The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 37

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Love and Diet

◆ Hiiragi Haruka ◆

The last time I did this, when was it…? Since last time was during spring break, it’s already been at least two months. I just got out of the bath, so maybe if I try it now it’ll be okay.

“Funyaaaaaaaaaaaa!? I got fattteeeeerrrrr!?”

The number written at the bottom of the scale turned into such a large one! As far as I can remember, I’ve ranked up almost 5 times!!


My two arms—Puni~n.

My thighs—Funi, funi.


“Fuguu… egu… fueeh…”

Putting both of my hands on the floor, I made the pose of despair. [1] I’ve become fat…! I can’t make any excuses…

When was the last time I exercised?

Ah. This is bad, it’s been so long that I can’t remember. Doing work, eating meals, drinking a bit of alcohol and then going to sleep——the next day starts with work again. Over the weekends, I flirt all day with Seiji-kun… Then, it repeats again.

It’s such a nice life! But, my weight is increasing…!

“Happiness and weight, they’re weirdly correlated in a way ♪”

Wait, this isn’t the time to be making excuuuueses! I have to somehow get out of this spiral of getting fatter!

“Hmm? But if it’s Seiji-kun, I think he would say something like, “If you got a little chubbier, you’ll be even cuter. I love you”, or something like that! Probably!!”

Personally, getting fat would be a bad thing, but to Seiji-kun, it might actually become a plus.


Which means, the pluses and minuses all cancel out.


“… Sensei, did you put on weight recently?”

The next day during lunch. Inside the home economics room, with the gathering of four people eating lunch together, Sana-chan said something like that to me.

Seiji-kun gave a sidelong glance at me. Follow up, Seiji-kun. “If you just get a little bit fatter, Sensei gets even cuter ♡”. That’s all you have to say.


He ignored it!?

Busutto, Sana-chan stabbed her finger into my side without mercy.

“Wah. It feels quite soft…”

“Stop it. I-I haven’t gotten fatter… This… If I got fatter, I wouldn’t be able to enter my house. As such, it must be due estimation errors.”

Fuun, Sana-chan snorted as Ii-san from across the table started to stare at me.

“… Your face, especially the lines around your jaw seem to have become less apparent. Also, your face as gotten a little rounder.”

“Guuu… It’s just happiness fat. It’s because I’m too happy, so I got a little fatter.”

Right, Seiji-kun? I sent a smile his way, and then, Seiji-kun lifted his face as if making up his mind.

“Yeah. Me too, I had kind of thought that it might not be the case, but, I need to say it straight. Sensei, you put on some weight, didn’t you?”


So straightforward, and said with a serious face, the damage was piled onto me three times in a row…

“But, just a little bit of fat is going to be…”

“Sensei, that, you’re just admitting that you’ve become fatter if you say that, you know? You’re embarrassed so you’re trying to cover it up with your own explanation, right?”

“Don’t say that…”

As I was looking down, Seiji-kun agreed with it. It seems like even he wasn’t going to follow up on this.

“This is common among working people, but you’re not exercising enough. That probably isn’t good. If you leave it alone, you’ll end up having more and more of a selfish body.”

Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll have to go on a diet. I never continue it for very long though, and if I stop I end up rebounding so I don’t like it.

“By the way, Ii-san, Sana-chan, do either of you guys do anything? Like diets?”

The two of them looked at each other and then shook their heads.

“Sana is the type that doesn’t get fat.”

“… Same here.”

I’m wanting to give someone my body’s constitution more and more…!

“I’ll do it! Just you guys watch!”

Finally snapping, I exited the home economics room. Even if I say that though, I don’t have the time to spend on dieting. Even if I want to go running in the evenings, I’m not good at it… Over the weekends, I want to spend my lovey-dovey time with Seiji-kun…


Maybe the scale at my house is actually just broken…!?

I go to the school infirmary, close the curtain and lock the door. Becoming stark naked, I lightly step onto the scale.

“Funyaaaaaaaa!? As expected, I got fatter, moreover, I ranked up one more than yesterday!?”

A-at this rate… I’ll end up hated by Seiji-kun…

“A fat Haruka-san, it’s a little… There’s a limit to everything should I say…”


F-first, instead of commuting using a car, I should use a bike…!

With this, I’ll at least get some exercise, and in a blink of an eye, my weight will drop, “Haruka-san, you’ve become so slim. Beautiful! I love you!” Seiji-kun will look at me with such heart filled eyes. Probably!


… After waiting in anticipation for a whole month, my weight remained the same…

Diet, I underestimated you…

After returning home on my bike, a call came from Seiji-kun.

“I’m going out walking today, from around 9. Do you want to come, Haruka-san?”

“Yeah! Ah, but, is it okay? For us to be together…”

“I’ll be wearing a hat, and it’ll be dark. It’ll probably be alright.”

Did Seiji-kun also start a diet…? Well, I guess it’s fine. After making a simple meal and some preparations, then Seiji-kun came.

“Meeting on a weekday, this is like the first time. It somehow feels really exciting ♪”

I tried grasping for his hand, and was busy getting excited all on my own, but my hand was shaken off at once.

“Haruka-san, walking, is different from a stroll.”

“I… It’s different?”

“It isn’t some kind of romantic stroll. It’s walking with effort. Swinging your arms as you walk, all with the intention to race.”

“The enjoyment of it has completely disappeared!?”

Like this, under Seiji-kun’s instruction, our night time walking began. At the beginning, just walking took everything I had, but after getting used to it, I gained the leisure to begin a conversation.

“As expected, you don’t like it when I get fat?”

