The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 40

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After School in the Tea Ceremony Room

[Today after school, come to the tea ceremony room ♪]

That was written on a note that Hiiragi-chan had given me during world history class. Speaking of the tea ceremony room, wasn’t that the room of the tea ceremony club that was just shut down? That’s why it should be an unopened room right now. What was she planning on doing there…?

It just so happened that the home economics club didn’t have any activities after school, so there wasn’t anything I needed to do. While carefully watching my surroundings, I head to the back of the school grounds towards a single flat building. As I headed inside, Hiiragi-chan greeted me at the entrance.

“Ah, welcome.”

“Welcome? More importantly, why is this place open?”

“How did I do it? Isn’t it obvious? I used a duplicate key that I made.”

“Don’t make a duplicate key. You never know what’s going to happen if someone finds out.”

“Mou, you’re so serious as usual, Seiji-kun.”

Over here, over here, I was urged on to sit on the cushion. This Japanese style room used to be used by a club. As such, there was still some left over graffiti from former club members.

“Just wait for a bit, okay? The tea will be prepared soon.”


It’s been a while, she said as Hiiragi-chan used the tools that he had just washed to prepare the tea.

“That tea, is it matcha?”

“It’s just as you see it.”

She was using a traditional tea set.

Moreover, she seemed very familiar with using it.

“Normally, we use stuff like the gas stove, or the water boiler to make tea, so I was just thinking that doing something like this would be fine every once in a while.”

“If you’re fine with it, then I guess it’s okay…”

Hiiragi-chan was currently wearing casual clothing so it didn’t exactly feel right, even if she was sitting in seiza and making the tea with practiced movements. However, if I imagine Hiiragi-chan in more traditional Japanese clothing.

… It’s amazing. It feels complete.

“Here, go ahead.”

She said as she served me a cup of tea.

“Ah, ummm, that’s quite some skill…”

“Ahaha. You should only say that after you’ve finished drinking it. I don’t think you would come up with some normal response.”

“I-is that so?”

“There’s no need to hold back, you know? Manners and such are quite a dull after all, right?”

Since that was the case, I decided to start drinking freely. Yeah. It’s bitter, as expected.

“Something to go along with the tea. Here.”

What Hiiragi-chan passed out next was a few small donuts in a bag.

“Tea and donuts… that’s really unbalanced.”

“It’s fine if it tastes good.”

The Hiiragi-chan who straightened her back as she sat in a seiza somehow looked very proper. Oh yeah, I know a lot about how Hiiragi Haruka is as a teacher and my girlfriend, but I don’t know much else about her.

“… Haruka-san?”

“Hmmm? What is it?”

With sugar stuck to her lips, Hiiragi-chan tilted her head. Mogu mogu, she was in the process of eating two or three donuts at once. It really looks like it tastes good when this person is eating it.

“———Ah! The tea ceremony room is open!”

A girl’s voice came from outside, causing the two of us to react at the same time.

“It’s true. That’s unusual. Maybe someone forgot to lock it?”

This time it was a boy’s voice.

“Let’s go in?”


The voices seemed to indicate two people. Most likely, it was a couple looking for a room where they could be alone together. Showing an unusual amount of agility for her, Hiiragi-chan quickly cleaned up the tea that was served and the trash from the snacks as well.

Our shoes that the two of us had lined up at the entrance when we first came in would probably be a problem though. However, our shoes were already not in sight.

“Seiji-kun, over here.”

Pulling me by the arm, she dragged me into the next tea room.

“This is great! It’s the best place! Close the door, lock it.”

At the sound of the male’s deep voice, the entrance was then locked with a clicking sound.

“Uuuuu! Even though I had taken the risk to make a duplicate key… they’re now barging in like this!”

Inflating her cheeks, Hiiragi-chan was pouting angrily.

I couldn’t decide who was in the wrong. Whether it was the one who made the duplicate key, or the one that ended up interrupting our time alone together. As such, I ended up staying quiet.

“Hmm? Did you hear a voice from over there just now?”

“Hey hey, stop that.”

“No, I didn’t mean to make it sound like ghosts. I was just thinking that there might have been someone in here before us.”

An awkward silence. After that, the sound of footsteps on tatami could be heard.


The two of us panicked as we jumped into a small closet. There was the sound of the sliding door opening, after which, the couple could be heard interacting with each other.

“There’s no one there.”

“Then, I guess it was just my imagination.”

Hiiragi-chan and I, with hearts pounding fast, both made a sigh of relief at the same time.

“Hmmmm? The key…? There’s no key…!”

“What is it?”

“Seiji-kun, do you know where the key to the room is?”

