The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 39


“The compatibility between the two of you is…”

Gokurin, Sana swallowed her saliva.

“… 76%”

Kanata lightly informed us while turning the cell phone screen towards us.

On a somewhat suspicious looking fortune-telling site, and in some dubious font, the numbers for 76% were written there.

“Muuu…!? 76…? Is it better to be happy, or is it better to be sad. I really don’t know…”

During lunch break, the conversation topic went into fortune-telling, when Sana started it off by mentioning that there was a recently popular site for it.

“What happens if you switch the order of the people?”

“… Switching it, it’s 86%.”

It seems that changing the order would also cause the values to change.

“As friends, being around those values should be just right. Right? Being able to say what needs to be said to each other, something like that.”

Hiiragi-chan, in teacher mode, smiled as she watched over Sana and Kanata. What was just rated, was the compatibility between Sana and Kanata.For the fortune-telling, all that’s needed is to enter the number of strokes in your name and birthday for both you and your partner. Then, the compatibility would be shown.

“Are you really that interested in this? Compatibility…. Or rather, fortune-telling.”

“Even you though, Nii-san. Before you leave home, you always make sure to check your horoscope fortune for the day.”

“That’s just because the show happens to go into the fortune-telling corner when I’m just about to leave. It’s not because I’m interested.”

I wonder if Hiiragi-chan also likes things like this. When I glanced at her, our eyes met, and she smiled. Even now, when she smiles like that in her teacher mode, my heart ends up skipping a beat…

Her smile just seems to be a different type of smile.

“Sensei, are you also interested?”

As I turned to conversation to her, Hiiragi-chan tilted her head in thought.

“I wonder. If it’s whether I’m interested or not, then yes, I’m interested. But, same with the morning fortune, if it’s good, then I’ll believe in it, if it’s bad, then I won’t. That’s the type of person I am.”

Oooh… I haven’t seen this in a while, an adult Hiiragi-chan.

“T-then… N-nii-san, how many is it?”

Hiiragi-chan also reacted to that.

“How many, as in?”

“The number of strokes.”

How many is it? After doing a bit of calculating in my head, it turns out it is 37.

“… Sana. You aren’t planning on doing a compatibility check with me are you?”

“————I-I’m won’t! Just because I know your birthday, i-i-it d-doesn’t mean I’m going to do the fortune-telling!”

“I suggest you don’t, it’s not like we have bad compatibility.”

“I-I said that I wasn’t going to do it! Nii-san, you, Super Self-Conscious Man.”

She really created a weird hero name there.

“… Seiji-kun, the number of strokes, how many?”

Kanata also asked me. Hiiragi-chan also seemed to want to know, as she was strongly nodding her head.

“It’s 37.”

Batto, Sana started entering something into her phone.

“And you’re going to do it anyways?”

“I-it’s not that! Nii-san, you, Super Self-Conscious Man. I-it’s a different person…”

Staring at her phone Sana muttered something like, “Ah…. 100%…”

Pishi, Hiiragi-chan froze. Niheheh, Sana laughed to herself. She was in a good mood the whole rest of the day.

“By the way, Sensei, doesn’t know your birthday, Seiji-kun. It’s already been two months since we’ve started dating though.”

That evening, after work was done for her, a call from Hiiragi-chan came.

“Haruka-san, you also want to do some fortune-telling?”

“I want to… I don’t want to… but I can’t help but be interested…”

I felt the same way. It would be great if a nice result came out of it, but if, on the off chance, a bad result were to show up, it would come as a great shock.

“Me too, I don’t know Haruka-san’s birthday.”

“Mine is December 2nd.”

“Eh? Me too.”

“No way? Really!? Our birthdays are the same, that’s so romantic!”

“Let’s celebrate together.”

“Yeah ♪ Yeah ♪”

“That means, this year, you’ll be 25?”

“Wrong. This year is 24. I’m currently 23.”

Hmm. That means, I made an awkward mistake there. Well, this year turning 24, and currently 24, there isn’t that much of a difference. If I actually say that though, she’ll probably get mad, so I won’t. I should probably stop any idea of attempting the fortune-telling though. If the result is bad, Hiiragi-chan would probably end up feeling down.

“If a bad result comes out of fortune-telling—”

“It’s okay. Completely believing in fortune-telling, I’m not a child.”

I see. I tend to forget, but Hiiragi-chan is still an adult. Ever since I was a student, similar things have happened, so I would assume that she would also have abundant experience. There, the conversation ended, and the next day, the first class in the morning was world history. Hiiragi-chan came in with an unenergetic expression, causing the class to whisper to each other.

“Hiiragi-chan’s ghost?”

“No, it has to be a doppelganger, right?”

“Twin sister?”

“A shadow clone, the cloned one?”