“It isn’t a question of what I think, though, but rather what the person herself thinks, right? Getting fat, don’t you not like that?”

“I don’t like it.”

“Then, let’s work hard?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Uuuuu… He was strict until now, but really, it was just Seiji-kun being a tsundere…

Uuuu… I love it. I’ll just secretly bring my hand—Au, I was rejected once again… So sad…

“At the current moment, there’s no time to be flirting, right?”


Mou, I don’t even know who the teacher is at this point.

“Still, Seiji-kun is also on a diet. That’s unexpected.”

“No, well, that is… Rather than it being for me…”

Hmm? Somehow, it seems to be hard for him to say it.

“More than putting in the effort all by yourself, if we do it together, wouldn’t you have more motivation, or at least, that’s what I thought.”

Does that mean, it was… for me—?

The way to swing my arms, and the way in which I should walk, even Seiji-kun was quite detailed. He’s not even part of an athletic club. Now that I think about it, being this knowledgeable on walking is something that is unnatural.

He taught me how to walk efficiently. It seems like he did some research about it. Seiji-kun is in good shape and doesn’t need a diet after all.

Which means, he did it for me. At a late time like this, even though he doesn’t need to be on a diet, he accompanies me on mine. He would probably want to watch TV. He would probably want to play games.


“What is it?”

“I like you.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“I love you.”

He’ll refuse me if I try to grab his hand, so I hug him instead. It just happened to be under a streetlight. It was like a spotlight.

“C-come on—now’s the time for walking.”

“Wrong, it’s the time for flirting!”

“No, you’re wron—”

“Don’t stop my feelings of love!”

“Those words somehow seem like lyrics to a song.”

Seiji-kun, who had given up had, relented a little bit and gave a hug back. Of course, I also hugged him back. Then, we kissed. It was still Tuesday, and the day before yesterday, we had met up flirted and kissed. However, no matter how many kisses I have with Seiji-kun, I still can’t get enough.

“I wish I could lose weight based on the number of kisses we have…”

“If it’s like that, it would be gone in an instant, right?”

“That’s true.”

We laughed together, and then had another long kiss. It was as if we had forgotten the time, the place, and even what we were doing at the moment.

Once we were heading back, it became okay for us to hold hands, so we ended up walking back like that. The calls every night was replaced by walking, and things repeated like what happened tonight.


As a result, adding my restraint when it comes to dinner and drinking, my weight returned much quicker than I thought it would. I reported the results during one of our walks.

“Oh? Really? That’s great, congratulations.”

“It’s the power of love, Seiji-kun! Love Is Power!”

“Why the English? If you really were able to become skinnier like that, no one would need to suffer.”

He said such a disheartening thing. However, I still believe that it was the power of love.

“The power of love is infinite.”

“You’re saying something so embarrassing. Stop.”

Seiji-kun said that while being embarrassed. Unable to hold back my love for him, I lock my hands with him. From today, it doesn’t seem like I’ll need to worry about swinging my arms as I go.

“Seiji-kun, I love you.”

“Yeah, me too, Sensei.”

Again, he does it, calling me Sensei. However, recently, I’ve been thinking that it’s a way for him to hide his embarrassment. He really is growing to become even more precious to me.

TL Note:

  1. I didn’t know this was what this was called until the author had orz written in English…

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  1. Man, I can’t believe I’m getting bpred from reading novel with a Protagonist that is not a wuss.
    Its the same boring antics every chapters with the same dull conclusion, Is there anything happening with this novel at all?
    Or we’re going to reach 100 with the same formula.


    • Buddy, I think slice of life isn’t for you, at least this one isn’t. It won’t change. There’s no action or drama. If you don’t like it, drop it. A good protagonist/characters don’t make a good novel even though personally I think you just dislike this kind of story and that’s totally fine.


      • I am not asking for actor nor drama mate. I’ve been reading novels for years, do you think I never encountered slice of life novels before and even by their standards of being mundane and inherently nothing happening at all this novel is grating when this novel likes to tip toe between Slice of life and hinting at something happening to the story.
        Stop with the stupid “If you don’t like, drop it” or me not liking this kind of story BS when I obviously read this genre with in mind. I criticize this novel because I like the premise.
        Don’t be a nob head, next time.


      • Mein, I’ve been reading novels for much longer than you, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just you. If you don’t like a novel, don’t complain, just drop it. That’s what I do. And my range and spread of reading is far wider than yours too.


      • Heck, I’ve been reading novels since I was in lower to upper primary school. That’s grade school for you. And yes, I understood every single word of them. I’m just that fluent in English. I get full marks as a bonus for Expression and stuff like that. There’s nothing wrong with the writing. It’s just your preference.


    • They’re here… The party poopers…. Remember… This is A SLICE OF LIFE novel… What do you expect from it… The story is like this from the very begining… If you expect some more heavy plot go somewhere else… Don’t ruin the fun… Why are you here in the first place by the way…
      *wait for ‘I know that’ stuff


  2. Doesn’t walking efficiently mean walking with the least possible effort for covering the same distance? It would require the least amount of energy, so it would be absolutely counterproductive to losing weight. It’s like fuel consumption when driving a car.


  3. Isn’t orz a type of dogeza??

    Also if you get fat or gained weight the easiest way to remove it is by either walking or running or if your not lazy like me you can do aerobics… Just do some work that’s moving your whole body..😄😄😄😄

    Also thanks for the chapter!!!


  4. Thanks from the chap~

    from this lines:
    “Don’t stop my feelings of love!”
    “Those words somehow seem like lyrics to a song.”

    I wonder if he is talking about Detective Conan OP “I can’t stop my love for you”?


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