“No, I—”

The answer came out at the same time that I was going to reply.

“This… Isn’t this the key to this place? Lucky! Seems like someone dropped it.”

Opening the closet door just a little bit, a girl who seemed to be in her third year was holding a key. It was undoubtedly the key that Hiiragi-chan had been holding earlier, the keys to the tea ceremony room.

“It’s so frustrating…! After I had finally thought this out, and discovered a spot for us to flirt…! I even prepared the key and the snack, I had perfect preparations…!”


I tried to calm down Hiiragi-chan, who was seething with rage.

As I patted her on the head, the sound of kissing could be heard. It wasn’t from the two of us, but the couple that was inside the tea room.

Wahwahwah. It was a fairly intense kiss…

“S-seiji-kun, you can’t look.”

“W-why not?”

As we were secretly conversing between the two of us, the passion and intensity within the room increased.

“Fuu…. Nnnn….,”

T-this, it started so suddenly———! From behind me, my eyes were covered.

“A-anything more than this, mu—”

Ku. Hiiragi-chan…! Does she intend to keep me from seeing the more erotic parts of this…!?

“Y-you must be twenty years old to watch anything beyond this, okay…? Even if it’s on DVD.”

So strict!? It’s on the level of being compared to drinking and smoking. [1] However, I could still hear the rustling of clothes and the sound of skin on skin contact.

“T-they’re only in their third year of high school, and yet, and yet they’re already doing stuff like this…. Eh, inside the skirt… Aauuuuu… W-wait…”

In a shy voice, Hiiragi-chan was commenting on the current situation. Aren’t you completely interested in it yourself?

“Eeh—! Fueeeh… Doing something like that…!?”

What exactly was happening, I couldn’t help but become excessively curious about it. More importantly, Sensei. Your chest is pressed up against me from behind. Once the sounds of heavy breathing and gasping came out, Hiiragi-chan began to turn faint.

“I-I can’t… I can’t watch anymore…”

Hiiragi-chan knocked out and lay on her side. Her eyes were spinning as she fell unconscious. How susceptible to this are you?

… Now. For me, I had only seen AV’s and never seen anything like this in real life. Let’s see…

Wait, they’re clothes are already on!? Everything’s already ended!? It’s way faster than I thought it would be!! Is this really how things like this work, Senpai!?!? Now, I could only watch the flirting third year couple.

After that, the couple left the tea room, and exited the tea ceremony building. And of course, the door was locked from the outside. Most likely, those two will once again use the duplicate key to come here again. What I was thinking seems to be the same as Hiiragi-chan.

“Sensei? It seems like it’s alright now?”

Opening the closet door, I shook the shoulders of unconscious Hiiragi-chan.

“Nnn…. Uuuun… Huh? I fell asleep?”

“Well. A lot of things happened.”

“I see. Sorry. I ended up falling asleep by myself. I also had a terrible dream… W-why did that happen… that… why did I see such a perverted dream….?”

Hiiragi-chan fidgeted around embarrassingly while putting her lap together. Ah, this person, she’s passing off everything that just happened as a dream. Well, the sequence was enough to shock her into fainting, so let’s leave it at that.

“After we clean up, let’s go home together? I’ll give you a ride ♪”

“Ah, yeah. Thanks.”

In a good mood, Hiiragi-chan thrust the utensils and plates into the kitchen sink in order to wash them. Then she looked around for a trash can.

“Haruka-san, the trash can is by the shelf in the back.”

“Ah, it’s true. Thank you. …? There’s something in—F-funyaaaaaaah.”

Hearing a scream like a cat, I quickly went over to where Hiiragi-chan was.

“What happened?”

“The trash can… In the trash can…”

Hiiragi-chan clung to me, as if she saw some kind of monster. Is there something inside? I peeked into the trash can that she was pointing at.

… There were a lot of tissues that seemed to have been used for something.

“Ah… Just now…”

“J-just nooow!? T-that means, it wasn’t a dream…? T-this, this is a school, you know? It’s even a tea ceremony room—they’re also just high schoolers… s-so dirty—”

I supported her as she looked like she was just about to fall. Ah. This is bad. I accidentally touched her breasts. Once again, Hiiragi-chan’s eyes spun as she fell unconscious. She is way too defenseless to this. How exactly was she brought up to make her become like this? Hiiragi-chan woke up after a little bit, and we left the room after opening the door for inside.

Inside the car ride home.

“Y-you know… t-that is still too early for us, okay? W-we have our own pace that we use to go about things, okay?”

She didn’t say what she was talking about, but Hiiragi-chan’s face was completely red through and through.

“But, we ended up making out during the school trip.”

