The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 38

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Magical Power

Pon, pakon.

“I’m starting!”

“Yes, please!”

Pon, pakon.

On the other side of the fence, the people in the girl’s tennis club were swinging their rackets back and forth.

It was after school.

Sana had ended up suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of a math quiz, so she was forced to stay and take supplementary classes. I was alone on the way home. When I tried to take a slightly different path home, I found the tennis courts, and just happened to end up watching the tennis club’s practice.

The prelims for a major competition seems to be coming up in a month, so practice was starting to get a little bit harder. It wasn’t that I particularly liked tennis, nor was there a girl on the court that I knew.

Tatatata, pakon.


… It’s too curious.

Chirarizumu standard equipment—the official name of it would be skorts—it had completely monopolized my vision. [1]

Normally, they would be practicing in their gym uniform or the club jersey, but because the tournament was close, they decided to practice in their uniform.

It’s fine to be watching, but I just can’t help but be interested…

Everyone was going at practice so seriously while I, on the other hand, was being completely unscrupulous.

If I stare too much, I’ll be treated like a pervert, so I end up walking while taking short sideways glances at the court.


Suddenly feeling a gaze on me, I turn around.

However, no one was there.

That’s weird… I felt something though.

That was strange, I thought, as I headed home, and reluctantly walked away from the tennis court.

It happened on the Saturday of that week.

In order to spend time with Hiiragi-chan, I went to her house.

“Seiji-kun, welcome!”

When I opened the door, she welcomed me. At that time, I noticed something different from normal.

“What is it?”

“Eh. Aah, no, it’s nothing.”

Normally, Hiiragi-chan would wear jerseys or pants indoors. However, today, she was wearing a skirt.… Moreover, it was quite short. It was white, and of course, her legs were also white and dazzling.

“Haruka-san, your legs are quite pretty.”

“Is that so? I don’t really think so, but thank you.”

Hiiragi-chan smiled happily.

Just as she was prompting me to come in, her skirt ended up spreading out like flower petals. Bu!?

Just now, I saw it. Panicking a little bit, Hiiragi-chan pulled down on the hem of her skirt. Then she took a sidelong glance at me.

“N-no. I didn’t see. I didn’t see anything.”

“Are you sure?”

It wasn’t that she hadn’t worn a skirt on one of our dates before. It was just that, the length today was extremely short.

“Today, it’s really short, your skirt that is.”

“This type of thing, don’t you like it?”

“If I had to answer, then I guess so…”

Hiiragi-chan lightly jumped up and down multiple times. Fewah, fuwah, fuwah. Stop, those movements! It’s too eye catching!

“Earlier, you kept on looking at the tennis club girls, right?”

“Ugeh. That gaze, it was you, Sensei…?”

“It’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san, right? Seiji-kun, you like short skirts right?”

That’s not exactly the case. If that is part of your fashion sense, then I don’t think there is any reason to not wear one. However, to say that equals like, is a little bit of a rough estimation.

“Ah. Did you perhaps believe, that I was watching the tennis club girls practice because I like short skirts?”

“Eh, am I wrong?”

Pyon pyon, as Hiiragi-chan hopped around, the skirt ended up flipping upwards. This shamelessness is banned! That’s what I thought, but I didn’t put it into words. Going to the living room, she brought out coffee like usual. After taking a drink, I was going to talk to Hiiragi-chan who would be sitting next to me. —but, hmm? She’s sitting across from me today?

… It’s so short that I can almost see it. Refocusing myself, I clear my throat.

“Haruka-san. I wasn’t watching the tennis club girls practicing because I liked miniskirts.”

“Then, Seiji-kun, why exactly was it that you were staring so diligently? You were getting funny looks from the girls sitting on the side of the court, you know?”

“Say something like that earlier!”

“Well, I was looking from the preparation room with binoculars.”

So far. Rather, why did you have binoculars? So prepared.

“Anyways, I was just thinking… that everyone was working and practicing so hard…”

I tried saying something like that first.

“Liar. You were staring for a full 30 minutes!”

I was found out so easily.

“Do you want to see girls in their youth? Do you want to see their legs? Do you want to see miniskirts? Do you want to see their panties? Make up your mind and choose one!”

Somehow, she seems mad!?

“Haruka-san, in the first place, the uniforms that the tennis club girls were wearing are considered okay to look, so even if I want to see their underwear, I can’t.”


She stared me down.

“Does that mean, you wanted to see something that would be considered okay?”

I was wondering how I could explain chirarizumu to another woman, so that she could be convinced of its magical power.

If I leave it like this, Hiiragi-chan would continue with her misunderstanding.

Coming this far, I have no choice but to explain it.

“Something that’s on the border of being visible and not, you can’t help but stare at something like that.”


It seems that she still didn’t quite get it.

