the time to be saying that. Ah, the closet! I brought Hiiragi-chan into the closet. Since she wouldn’t let go and continued to stick close to me, I ended up getting into the closet too. Well, it can’t be helped, so I quickly slid the door close.

“Heey, Sanada. We didn’t end up finding a hole for peeking… huh? That guy, where did he go?”

I ended up pushing Hiiragi-chan down inside the pitch black space of the closet. A quiet voice came out after some fidgeting.

“Move, quickly.”

“Just a little, okay?”

What does I even mean by a little bit? Susususu, the yukata ended up shifting off of Hiiragi-chan’s shoulder. Buu!? Why is she taking it off!?

… It’s dark and I can’t seeeeeee!

“Heeeey, hand me the remote. I have already decided to watch that at this time you see.”

Separated only by one sheet of paper from the sliding door, a foolish conversation was taking place. But in the closet, it was a storm of kisses.

“No, that program isn’t on here. If that’s the case, let’s watch this.”

Voices could be heard outside but we paid no attention to them. Hiiragi-chan’s switch had been turned on.

… If we’re found, we’d be completely out. We were inside the closet kissing, as student and teacher. Me too, I felt like some screw came loose and blew off my head as I felt that it didn’t matter what happened anymore.

If we were both found to be in the closet, there would be many problems at that time. Then, as long as we don’t get found out, we can do anything and it would still be fine. That’s right, as long as it isn’t found out, I can still be dating a teacher.

“Where did Sanada go?”

“What if he went to where Hiiragi-chan was?”

“That could be true…”

“Eh? Why’s that?”

“I don’t know about Hiiragi-chan, but Sanada definitely seems to be in to her. At least that’s what his reactions on the bus seem to say.”

“Hiiragi-chan as well, she unexpectedly might be interested as well?”

“… No, no way. Probably.”

“That’s true. She’s a teacher after all.”

Well, it’s actually how it is though…

“Just now… what they were saying about us… we’re doing it right now..”

In between our words, we held each other and kissed. As usual, her body was soft.

“Let’s go to another room?”

“Since we’re free, let’s go.”

Zoro zoro, the sounds of the footsteps of a few people could be heard as the voices steadily became further and further away.

“Sensei. It seems like they’re all gone.”

“It’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san, right?”

We escaped from the closet—or not. Hiiragi-chan stopped me from getting out by dragging me back in.

With her limiter removed and her heart in full burst, Hiiragi-chan and I stayed in the closet, holding each other and kissing.

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  1. I was eating something salty while reading this but out of the sudden it tasted very very sweet. This LN is dangerous, both physically and mentally.


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