The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 43

The Robber Incident 2

After being introduced as a thief, I had no other choice but to call myself a “thief”. There was no other way for me to introduce myself, and even if I were to say, “No, I’m not a thief,” I wouldn’t know what to say after that.

That’s why, I’m now a thief.

Though, if I really was a thief, I would be thrown out instantly.

Look. Hiiragi-chan is even putting on a face that seems to say, “Ah, what should i do now…?”

“Ha-Haru-chan… you would kiss someone like him…? Someone you met for the first time…?

A lot of contradictory points came out now. Now, what do we do? Her sister, Natsumi-chan, was looking at Hiiragi-chan anxiously. Rather, she really shouldn’t be ignoring the keyword of “thief” like that.

Hiiragi-chan was sweating hard, as she turned and looked away.

“Y-yes, I would? It’s just a kiss. Even if it’s someone I just met.”

She bulldozed her way through it!! No doubt, it makes her seem even more like a bitch!

I’m a “thief”, Hiiragi-chan is a “bitch”.

“You’re not Haru-chan that I used to know!?”

I know right. Most likely, she, herself, doesn’t even understand what she’s saying.

“Until now, I’ve just hidden it. Natsumi just never knew about it.”

Everyone, including me, had on a confused expression of wondering what to do next.

“An-anyway, let’s sit down first…?”

As a thief that she just met, I offered Natsumi-chan a seat on the sofa.

Just because we wanted to conceal the relationship between Hiiragi-chan and I, our first meeting formed a triangle relationship of a thief, a bitch-teacher, and an innocent little sister.

What should i do nowwwwwww?

“I’m… going to put the ingredients I just bought in the refrigerator. Also, I need to make preparations for lunch…”

Hiiragi-chan ran away while grabbing the plastic bag from the supermarket.

“Umm… Thief-kun’s name is Seiji, right?”

“Ah, yes… Your older sister… I just happened to run into Sensei…”

It became a story about a thief, who just happened to meet his teacher, and ended up having her listen to his circumstances over lunch—a story full of holes.

“I see…”

She believed it!?

“How old are you, Seiji-kun?”

“17 years old.”

“Then you can’t! You can’t be a thief! You’ll get caught by police.”

Maybe because Hiiragi-chan’s bitch-like statement was too much of a shock for her, her suspicions of our relationship were all blown away. Anyways, for now, leaving that sort of misunderstanding there would be a good play.

“Yeah. I didn’t know that Hiiragi-sensei lived at this apartment complex…. But thanks to that, it only stopped at an attempt.”

I acted like I was repentant. Let’s make it that I know Hiiragi-chan, but Hiiragi-chan doesn’t know about me.

“I never knew that Haru-chan was such a slovenly woman…”

As expected, Hiiragi-chan’s bitch-like statement was too much of a shock for her.

“Anyways, it’s because Natsumi came so suddenly that something weird like this happened, you know—!!”

Hiiragi-chan who heard our conversation poked her head out of the kitchen. She seemed to be really unhappy. Of course she would be. Last night, she seemed so happy about our okonomiyaki party after all.

What Hiiragi-chan said was reasonable. If you want to come, then only come after making an appointment beforehand, it’s part of an adult’s common sense.

“I just wanted to surprise you, Haru-chan… But you guys started kissing… so I couldn’t come out…”

“S-so, you saw it…”

The red-faced Hiiragi-chan immediately return to the kitchen. Her embarrassed reaction is cute but, please don’t forget about the setting of being a bitch.

Hiiragi-chan then brought out a hot plate, but I decided to help her carry it because it looked heavy.

“Ah, Seiji-kun… Thank you.”

“It’s okay”

Natsumi-chan stared at me as I prepared the table.

“What is it…?”

“It’s not your first time here, at Haru-chan’s place, is it?”

How did she know?

“No, that’s not true. It-it’s my first time…”

“The placement of the outlet, you didn’t need to confirm it, right? You weren’t confused at all.”

Geh. Are you a detective or something?

“I just noticed it by chance.”


Hmm… Does she still suspect something? She keeps staring at me. She’s quite stubborn… She’s even better than Sana at picking out specific details.

Muun, Natsumi looked at me suspiciously, and then tried to look at what Hiiragi-chan was hiding behind her back. Hiiragi-chan then brought out a large bowl and began cooking a portion of okonomiyaki for everyone.

The finished okonomiyaki was piping hot and delicious…

“Haru-chan, you’re an amazing cook as usual.”

“Right? If you practice, you might be able to get a boyfriend.”

Hey, Hiiragi Haruka. Don’t look in my direction.

“I’ll think about it”

*munch munch*, Natsumi started eating her okonomiyaki. Hiiragi-chan seemed to be relieved, but in truth, it was the exact opposite.

After I finished eating the okonomiyaki, and took a short break after eating, I made as if to leave and go home as quickly as possible.

“Thank you for today. You even made lunch for me.”