“For a while now, your gaze has continued to look downward, is it because of that?”

“Sorrrry. My eyes just keep getting drawn to it.”

Hiiragi-chan shook her head.

“No. It’s okay. I just thought that you seemed to be so drawn to it.”

“I might be able to see it, so I end up looking…. It’s like the relationship between a cat and a cat toy.”

Even to me, it was a questionable example…

“Aaah! So that’s what it was!”

“That lets you understand it!?”

“Anyways, it wasn’t that you wanted to see the underwear of the tennis club girls, right Seiji-kun?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

It really is a huge mystery, the power of chirarizumu. Hiiragi-chan’s skirt fluttered a bit as she flattened it down.

“Then something like this is good?”

“It’s completely in view! That shamelessness is banned!!”

“Ehh? Wah!? I-I didn’t mean to do that…”

It seems what just happened was an accident. Holding down the hem of her skirt, Hiiragi-chan looked downwards.

“S-sorry. I was trying to make it so that you couldn’t see it. I-I didn’t intend to let you see…”

The previous times when she showed me her panties, she was never this embarrassed. Most likely, it was safe if she let me see consciously, but if it was an accident, then it’s no good. She would get embarrassed if it was like that.

“Ah, no… Umm… Thank you very much.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

I gave Hiiragi-chan a weird look. Hmmm? The conversation isn’t meshing at all?

“Haruka-san, you weren’t playing at trying to give a glimpse of your panties?”

She was jumping so much, and her skirt was fluttering about everywhere.

“I-I wasn’t! I thought that Seiji-kun liked miniskirts, that’s why I wore it! D-don’t misunderstand! It wasn’t that I wanted you to seem my panties!”

Saying a line that a tsundere would say, Hiiragi-chan pouted and faced away. She then sat on her knees. I can still see it a little bit though!! If you don’t want to let me see then you should be more aware of your positioning and posture!

“Seiji-kun? Don’t just sit there silently. Say something…. Are you really that intere— ah.”

Noticing my eyesight, Hiiragi-chan’s face turned red as she changed how she sat.

“M-mou, I’m going to go change.”

She walked towards her bedroom.

So scary… the magical power of chirarizumu…

TL Note:

  1. Really don’t know how to translate this one, but it’s チラリズム. Apparently, it’s like a phrase indicating like sexual appeal through almost being able to see something but not really completely being able to. In this case, it would be being able to see a glimpse of the underwear under the skirt.

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19 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 38

  1. Thank you for the chapter~

    Well, you returned with something that shouldn’t be brought up… That zone is dangerous, more dangerous than the infamous “Absolute Territory”, your soul may be sucked if you keep staring at it. That zone is an abyss, you can’t see through it, but there are many possibilities lies there.

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    • Really don’t know how to translate this one, but it’s チラリズム. Apparently, it’s like a phrase indicating like sexual appeal through almost being able to see something but not really completely being able to. In this case, it would be being able to see a glimpse of the underwear under the skirt.

      Not exactly.

      Let me give you the proper definition:-


      1. the art of giving a brief glimpse (of skin, underwear, etc.)​
      Jocular, humorous term

      Other forms


      • I basically learned my Japanese by watching and listening to anime while simultaneously reading their English subtitles (while filtering out the bad translations using my innate linguistic ability), and reading bidirectional, bilingual Japanese-English dictionaries and looking up any kanji I didn’t know. I also read raw mangas by translating them by myself using a bidirectional, bilingual Japanese-English dictionary from start to finish.

        I also improved my fluency in English by reading English dictionaries until their definitions ended up at a dead end for each word, flipping back and forth, comparing the different words and definitions. That and I read a whole ton of English story books and novels since I was a little kid, like say 3 or 4 years old. And I moved on to novels in lower to upper primary schools (around Grade 3 to Grade 5, about the same time I started copying and editing BASIC programs).

        Language is the same no matter which, be it natural human language or programming languages or markup languages, etc. You parse them and then determine their meaning. This is usually done by tokenizing the sentences and paragraphs. You’ll need a lexicon for each language to refer to, which is basically the complete dictionary of that language and a description of its proper use.


      • So if you want to learn a language, just get a dictionary and read it thoroughly, watch their subtitled (in your best language) shows a lot while filtering out any discrepancies, and eventually try reading raws with the help of a dictionary. It’ll take time, but you’ll learn bit by bit.


      • The method I described is for poor scholars like me who have to learn their computer science, and just about everything from borrowed textbooks or from e-books, and stuff like that.


      • My family is always contributing to the nation, but we never get anything in return, even though if not for my dad, this country’s Internet would have been at least about 10 years late.


      • Sorry for the length of my words. I tend to have a bad habit of going into “Lecture Mode”. I used to unfortunately/fortunately be nicknamed “Professor” back in my college years.


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