The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 42

The Robber Incident

◆Hiiragi Natsumi◆

*Pin Pon*

“Huh? She should be in her apartment because today is a Saturday”

*Pin Pon**Pin Pon**Pin Pon**Pin Po–on*

I mashed the doorbell as much as possible. But, is this not the right room? This is the room “205”, it shouldn’t be wrong. I even said that I would come to play Saturday…

“Haru-cha~an? Your cute little sister has comeeee~”

I knocked on the door, too… No reaction… Muu. She’s not home. Even though I wanted to surprise her… Now then, let’s get inside with the key I got from mom. As I entered the bedroom, however, I heard something.

“Haruka-san, did you buy too many ingredients?”

A boy’s voice…? Is-is it her boyfriend’s?

“It’s okay. It’s an okonomiyaki party after all. It’s not good if it’s not enough, right?”

She said that she had no boyfriend when I asked her before…

*gasa-gasa* as the sound grocery bag and footstep echoed louder, it seemed that they went into the living room…?

It got quiet? What type of person is her boyfriend I wonder… I snuck a peek at the living room. The Haru-chan that I knew better than anyone else was locking her arms around her boyfriend neck. Uwawawa. It’s still before noon….

I’m so worried that I couldn’t stop looking at them. I know I shouldn’t look but, I’m so curious that I just can’t move my eyes away.



Fugyaaaaaaaa!! Th-they started to kiiii~iiising!? But, this is not a “mere” kiss. They are doing it fullyyyyyy ~ The-they have to be dating!

Uuuu… I don’t want to see it as a family member. W-w-what should I do…? If they go any further than this, then… Despite that, my eyes continued to watch…


The boyfriend pulled himself from her.

“Wa- You wanted to make delicious okonomiyaki, right?”

“Yes. I wanted to…? But, I want to recharge my Seiji-kun’s energy first”

She has that womanly face and all….. Even though she’s was always a good girl in home or at school.

Ah! Then… He’s a bad man who tricked Haru-chan? With her naiive nature, that seems like it could happen. As far as I know, he’s her first boyfriend too.

“What is this Seiji-kun’s energy thingy. Moreover, this is not okonomiyaki party… It’s just you and me, Sensei.”

“Muu, don’t call me Sensei, it’s Haruka-san, right?”

When they changed places, I caught a glimpse of his face.

As I thought what is his face before, it was just a normal, handsome face. Then it’s good. His face looks young. Huh? But, doesn’t he looked too young?

He looks younger than me…. right? Definitely. Eh? I’m a 3rd year high schooler though? But, younger means… A high schooler as well?

And, that “Sensei” just now…. Maybe, she was called “Sensei” just now because of her line of work, but if that’s not true then… Then, these two people…

“In school, I’m Hiiragi-sensei, but now, I’m your girlfriend”

Then, they are a teacher and her student, and dating each other?

N-no way…. The serious Haru-chan wouldn’t do something like that…

It seemed that I lost my timing to make an appearance. But, I don’t want to hide here and secretly observe them all day long either.

“Wh-what should I do———?”


◆Sanada Seiji◆

Hm… did… I just hear someone voice?

*Chuu* As Hiiragi-chan started to kissing me again, and I stopped her with my hand.

“Please wait.”


I-it’s not a thief, right? The voice came from the bedroom. Did the thief just come in, and we just happened to come back? I heard a faint sound.

“Ah, is it a thief?”

Hiiragi-chan looked stiffly at me. It seems she also heard the sound.

“I need to phone 110—” [1]

Hiiragi-chan takes out her phone…

“Se-Seiji-kun, what’s the number of 110!?”

“Haruka-san, please calm down. it’s one-one-zero”

“A-ah, yeah”

“–Eh? 110? somehow this is gotten out of hand!? Wa- that’s not good!”

I heard a voice from the bedroom. Sounds like they were listening in on us. They were speaking to themselves, but it seemed like… a woman’s voice.

“Haru-chan, STOP!”

*Ban* As she slammed the door, a short haired-woman appeared.


“Ah? Natsumi! Why is Natsumi here?”

“Uuu. I was hiding to surprising you”

“I see. you came here to play! Ah, Seiji-kun, this child is my younger sister, Natsumi”

I made a small bow  and said, “hello”. 

The little sister known as Natsumi-chan also awkwardly lowered her head.

“He-hello… Good evening”

“So, who’s this boy?”

Hiiragi-chan became frozen solid. The fact that Hiiragi-chan and I were dating can’t be known to the public. For that reason she would always say that she had no boyfriend. These two things, for the sake of continuing our relationship, are solid and unbending.

Well, it would turn troublesome when introducing to each other. Rather, we can’t to introduce each other in a situation like this. A student meeting a teacher, who was living alone, in private was something that was weird. Regardless of whether it’s a student from the same school.

“Uum… uhhh… what should I say…?”

Hiiragi-chan started to panicking. Her eyes were not focused and her eyes started to spin.

“Th-th-this person is a burglar I met just now”

She was influenced by the mention of a thief from just nooowwww!? I don’t know anymore… But, as I can’t introduce myself as her boyfriend, I lowered my head a bit.

“He-hello…I’m a burglar”

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12 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 42

  1. WOWW!! Great news!!
    I’m actually surprised that someone took the initiative for this :O Awesome!!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


  2. Well, you can definitely notice that drop in grammar quality. Hope they can get it sorted out soon enough. In the meantime tho, thanks for picking it up again. Didn’t even know it was dropped, I just hadn’t seen an update for a bit.


  3. Is “Hello, Burglar-san” some kind of comedy play?? It kind of reminds me of those traditional Japanese comedy acts….

    Thanks for the chapter!!
    The sis is so hilarious


  4. “What is this Seiji-kun’s energy thingy. Moreover, this is not Okonomiyaki party… It’s just 2 of us”

    “Muu, don’t call me sensei, it’s Haruka-san, right?”

    I’m guessing Seiji said “sensei and I” in the raws which got translated into “it’s just the 2 of us”, but whatever it is, the response Haruka makes doesn’t make sense in the current translated context so far. Might want to check that out.

    Happy to see a new translator continuing the series though, keep it up!


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