Hiiragi-chan became depressed. Our time together, even including the time spent on the trip to the supermarket didn’t even amount to an hour. With a lonely expression, she waved her hand in regret. If she shows an expression like that, it’ll be painful for me too.

I was reluctant, but I still went home

“Hey, Thief-kun”

As I started to ride my bicycle, Natsumi-chan peeked out from the upper floor.

“Are you really a thief?”


“Geez, are you, or are you not…?”

I know that Natsumi-chan is not a bad girl, it’s just that she had bad timing. I peddle my bike while waving back with my hand. After all of this, I hope that Hiiragi-chan will skillfully brush this incident over, and ensure that Natsumi would not pursue our relationship any further.

◆Hiiragi Natsumi◆

After seeing off Thief-kun, I return to Haru-chan house. There, I see Haru-chan sitting on a chair while holding her knees.

“What is it?”

“Nothing… it’s just… “

No matter how you look at it, she’s depressed. From my impression of when we were all eating together, I would say that Haru-chan, at the very least, holds Thief-kun in good favor. It’s close to how it would be if he was her cute younger brother.

My sister is not the older sister that I know, making such a bitch-like statement like that, or maybe she just said that in the heat of the moment. Because Thief-kun’s aloof attitude never collapsed, I don’t even know what to think.

Eh? If it’s an act, it’s quite amazing.

Haru-chan tension fell sharply when comparing the time when we were eating lunch to after he’s gone. She wasn’t even working on cleaning up after lunch, and was just collapsed unenergetically on the table.

“You lied about not knowing about him right? The truth is, you like thief-kun, right?”

“I’m not lying. That’s… not true…”

Eh? Then, is that me being mistaken?

“Do you see Thief-kun often at school?”

“Hmm. Not at all. It seemed like he knew about me though.”

Hmm hmm. As expected, from Haru-chan’s side, it would be like a first meeting. Haru-chan’s school is far from mine so, I can’t check…

That kiss… was that my misunderstandment? Did I just see that because I was too excited?

“Natsumi, you should go get a boyfriend. It’ll be really nice, you know? Every day becomes so much nicer.”

Haru-chan spoke out in a dull tone, while lying sideways on the sofa and began using her cell phone. Even though she was so quick and full of energy earlier, she’s just like a lazy cat now.

That Thief-kun, who is he?

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19 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 43

  1. … I think it’s normal for the sister to come unannounced… you’re close family… rather… our MC and his teacher are the one doing something they need to hide…

    That said.. if he can also capture his girlfriend’s sister… maybe….

    Liked by 1 person

    • People here complaining that chapter is dumb, i’d like if you’d meet an engineering student in his/her 1st year. Even if they have so high of an iq, if they are naive by nature, they believe in anything.
      Hack i believed in my 2nd year that my friend keeps more than 100 underwear in his bag and never washes, just use and throw.
      Another one, my friend A believed that friend B had 1 mil in his account just because we showed a fake message.
      So dumb.


    • Over here, you do have to let your family members know before you come, so that they can prepare. At least for us Chinese. We have a lot of protocol when it comes to being hospitable and polite.


      • If you turn up without warning, usually it’s that you’re a little kid who’s come to play, or you have no common sense, or it’s an emergency situation and you need something or some help. And Natsumi is about 18, which by our standards is no longer a kid but a young lady. even 16 or 17 is consider old enough to think for themselves. At least the smart ones would be.


  2. Jeez. Talk about dumb drama. This author is pretty bad at it actually. I don’t really know how (if she is a good person) the sister would be more upset about a guy close to graduating and her older sister that is just a few years older being in a happy, healthy relationship is worse than being a slut.

    And the fact she is “smart” enough to notice how normal they acted together despite it being their “first” time meeting isn’t obvious they didn’t just “meet”. Whatever I guess. gotta do something other than just the cutesy stuff otherwise it’ll get stale quick.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I had a feeling natsumi-chan will become Hiiragi-sensei love rival….

    Also the manga for this novel is out!!! You guys should read it too!!


  4. This was probably the first chapter which I was generally not a fan of and straight up disliked. Why would acting like an easy going woman who falls for anyone be any better than having a relationship with your student? What I feel is worse, is that they still confirmed that they were teacher and student anyways, so what was even the point of faking it all and acting as a thief!? Now, in the eyes of Natsumi, it is not just a relationship between a student and a teacher, but a relationship between a student who goes around breaking into houses and stealing things and her sister who is a teacher who is in love with someone who tried to break into her house…

    And why is Natsumi so oblivious!?

    I read the first chapter of the manga then I had a look at the novel, and I have to say, I really enjoy this novel, it is so warm and fluffy, filled with sugar, and very entertaining, but this chapter really annoyed me. Personally, I felt that having a family member clued into their teacher-student relationship would add much more to the dynamic of the story, especially if that family member is accepting, would be a lot better than this forced drama/comedy.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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