The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 34

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The Second Time

Bibibibibi, the alarm is so noisy…

It seems like it was already morning. After rubbing my eyes and waking up, what I saw was an unfamiliar room.


It wasn’t my room at my parent’s house. As I went to stop the alarm, my smartphone went off. Hmm… smartphone? Looking at the screen, the date was marked as ten years later. I-I once again returned to the present day…!?

Kacha, the door opened.

“Ah, Seiji-kun, it’s unusual for you to be awake.”

The face that came peeking in was Hiiragi-chan in an apron. As usual, an apron still suited her very well. She looked to be more mature than the person that I had known.

“Ah, good morning… Haruka-san.”

“Yeah, good morning.”

I see… after ten years, she was bound to be more mature…

“Eh. Rather, why is Sensei here? More importantly, where is this?”

“It’s your house though?”

“It isn’t my home though…”

Looking around, the furniture, the pillows and blankets, and even the bed, none of it were things that I recognized.


Moreover, before I had time leaped, Hiiragi-chan and I weren’t even dating. If last time I was living with Sana, then this time…?

“Are you still half asleep?”

Kusu kusu, Hiiragi-chan chuckled a little bit, came over and sat on the bed.

“I came here to make breakfast for you, right?”

Do you get it? She said as she treated me like a child and playfully poked my cheeks.

“I see. That means, we’ve been dating for ten years since then.”

Last time, we had broken up, but this time, we were able to stay in our relationship together. Knowing that last time when I returned to this time, we had broken up, it seems the breaking up flag had been avoided this time around. Looking at her left ring finger, there was no ring. Of course, neither did I have one. If we were married, we would be living together, so I guess we haven’t married yet.

“If you don’t eat soon, you’ll be late, you know? There’s a meeting today, so you need to be there earlier.”

“That seems rough for you.”

Hiiragi-chan tilted her head.

“What are you saying? It’s the same for you too.”


Hmmm? Is it that? What Hiiragi-chan had mentioned that she wanted during the school trip? I also became a teacher, and we were now coworkers together…? Which means….

“I became a teacher?”

Hiiragi-chan chuckled again.

“It isn’t that you became one, but you are one. You’re also a high school teacher now with me. Sanada-sensei, please pull yourself together.”

I actually became a high school teacher…!? Hmm? If that’s the case, something’s weird. Working together happily at the same workplace and getting married, that should be Hiiragi-chan’s ideal.

Despite that, we still weren’t married… What happened? Did I simply just not make a proposal? If that’s the case, then what am I doing?

“Cheer up, Seiji-kun! Being all gloomy in the morning is not allowed! I’ll do my best to convince my father as well, okay!?”

“Your father?”

“Eh? You’re coming to stay over at my parent’s home this weekend, remember? Isn’t that why you’re down?”


“Mou. Did you forget already? You were sad because my father had told you that it definitely would not be allowed without a minimum annual income of 10 million!”

Greeting the family… it seemed that this time, we had progressed pretty far together. I guess I’m doing my best. Wait, annual income of 10 million!? That’s asking for way to much, Hiiragi-chan’s Papa. A twenty-seven-year-old with an income of 10 million? Where would he get that? This isn’t Perika? [1]

At some point, I had asked Hiiragi-chan about her salary and found out that it was surprisingly low. If that’s the case, the current me would probably have around the same income. In the end, the work of a teacher is basically quite similar to that of a civil servant. Over the years, income would grow, but, as long as you’re career doesn’t build up on itself, it isn’t that much. As I was doing the calculations within my head, HIiragi-chan gave me a hug.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just that I had never brought my boyfriend to meet with my father before, and he was just surprised. No matter how you think of it, that type of income is unreasonable, right? It’s way too blown out of proportion. Don’t worry about, okay?”

Hiiragi-chan gave me a pat on the head. As usual, Hiiragi-chan’s petting had quite the healing effect. Gyuu, she held me tighter. Good boy, good boy, Hiirag-chan continued to pet me with an increasing amount of motherhood.

Even after ten years, HIiragi-chan was still cute, and her style hadn’t changed at all. But, there was a little bit of a hidden tiredness that could be seen. If it was the previous me, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to notice this change.

As a guy, I wasn’t that hung up on getting married, but for a girl, they would probably want to get married earlier rather than later. Most likely, the present me had followed Hiiragi-chan’s hope, and tried my best to study and become a teacher. However, I had forgotten what was important. I didn’t want to become a teacher, rather, I wanted Hiiragi-chan to be happy.