Everyone had some sort of misunderstanding by how haggard she looked.

“……Okay…. Then…… let’s start class….”

Her voice was so quiet. She dropped her shoulders and started reading from the textbook.

“… Like this, Jeanne d’Arc and the French army were able to free the town of Orleans from the English army that surrounded it. It could be said that the battle was won through fortune-telling.”

That’s definitely not true! She definitely did the fortune-telling. Moreover, the result was probably really bad. Even though she had said with a smug feel that she wasn’t a kid that would take fortune-telling at face value.

Isn’t she feeling down from taking it at face value? It didn’t go like how she said it at all.

“—It could be said that the England army’s fortune-telling results, or that’s what Sensei believes from my point of view.”

Don’t put in any ideas with no proof. Please teach world history properly, Sensei. You’ve been influenced by fortune-telling and you’re now talking about unnecessary things. Haaah, Hiiragi-chan made a big sigh. She’s believing too much in fortune-telling, it’s almost like she got hooked by a conman taking away her money…

Where did your resolution from yesterday go? If she’s feeling so depressed, it was probably a pretty bad result. I pulled out my cell phone and secretly accessed the fortune-telling site. I entered our birthdays and stroke counts, and hit the button to start the fortune-telling. After a short amount of time, the screen changed.

[Compatability 0.6%]

So low!? It was to the point where it was close enough to call it zero. There was a comment written below it.

[In your previous life, you were archenemies.]

This is the worst.

Yeah… I guess, this is a little depressing…

If Hiiragi-chan had made a mistake while entering the information, and if the correct information would give a compatibility of 100% then that would be a big win! I was hoping for something like that, but reality was not that sweet.

“Hiiragi Haruka”, I’m pretty sure my stroke count was actually correct.

My stroke count as well, I’m pretty sure… Hmmm? While counting, I try writing it down in my notebook. Hmm? The stroke count for “Sanada Seiji” isn’t 37. It’s 36.

I told Hiiragi-chan, who had just passed by, that she had just dropped something.

“Sensei, you just dropped something earlier?”

“…. Eh, aah, yeah…”

What I dropped was just like before, a letter camouflaged as an eraser. Normally, she would quickly move to her desk to check its contents, however she didn’t seem that energetic today and dragged her feet like a ghost back to the teacher’s desk. I could tell that Hiiragi-chan was secretly doing something with her hands.


It seemed that she read it.

“S-sensei seemed to have forgotten some teaching materials, so I’m going to the prep room to get them.”

Emphasizing the preparation room, she gave me a wink for a moment.

“P-please be quiet, okay?”

Saying that, Hiiragi-chan started running down the hall. Seems like she was going to try it again. Pretending to go to the bathroom, I also left the classroom. Lightly jogging to the preparation room, I saw Hiiragi-chan grasping her cellphone. I still hadn’t entered the correct values, and determined whether or not I needed to comfort her or not.

That’s why, I thought that it would be better if I did it myself. But seeing Hiiragi-chan’s expression, it seems to have been a success.


With a tearful expression, she faced the cell phone screen towards me.

[Compatibility 120%]

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s good. Today, you were depressed because the fortune-telling results were bad, right? Even though you said that you weren’t a child who would take it at face value.”

“T-that’s wrong… It was just that something bad happened. M-more than that, look. Look at this!”

Her index finger was pointing at the comment.

[Your fated partner.]

“Fated partner, huh…?”

“W-what? I-isn’t that good? Fated partner. Or, Seiji-kun, are you dissatisfied?”

Slowly, slowly, Hiiragi-chan continued to approach me. The way in which she was closing in, I was pretty sure I knew what she was expecting.

“It’s not that I’m dissatisfied. I’m perfectly happy with it.”

“That’s great!”

Slowly bringing her face closer, she came in for a kiss.

“It’s still class time.”

“It’s fine. It’s just once.”

Despite saying that, I was used to her repeating these two or three more times. Describing it as destiny, makes it sound a little cheap. Moreover, cellphone fortune-telling feels quite suspicious.

“For me, Seiji-kun is my fated partner. It would be great if for Seiji-kun, that person was me…”

Ah, I see. Switching the order of entering the values, this time we’ll do a fortune-telling from my point of view. As I tried it from my point of view, Hiiragi-chan asked me how it was as she peeked at my screen with an embarrassed expression.

[Compatibility 120%. Your fated partner.]

Yeah. This is good. I guess it’s alright to believe in it a bit more.

“A big win!”

Eheheh, Hiiragi-chan made a peace sign with her normal smile.

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    • Maybe I should have put a translator note for it, but since Japanese and most other asian languages have complicated characters, they end up having this thing called stroke count. So what they’re referring to is the number of strokes it takes to write their name the proper way. In other words, the number of times you would supposedly need to lift your pencil.

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