“T-th-that was! That was only done in the heat of the moment and due to the alcohol! I’m very sorry! Forget about it? I’m already repenting it… something like that, is normally out.”

So, kisses are safe, but anything more than that is out.

“That’s why. N-not while we’re still just dating… only after marriage. That should be the proper order of things.”

“It’s fine if that’s the case, but… Haruka-san, can you really hold yourself back?”

“………I-I can, okay?”

No matter how I think about it, I’m still curious.

“What’s with that hesitation. Ah, maybe…?”

“T-th-that’s wrong! I-I wasn’t thinking about anything perverted!”

“I didn’t say anything yet, though?”

“Seiji-kun, you bully~~!”

Poko poko, Hiiragi-chan began beating me with both her hands.

“Uwaaah!? Don’t let your hands leave the wheel.”

After twisting and turning two or three times, we were somehow able to go on without any accidents.

TL Note:

  1.  The minimum drinking and smoking age in Japan is 20 years old.

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  1. Thx for the chapter. Dangerous situations. One would think that a teacher would come out and stop this sort of thing, but then we have her.


    • 1. The minimum drinking and smoking age in Japan is 20 years old.

      It’s 18 here. But over here, nobody really cares, especially the Chinese who love their celebrations and festivals. Heck, I first drank table wine at 6 years old as part of a celebration (they gave me a small cup). First beer at 12 (Grade 6, Primary School), one of us snuck a can for the class. First real expensive high quality red wine sponsored by a French Professor at about age 18. Then after that I got to taste test various kind of alcohols (though I didn’t take too much, because I figured that alcohol was poisonous) for the experience and knowledge, including Kahlua, Vodka, Tequila, and just about any wine my uncle brought back for us to try. So here, yeah, the age to drink alcohol is 18, but nobody really gives a damn about it, since it’s troublesome to keep to those rules given our cultures.


    • By the way, all smoking should be banned completely and all smokers given medicine to help them quit, then taken off the medicine. Not age limits, but complete banning of the narcotics and tobacco industry. Why? Because it’s 1) Bad for your health. 2) It destroys and ruins lives. 3) Second hand smoke also great negatively affects the health of others, especially that of immediate family. You don’t want your baby or child getting cancer do you?


    • Japanese tea ceremony and Chinese tea ceremony are very different.

      Japanese tea ceremony is usually to show off one’s skill and status and at times for formal occasions to show respect to the people you’re drinking with. It’s a lot to do with showing how cultured you are and how good your status is.

      Chinese tea ceremony is usually to either show respect to the people you’re drinking with, or more often than not, it is for joy, fellowship, enjoyment, fun, cheer, and of course the standard for after eating a Chinese meal, seeing as Chinese meals tend to be oily or rich, so having tea right after that is nice for when you’ve just finished eating, as it makes you feel more comfortable and is believed to be good for digesting oily or rich meals. So in Chinese tea ceremony, there’s a often a lot of sharing in the fun of drinking tea together merrily, like say after a meal of dim sum. In short, it’s a less formal thing although there is a proper way to pour the tea and stuff. I did it for my maternal uncle’s wedding, so I know how it’s done.


  2. Aaah….. This novel healed me! I just got back from hospital due to my body lowering it’s temperature though it’s already low from the start!!

    Thanks for the sugar!!!


  3. “and making the with practiced movements.” i think “tea” is missing after the”the”, and thanks for the chapter, also damn those highschoolers are fast, and if he was surprised of how much time it takes, does it mean he was a virgin even in his late twenties 🤣🤔


    • No, only a loser would finish so fast. If I were that girl and he finished so quickly without taking my feelings and the like into account, I’d dump him instantly on the spot.


  4. Everything has been kind of pointing to haruka being from a rich household wonder how that’s gonna go down later on.

    She always seemed pretty pervy but she’s actually so pure???? Thought she was DTF, Damn so they were there while they fucked ? lol


    • She’s probably from a rich family, hence why her father demanded that he have an annual income of at least 10 million a year. That’s nearly double the average annual household income Japanese family as of 2019.


    • Assuming they keep on using the copy of the key that they stole from Haruka to keep on coming to the tea ceremony clubroom to do this kind of stuff, they will most likely eventually meet the karma known as “Probability” and “Coincidence” of a teacher or staff member catching sight of them sneaking in and then they’ll be screwed.


  5. So…, intercrural? That’s the only conclusion I can arrive at from hints including Haruka saying something like “in her skirt”, the fact that they seem to clean up quickly after finishing (no need to put their clothes back on), and the tissues.

    If not, considering how quickly they went from start to finish, well, that was too quick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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