…Oh? It’s here. The feeling of leaping through time. I didn’t understand it the previous time, but this time, I had a slight bit of remembrance.

The scene in front of my eyes switched instantly.

“… Hey, Sanada.”

As I looked over to who was shaking my shoulder, Fujimoto was there, wearing his uniform.

… Hmm, we’re in the classroom?

My cell phone is my old cell phone. The date was also as I remembered it. As for the time, it was just about the start of lunch break.

“Are you okay? You seemed to be somewhat dazing off.”

“Eh, aah, yeah. I’m fine.”


I had somehow been able to leap back once again to my second year of high school. Following the current situation, would lead to the future that I saw. I headed straight to the staff room where Hiiragi-chan was. The instant she saw, Hiiragi-chan broke into a smile.

“Sensei, I’d like to borrow some references.”


After grabbing the key to the world history references room, we went into the room and stayed in it. Katan, using the key to lock the door behind her, her expression suddenly changed.

“Today, wasn’t it a home economics room day?”

I grabbed the shoulders of Hiiragi-chan, who was confused.

“Sensei. I’ll become a harder working man in the future!”

“W-what is this all of a sudden? Rather, it’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san, right?”

When she had asks me that, I really don’t know how I could convey this to her. If I told anyone that I knew the future because I time leaped, no one would believe me.

“Come here.”

Both of Hiiragi-chan’s arms opened up, as if to accept me.

“Right now, it’s not the time for that. We should be being more serious—”

I was hugged without any room for resistance.

“It is that sort of time. When a pair of lovers are secretly alone inside a room, they flirt. Isn’t that an obvious thing?”

Since Hiiragi-chan had stuck out her lips, wanting a kiss, I ended up fulfilling her request and giving it. After being fueled by that, Hiiragi-chan became slightly embarrassed.

“Studying, I’ll try even harder from now on.”

“It’s alright if you don’t try that hard, you know? I want Seiji-kun to be happy after all.”

“That might be fine for you, Haruka-san. But even for me, you being unhappy isn’t a good thing.”

Like a rising meter, her face ended up turning red.

“M-moouuuuu. Y-you shouldn’t be saying something like that until after you graduate from high school! I-it’s like you proposed to me.”

“It’s fine like that though.”

Fuguu, after letting out a strange sound, Hiiragi-chan held down her chest with her hand.

“My heart skipped a beat and I thought I would die…”

“Haruka-san, your face is red.”

“B-be quiet…”

As she was trying to hide her embarrassment, she gave a long kiss.

Today was a day where we were supposed to go to the home economics club for lunch, but we ended up going without it, and stayed stuck together like this the whole time during break.

TL Note:

  1. Pelika. From what I can tell pelika comes from a manga called Tobaku Hakairo Ku Kaiji. I think it’s supposed to be a currency in the story that comes in denominations of 100, 1000, and 10000 yen.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter~

    I’m amazed they can stay in that level of relationship without getting lust take over. This is clearly weird since 90% from what i’ve read couples can’t hold out this long XD

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  2. The “Fate” really took the side of Sanada and his relationship with Haruka-chan ehhhh if some in future there is some unhappiness the fate gonna sent Sanada to future to realize it and fix it when return to the past.

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  3. If this is a chinese novel, the mc would already use the future knowledge to make a lot of money. Since its japanese romance novel, well, he didn’t know what to do and just need to work hard later.


  4. He’s basically a seer that can see only a fixed point in time as his actions change it. I don’t think he’s actually time leaped since the first time, there’s just a weird link to his 27 year old self remaining that lets him see pieces of the environment his actions create sometimes.

    … I don’t want the story to become harem, but it would be amusing if later he sees a vision of himself falling into depravity with a harem, then his highschool self backpedaling furiously to avoid it.


  5. Woah again pretty weird stuff with the time leap stuff, anyways so that just means now he’s gonna try to get a 10M income? well good luck buddy i wonder if Harukas family is loaded or something, still why do you guys even care about what the family thinks? just marry each other cmon …..

    Anyways this was the end of the first volume right? pretty nice stuff i really liked it i hope you continue translating this brother it’s fluffy, they actually kiss, i like their relationship and i can’t wait to see how this goes.


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